PacSafe: Anti-theft bag protectors by Pacsafe - Demonstration

Featuring patented eXomesh® anti-theft technology, the PacSafe Backpack & Bag protector is an ajustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device, designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering and theft.

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  • This is perfect to protect a bag from "grab and go" theft. Of course anything can be defeated but most thieves are too lazy. They'll go look for an easier grab.

    Andrew EvanoffAndrew EvanoffVor 4 Monate
  • BEWARE, at least the gold/brass Pacsafe key padlocks have NO PROBE/KNIFE SHIELD so they're super-easy to pick by just sliding a thin piece of metal into the key hole and pop the lock without turning. So upgrade to a much better lock and then this is a nice security system. See BosnianBill's DE-visions video.

    Brian GaudreaultBrian GaudreaultVor year
  • I want when i am going to indian airport (calicut)for vacation frm dubai😂😂

    musthafa musmusthafa musVor year
  • can i crack it with a Latermann knife tongs?!

    CyberzinCyberzinVor 2 years
  • intense asmr

    Yoon ChungYoon ChungVor 2 years
  • Might as well carry a safe behind you !

    Huggy BearHuggy BearVor 3 years
  • Putissi essiri na cosa bona, ma costa troppu assai! Ci volunu 90 Euro p'accattari stà riti... e mi parunu assai...

    porcusdiuporcusdiuVor 3 years
  • That voice is unbearable

    wordupmybrothawordupmybrothaVor 3 years
  • As someone who just had 8 grand in camera gear stolen from my car that was inside a backpack. This is a fantastic idea, I could of had my pack essentially chained and locked to the child seat anker in the car so it would never have been stolen. I'm buying one next week.

    KhellendroseKhellendroseVor 5 years
  • I have one. I've never used it. 1) too heavy 2) if you need it you've got too much stuff. 3) bring a pad lock instead and use lockers. 4) you'll look like a dork.

    NoneyaNoneyaVor 6 years
    • 1) Not heavy at all 2) It works also to prevent people from putting stuff into your bag, pretty useful if you travel through SE Asia 3) Lockers are not available everywhere (most of Europe has removed them because of terrorism), I like being able to lock my bag to some furniture when I leave it at the hotel (once again, if you ve ever been to SE Asia, you see how useful it is) 4) Not relevant, I look way too cool to have to bother about that! I personally use the "PacSafe for LowePro" with a Charge Metropolis bag (the bag is weather proof and would be very difficult to cut through as well) and it was a perfect way to ensure that my laptop and cameras would still be there when I come back to the hotel when I was in Philippines.

      SamKeupoNSamKeupoNVor 5 years
    • It's useful if you are traveling and staying in hostels or places where you may not feel safe leaving your bags unattended. The eXomesh® is made from high-tensile stainless steel wire which is very difficult to cut through. The netting is made from 1.5mm wire and the locking cable is 3mm thick. To cut through the netting, many wires will need to be cut to remove the bag; this process is time consuming. 95% of the time, a would-be thief does not want to draw attention to him/her nor has the luxury of time of time on their side.

      Pacsafe OfficialPacsafe OfficialVor 6 years
  • Hi usernamea1118, You shouldn't have any problems checking in your bag with the Pacsafe eXomesh. However, I would check with the agent during check in to double confirm if it is ok.

    Pacsafe OfficialPacsafe OfficialVor 6 years
  • Can I check in a bag that has the paclite mesh around it?

    Muskat the Maine CoonMuskat the Maine CoonVor 6 years
  • that's the voice from Portal

    J CBJ CBVor 7 years
  • Yeah that's a pretty good idea. They wouldn't even know where the zippers are.

    MaxsonMaxsonVor 7 years
  • hahaha, EXACTLY what i thought when i heard her speaking! She has a very strange ( in a good way) intonation of her voice and it kind a sounds like a non-human -> machined Voice

    kniefikniefiVor 7 years
  • just a idea ... what about a rain cover on the bag before fiting this? they wouldnt reach the zips that easily, just a idea

    Paulo FurtadoPaulo FurtadoVor 7 years
    • Awesome idea!

      Thomas PyttelThomas PyttelVor 2 years
  • How easy is the wire to cut through?

    Michael GilroyMichael GilroyVor 8 years
  • that the stupid thing i ever seen..lock your back pack?really????i never see that in my life lol.

    moto815moto815Vor 8 years
    • moto815 I have had my backpack stolen from me while traveling, and I wish I had this then! Every thing I owned was in that pack, so for some people it pays to have the extra security that this provides.

      Michael HuntMichael HuntVor year
    • I know, right?! I mean, locking up something that has your stuff in it? Ha! What idiots! NEXT they'll be telling us we need to shut our car doors incase someone steals them! Fools! I don't even have a car! HAHAHAHA!

      TheMeltingSnowmanTheMeltingSnowmanVor 3 years
  • Can you please do a product review on the bucklesafe 100

    MoeHs1MoeHs1Vor 8 years
  • The TSA will just bolt cut it off. =P

    SerosterSerosterVor 8 years
  • why does she talk like that?? WHY? robot voice?

    yuujin7788yuujin7788Vor 8 years
  • they should make the holes smal just reach in in one of thos big hole and unzip the zippers lol

    pitbull23dpitbull23dVor 9 years
  • Very good idea - I had one when I was backpacking Australia and the far east in 2005!! There is one small problem though - there were quite a few complaints from Greyhound/Mcaffereys drivers (Oz) when they had to lift the pack into the hold on the long distance coaches because the wire meshes (the end tags) were very sharp and can hurt if scratched! Otherwise very secure!!

    MovieMad007MovieMad007Vor 9 years
  • Well, when you want to be 100% secure, get a very small lock. Those fit perfect for zippers :)

    PriusRiderPriusRiderVor 10 years
  • It fits volume aproximatively 25-55 L / 1550-3400 in3

    Pacsafe OfficialPacsafe OfficialVor 10 years
  • Hi, If the PacSafe is fitted tightly around the bag, it is extremely difficult to manipulate the wire to fit your hand underneath. Hope this answers your question and if you have any further comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. The Pacsafe team

    Pacsafe OfficialPacsafe OfficialVor 10 years
  • how would this stop somebody from opening a zipper through the gaps?

    Nick ShriverNick ShriverVor 10 years
  • Thanks for your feedback, our customers feedback and suggestions are very important to us and we will ensure the appropriate people are informed of your suggestion. Thanks for taking the time to send us your comment. The Pacsafe Team

    Pacsafe OfficialPacsafe OfficialVor 10 years
  • i would add to that slogan 'you can do more, and they can do less'...

    askaryambusaskaryambusVor 10 years
  • Great. I will get one :)

    PriusRiderPriusRiderVor 11 years
PacSafe: Anti-theft bag protectors by Pacsafe - Demonstration