Pardon My Take Reacts to Netflix's Insane Documentary Tiger King

*Contains Spoilers*
Big Cat and PFT Commenter breakdown all the crazy things that happened in Tiger and deliver their biggest takes on the hit documentary.
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  • OPEN THE SEPTIC TANK CAROL!! Listen to the full Podcast: HERE!

    Pardon My TakePardon My TakeVor Monat
    • Lmao, this CHannel has done the best job peeling the layers away and analyzing

      Randy MarshRandy MarshVor Monat
    • Meh there’s a normal guy that owns tigers, check out Michael Jamison on YT. He’s literally doing it right compare to ppl owning hundreds and doing stupid shit like walking in their like they’re a tiger themselves

      Your Daddy.Your Daddy.Vor Monat
    • Pardon My Take You forgot the Pizza made from the expired meat.

      BarrickBarrickVor Monat
    • Pardon My Take watch the directors Documentary! TV 📺 JUNKIE FILM. Cuz....he’s not “The most normal” lol how you all forgot to mention the CONDOMS & MENS UNDERWARE for sale in the gift shop. This movie was fucn awesome 😎

      Stephanie SzadyStephanie SzadyVor Monat
    • Carol Baskin's voice sounds exactly like Hilary Clinton's. Just sayin'.

      Andrew ReisingerAndrew ReisingerVor Monat
  • It was 📺tv heroin, like Pulp Fiction !!!

    Dusters InternationalDusters InternationalVor 17 Tage
  • Havent seen the rest of the show, but the weirdest doc i ever seen was about some punk rock band that would smear shit on themselves

    Billy TateBilly TateVor 19 Tage
  • PFT: Legend of the simp game.... I lost it!

    Marko MarkovskiMarko MarkovskiVor Monat
  • Guy on water jet same as Jeff l but an idiot

    Shannon Paine FratturaShannon Paine FratturaVor Monat
  • Jeff.l rat thief Real Con human,pig smug two faced sneak RAT

    Shannon Paine FratturaShannon Paine FratturaVor Monat
  • I baby in luggage unsanitary ? Baby in luggage TERRIFIED you nincompoop

    Shannon Paine FratturaShannon Paine FratturaVor Monat
  • Jeff lowe is what happens if you feed a can of axe body spray after midnight.

    M MorganM MorganVor Monat
  • Doc Antle's life.....fucking, petting a tiger, or riding an elephant.... sign me up for that

    dave guydave guyVor Monat
  • You all need to listen to this great tribute song dedicated to the great Joe Exotic. My friend wrote and performed this beautiful tribute.

    Dustin SchellerDustin SchellerVor Monat
  • If someone wrote a book exactly as is about this story people would shit on the writter saying that's the most made up story ever. Well, guess what? This is plain, ol' reality at its finest lol

    34cvc34cvcVor Monat
  • The whold documentary is a shitshow. But its the best, most entertaining shitshow of all time. Period

    34cvc34cvcVor Monat
  • The septic tank needs digging up big time.fkn carol baskin has murdered her husband and getting joe locked up ffs.

    Archie jayArchie jayVor Monat
  • Kevin BurdeshawKevin BurdeshawVor Monat
  • I heard all the hype about Tiger King before i watched it. I heard there were so many twists and turns, that i really thought, right up until the end, that somehow Joe was going to get out of jail and Jeff, James, and Alan were going to get busted. I was really hoping for that. I am bummed. Joe Exotic had alot faults, but id ont think he was evil. He was too insecure to be evil. Those guys definitely set him up. I feel bad for him. Jeff should be in jail.

    denise mariedenise marieVor Monat
  • You guys left out the best part.. the scene with James on the waverunner.... Eye of the Tiger was playing..... !!!! friggin awesome. I laugjed out loud. That song is perfect for this documentary, although i would have liked to have seen it used for a scene with Joe. He earned it.

    denise mariedenise marieVor Monat
  • Fuckin cowards the both of you, kelsi aka saff is a fucking woman. To say you are sorry for stating facts shows how much you cower to the MSM agenda... go fuck yourselves

    Stumbling off the Edge of RealityStumbling off the Edge of RealityVor Monat
  • Can u tell me how the hell Carole got Warren Jeff's out wtf and when the hell did Hillary Clinton leave bill n end up with Warren Jeff's n bullying poor Joe dirt sll I have to say is 1plus 1 doesn't equal 3 dudes

    Leos 71Leos 71Vor Monat
  • Par macafee is so much better.

    Chasen FerrisChasen FerrisVor Monat
  • And if he didnt like one of his tigers he blew its brains out ...and a lady dropped off a horse for him to care for, and soon as the lady left...he blows the horses brains out

    Charles RoseCharles RoseVor Monat
    • He saw free tiger food. The horse saw a man.

      Myron KroekerMyron KroekerVor Monat
  • 9:37 "but I'm allergic to cats" "so you are crazy just off the bat" I lost it there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀✌🏾

    joejoeVor Monat
  • Animal abuse and animal cruelty isn't entertainment

    East African warrior YMA1990East African warrior YMA1990Vor Monat
    • YMA- the east African warrior who's claiming that it is? No need to virtue signal

      ChvnceyChvnceyVor Monat
  • 12:51 "Prince Charles would just sue you to bolovian" lol, is bolivian a place?

    Robert MaRobert MaVor Monat
  • James also owns a number of "successful strip clubs" quoted from Jeff Lowe himself

    Robin MoreauRobin MoreauVor Monat
  • Why else you think I got this damn Savannah, mf won’t let me sleep at times but worth it

    Smokey BurrSmokey BurrVor Monat
  • Carole Baskin killed Don

    El buffalo LoyalEl buffalo LoyalVor Monat
  • I hated Jeff the most a disgusting underhanded fuckboy

    Larkin HancockLarkin HancockVor Monat
  • Big Cat it’s a documentary, and not a podcast. Stop almost saying it’s a podcast you fucking dope.

    Hey NowHey NowVor Monat
  • Fat Chucky on the Jetskie was the highlight of that show.

    CABLE 715CABLE 715Vor Monat
  • At the risk of backlash, I have to say, Joe reminds me of a comment made by an American photographer who covered Hitler's big gatherings. He said that when he got wound up, Hitler was mesmerizing. His charisma alone was enough to pull people in, even if they didn't speak German. There is just something about Carol's overall aura that won't allow me to like her.

    The Notebook LadyThe Notebook LadyVor Monat
  • I fucking hate barstool

    Nick ReillyNick ReillyVor Monat
  • Dude day after husband went missing the place where will was, got broken in and destroyed fuuuck that how more obvious could it be

    Nick TNick TVor Monat
  • Carole just plain evil she acts like she’s an angel nobody is and at the end you can see that joe started out w pure intentions but got consumed by the money etc

    Mike LmaooMike LmaooVor Monat
  • Stephen MendezStephen MendezVor Monat
  • Here’s one for you: there WERE alligators in that room AND they were owned by Michael Jackson.

    Ramsey HildebrandRamsey HildebrandVor Monat
  • Kelsey is a guy? No!

    Don Diego VegaDon Diego VegaVor Monat
  • The whole thing was insane. I believe it’s drug fulled.

    Don Diego VegaDon Diego VegaVor Monat
  • 3:24 they were Michael Jackson's alligators

    V ZV ZVor Monat
  • The only person i liked was the campaign manager. He hit the nail on the head at the end.

    John HJohn HVor Monat
  • "I don't think I like any of them." did you even watch?

    barged inbarged inVor Monat
  • "his employees where loyal" which ones because they all testified against him in court?

    StoobootStoobootVor Monat
  • Simp King I'm Dead

    JJJS 0801JJJS 0801Vor Monat
  • The snitch guy owned stripclubs

    badd dexterbadd dexterVor Monat
  • Okay but what about that chick who managed to get out of Doc’s crazy ass cult and realize the weird shit he’s doing, after some years with him. Edit: I think they like being around these large cats because it’s like having a lot of power especially since they are powerful animals.

    ggVor Monat
  • This guy is electric ⚡️😹

    badd dexterbadd dexterVor Monat
  • Never heard of this before, but this keeps popping up on my youtube front page, and its driving me crazy how much the host looks like Jeff Gerstmann. Its breaking my brain.

    Josh RJosh RVor Monat
  • carols enabling partner killed her husband

    DR EvilDR EvilVor Monat
  • soldadorsupremesoldadorsupremeVor Monat
  • If for nothing else, Joe deserves time for what he did to Travis. You know, grooming, trapping him with drugs, and holding him captive. Idc if it wasn’t illegal, that was some sad shit.

    Sly DakotaSly DakotaVor Monat
  • You guys didn’t mention how joe BURNED THE FOOTAGE ON PURPOSE!!!!

    BaileeGermanottaBaileeGermanottaVor Monat
  • Conversation = slow and boring.

    PinocchioPinocchioVor Monat
  • Why do people think that the Doc Antle, with 9 wives was “strange” or “crazy”?? He just lives every mans dream (if you exclude the morality part of the animal business). Stop hating on the guy for manipulating women. The majority of Women and Men manipulate each other nowadays lol

    Frank LucasFrank LucasVor Monat
  • "Baker Mayfield spiral" 😂🤣😂

    William DadleyWilliam DadleyVor Monat
  • Free Joe Exotic 🐅🐯

    Force 2.0Force 2.0Vor Monat
  • Most people liked Joe Exotic regardless of how much of a piece of shit he was. He doesnt censor the inner chaos we all have inside us. That's why it's so hard to take your eyes off him and also why it's so hard to dislike him. He does what most of our moral compass wont allow us to do. It surprises me so many dislikes Doc Antle though. He is playing by the book compared to most people. He has his way with girls but why is that bad a thing? He treats them all really well. They all get their own fucking houses 🙁. His tigers are also living better than me lol Carole is a smart fycking bitch. She knows how to play the game and im pretty sure her simp husband played a part in murdering Don. They have friends in the government as well. Carole and her now husband are politicians. How Jeff Lowe isnt in jail is beyond me. This is the luckiest guy in the whole show. He has no place in this story but he just happened to be in the right place in the right time.

    ZahinnZahinnVor Monat
  • Best description I’ve heard is like it’s like an episode of Cops without the cops :)

    PeopleAdvertsPeopleAdvertsVor Monat
  • How is joe still in jail?

    laburniby boonelaburniby booneVor Monat
  • Free joe

    laburniby boonelaburniby booneVor Monat
  • best summary i've seen of this documentary. perfectly describes my mental state. this is like an AP book report on Tiger Kiing

    Lee Ann NormanLee Ann NormanVor Monat
  • Those where Michael Jackson alligators

    Lee JenkinsLee JenkinsVor Monat
  • Doc ant is a creep

    and1 shoesand1 shoesVor Monat
  • Big Cat: Perfectly uses “litigious” in a sentence. Also Big Cat: “Prince Charles would just sue you to Bolivian.”

    Klev DogKlev DogVor Monat
  • I was happily surprised that you guys didn't curse might check out more of your stuff✌

    barefoot arizonabarefoot arizonaVor Monat
  • If this shit wasn't real I would have never believed it...there are some more of these guys and gals that need to go to prison...and by the way...fuck the people....the real crime is the breading of these tiger's for profit...and hey Joe's first husband needs some dental work...your making all this money butt hole surfer...go get your husband some new chompers....😂😂😂

    JeffJeffVor Monat
  • The "If you like big dicks in porn, you must be gay" thing is a Ron White bit from like 2005/2006

    Cody WarnerCody WarnerVor Monat
  • Y'all ever heard of Toxoplasmosis? Its a disease that cats spread that causes mental illness. It's why cat owners don't know they smell like urine. And why some people hoard house cats. It seems clear that most of these people have it.

    Steven HatesSteven HatesVor Monat
  • Putting the trash can meat on pizzas was My Favoriiiite

    Steven HatesSteven HatesVor Monat
  • Joe Exotic had two straight husbands and that's not even top 50 craziest facts about the show. Absolute insanity!

    Abner UrenaAbner UrenaVor Monat
  • Jeff Lowe should be in jail right now for abuse of an endangered species. Putting the tiger cub in a fucking suitcase. For the entire trip to Vegas? They didn't make that clear. The Judge had him and let him go with a prior record. The feds should have had the judge put him in jail and pressured him right there. That is abuse of an endangered species and the Judge should have fined and jailed him right there instead of slapping his wrists. What happened to those cubs that the judge confiscated? Was this a federal judge or local judge? I'm not sure on the laws in Vegas on endangered species. One of the most bizarre things I've ever watched. OMG, the funeral.

    Emerald GemOneEmerald GemOneVor Monat
  • Fat snitch

    rontavius snipesrontavius snipesVor Monat
Pardon My Take Reacts to Netflix's Insane Documentary Tiger King