Capitals @ Penguins 1/19/21 | NHL Highlights

Extended highlights of the Washington Capitals at the Pittsburgh Penguins

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  • The 5 on 3 goal for penguins if ur a penguin fan ur really happy. But if ur a cap fan ur not happy

    Dennis ReiterDennis ReiterVor 25 Tage
  • Jesus the d is garbage

    Vals' identityVals' identityVor Monat
  • sport without fans looks so dumb

    PlateLivePlateLiveVor Monat
  • The thing is the fans use to guide the goalies with there voices now it’s harder for the goalies when it bounces over them to track it.

    2Kode2KodeVor Monat
  • Caps 5th goal in third was good.

    zcxnissanzcxnissanVor Monat
  • Why did Alexander Ovechkin gather in a hotel room without wearing a mask?

    ㄴㄴㄴㄴVor Monat
  • Never seen a 3 on 0 before.

    Doug82Doug82Vor Monat
  • That slapshot by Malkin broke the fabric of space and time

    Brandon DimickBrandon DimickVor Monat
  • Good win for Crosby, extra point over the Capitals. Fun to watch these two teams compete they have been battling for years.

    Mark SmithMark SmithVor Monat
  • Not a fan of either team. As a Canes fan, its always a great day when the Caps lose.

    Matt BrahmerMatt BrahmerVor Monat
  • its actually painful to watch, wtf happened to pens?

    Kamil LKamil LVor Monat
  • That one commentator’s tone was really weird towards DeSmith

    Ryan McMahonRyan McMahonVor Monat
  • When is Calgary flames coming back

    haris _YTharis _YTVor Monat
  • After playing so many yrs on that team , Crosby still has that magic to propel those Penguins , still that best investment Pittsburgh has made !!!! GoHabsGo .

    Gerard VinetGerard VinetVor Monat
  • What a comeback by Pittsburgh. This IS--THE top rivalry in the NHL.

    mattyhasselhoffmattyhasselhoffVor Monat
  • Thank God they brought back Party Hard. Jump Around was suck a bad pick as a goal song.

    KreutzKreutzVor Monat
  • Crosby has Ovi’s number.

    Jeff SaintJeff SaintVor Monat
    • ?

      JiggleManScrafty BongBingBooJiggleManScrafty BongBingBooVor Monat
  • What a strike by Malkin! Way to pens ! Keep it up got the rangers the next few that's gonna be competitive.

    Ben CaldwellBen CaldwellVor Monat
  • Damn, Kapanen nearly blew a tire but he kept going, I have no clue as to why the defence didn't try and clean him up but he looks like he's got a set of wheels on him. Also astonished that the caps managed to go from 3-1 up to 4-2 to 4 all and lose in overtime.

    Cam TCam TVor Monat
  • “Crosby’s able to get the puck elevated over that flailing paddle”.............. puck proceeds to go under goalies stick

    David RichDavid RichVor Monat
    • Yeah I know I was confused why he said that lol

      Baseball fanaticBaseball fanaticVor Monat
  • If I'm Laviolette right now I would be very worried about the Caps defense, their offense is strong, but D is very weak, 3rd game in a row, need to do something about it

    Motti TadmorMotti TadmorVor Monat
  • CARL HAGLIN still sucks Letang finally shoots on goal

    Rick O'ConnorRick O'ConnorVor Monat
  • Can we get Rodrigues off the first line now please.........

    Will SWill SVor Monat
  • Last part hurt to watch

    vaxxrantvaxxrantVor Monat
  • way to go penguins

    Jonathan FunnellJonathan FunnellVor Monat
  • These past two game have been great. Not only cause I’m a Pens fan but because both teams always put on a great hockey game GO PENS!!!!

    Felix MataFelix MataVor Monat
    • Entertaining yes, but this game was really bad. It's early in the season and it shows. Soft goals, soft turnovers, bad changes, you name it...

      Kane KaneKane KaneVor Monat
  • Never forget we could’ve kept Fleury

    Julian WolstencroftJulian WolstencroftVor Monat
    • DeSmith wasn't the issue. Neither was Murray. It was our god-awful defense, which managed to give up a 3-on-0 (which DeSmith somehow saved). They looked better during the 3rd period, at least.

      DariusDariusVor Monat
  • Ouch, that shorthanded 5 v 3 goal had to have hurt the Caps' pride. Nice pass out by DeSmith. Made up for that earlier puck that rolled off the shoulder between that and the 3-0 breakaway stop. DeSmith was having some nice offensive passing plays. He nearly lost it for them, then came back and arguably won it for them. I mean, that was a tide-turner goal. Vanacek had a nice paddle save at the end there, but wasn't as hot the rest of the game.

    Sphenopalatine GanglioneuralgiaSphenopalatine GanglioneuralgiaVor Monat
  • Tom Wilson finally being useful

    Ambrielle MasonAmbrielle MasonVor Monat
  • Go pens

    GS ZyloGS ZyloVor Monat
  • When the caps get scored on when they have a 5 on 3 and when they can't score on a 3 on 0 😂😂 Let's go pens! 🐧

    PenguinhnPenguinhnVor Monat
    • @Adam G Either way the pens won both times so :)

      PenguinhnPenguinhnVor Monat
    • @Adam G Yes the defense didn't look good but the pens did out shoot the caps both games.

      PenguinhnPenguinhnVor Monat
    • Yeah but that's not going to happen every game. Usually you won't get a goal down 3 to 5 players and usually a 3 on 0 will be a goal. The Penguins better feel lucky for winning this thing, their defense looks like 10 year old moldy swiss cheese.

      Adam GAdam GVor Monat
  • Capitals beat themselves this game. Awful special team mistakes 2nd period and then totally gave up on the 3rd. Cant do that vs a talented team like pens bc they will make u pay

    Benjamin CrossBenjamin CrossVor Monat
  • Chara has #87 in his head

    dunemetal67dunemetal67Vor Monat
  • that relase from geno was effortless////// and it take a lot of courage for player to stand in front of net of a 80 plus mph release from//// that why these players get paid alot

  • Sadly no fans ☹️

    Q MannQ MannVor Monat
  • DeSmith is almost Perfect!!! My caps are having trouble with him!!!

    Axel JoelAxel JoelVor Monat
    • @Reagan Harder lol Caps had the chance ...need LOOOOTS of work with PPs and defense

      Axel JoelAxel JoelVor Monat
    • Sorry, what? 4 goals in 2 periods is not "having trouble". The goaltending in this highlight package is laughable on both ends.

      Reagan HarderReagan HarderVor Monat
  • Missing on a 3 on 0 has to be a Dang it.

    WhoCamus GnuWhoCamus GnuVor Monat
  • One of the best goalie assists of all time.

    Kermitt HezmuthKermitt HezmuthVor Monat
  • That’s my penguins wooo!!! We always come back

    DJ JoKeRDJ JoKeRVor Monat
    • I guess you guys are the comeback kids this season like we were last season. Ah, coming back from 5-1 against Vancouver felt amazing

  • Why do the Penguins keep trading away their great goalies?

    glenn curleyglenn curleyVor Monat
    • Fleury was because of Vegas (expansion) Murray because of the salary he was wishing and because he was inconsistent. I love Murray (even have his jersey), but sometimes he played like he didn't care about the team

      Michael MoldovanMichael MoldovanVor Monat
    • Murray was an .899 last year, he's an 8.90 right now. I personally think they made the right move going with Jarry and Desmith. They saved much needed cap space and really didn't lose anything.

      Will SWill SVor Monat
  • What an ugly game of hockey, no defense VS no goalie

    GTMGTMVor Monat
    • No thx, lol. Also, you guys better start scoring goals or else you guys will never be able to catch up once we score 3 on you

    • @ATOMIC Yeah, OT, Crosby at the blue paint not being covered...lazy play. Bad defense on display by both teams. Just keep it up for when you play the Islanders, please.

      Dennis SmithDennis SmithVor Monat
    • No defense or goalies for both teams, lol. Should've just played 3 on 3 with no goalies, lol

  • Rare to see a SHG2 these days very entertaining game, I'm a Leafs fan so got no love or hate for either of these teams but did anybody see Crosby elevate the OT winner like the announcer\commentator said I'm having a hard time seeing that if so very miNUTE 🤔Ps not that I'm at all questioning Sids greatness after all I got see live the OT winner in Vancouver 2010 best OT goal ever seen live!

    Joseph KingJoseph KingVor Monat
    • @R B that's what I thought but the announcer saw something else it seems🤔🙄

      Joseph KingJoseph KingVor Monat
    • Actually, Crosby saw the flailing stick was up, so he shot very low to ensure the goal. Sidney Crosby always seems to get it right on important goals.

      R BR BVor Monat
  • С вратарями у Вашингтона проблемы

    Kirill KiMoKirill KiMoVor Monat
  • very nice screen on malkin goal.

    d td tVor Monat
  • Sid is so good

    Brody PablicBrody PablicVor Monat
    • Yessir

      Baseball fanaticBaseball fanaticVor Monat
  • Such a high scoring game until malkins goal

    Brody PablicBrody PablicVor Monat
  • This game was insane.

    Packers NationPackers NationVor Monat
  • I don't know why montreal let go Eller.. he's a good player

    RichWasHere94RichWasHere94Vor Monat
    • @Gerard Vinet I mean your joke makes sense i'm not gonna lie haha

      RichWasHere94RichWasHere94Vor Monat
    • Didn't have a choice , to many great players being trained to become veteran's , lol !!!!!Just jocking U , most probably salary cap issues in 2017-18 ????

      Gerard VinetGerard VinetVor Monat
    • He's better with the Caps

      Michael MoldovanMichael MoldovanVor Monat
  • Why trade murray

    Sub gaming With AidanSub gaming With AidanVor Monat
  • While this was an entertaining game (and frustrating at times) for both teams. You can't deny that while both the Caps and Pens had their moments in the game, they both were pretty much garbage for their overall performances. Both teams did not deserve to win this game. Both teams had pretty terrible defensive breakdowns and goaltending was horrendous. They should have just played the entire game with no goalies and that would've been more fun, lol. Anyway, good game Pens and good luck on the rest of your season. (Yes, I have class, lol.) Also, one last thing. I just wanted to be able to say this bc I think it's funny, but anyway, let's just acknowledge the fact that Casey DeSmith got a point before Malkin did🤣

    • Yeah the Penguins didn't deserve that win. They're lucky as hell they got a 5 on 3 shorthanded goal and didn't let up a goal on the 3 on 0 and all those other posts and close chances from defensive gaffs. I know the Caps didn't do much better but I honestly think both goalies deserve more credit for ONLY giving up 4 goals each during regulation. That's how bad the defense was the for the Pens and Caps. Plus, the Penguins powerplay saved this game and you can't expect the power play to always produce. They need to seriously address things and I've been criticizing the Capitals choices for defensive trades and free agents ever since their cup win. I swear, they just keep throwing away scoring for more sand paper and grit. Which is utterly useless if the sand paper can't score. Gudas, Hathaway, the overcooked hockey puck of Chara, I don't know why they think it's 2001.

      Adam GAdam GVor Monat
  • Ugly defense by Pittsburgh. Really surprised they won.

    acenace24acenace24Vor Monat
    • They managed to play better defense while being down to 4 defensemen. Hopefully they get their defense figured out soon, because they dominated the Capitals for the third period in this game.

      DariusDariusVor Monat
    • Defense stepped up for the 3rd period

      Michael MoldovanMichael MoldovanVor Monat
  • I'm kinda new to hockey & I gotta say I love the insight from the commentators, probably better then any other sport.

    Brandon FordBrandon FordVor Monat
    • Each team has their own announcers. Bob Errey for the pens is fantastic.

      Trevor ForeverTrevor ForeverVor Monat
    • yes its amazing

      amnyamnyVor Monat
  • Looks like Jake and Malkin finally woke up, they needed that!

    Les SchoenbergerLes SchoenbergerVor Monat
    • @Will S No I missed it, just saw the highlights where they both scored, but I believe you, Malkin looks disinterested or something, almost invisible so far this season. I don't know what happened to him, maybe he should call it a career?

      Les SchoenbergerLes SchoenbergerVor Monat
    • Not sure if you watched the game or not but Geno still looks awful, the neutral zone play and effort is still yuck.

      Will SWill SVor Monat
  • Let's go Pens!!!

    Keith LeDonneKeith LeDonneVor Monat
  • The goalies pass and assist for the 5/3 short handed goal has to hold in the top 10 plays of the year. Wow. Redeemed himself a bit here. What a play. Perfect pass

    DamonDamonVor Monat
    • If you pay attention to it the pens had essentially a 2 on 1 since the pens had the next rushing guy. If they dont score and its cleared the Caps would have a 4 on 1

      Trevor ForeverTrevor ForeverVor Monat
  • What a goal my Sidney crosby to make the pens 2-2

    Alex The Football LoverAlex The Football LoverVor Monat
  • Pens need a real anchor on defense, letang is not a number one. Just had to let Maata go.. boys are going to get beat up playing D. Go get sum1 and make a run already..

    Big Ern MahkrackenBig Ern MahkrackenVor Monat
    • Maata? What

      Ryan PerryRyan PerryVor Monat
    • This might be the dumbest comment ive ever read 💀

      The SurviveThe SurviveVor Monat
    • What are you doing with a bag of sugar Mr. McC racken ?

      Eric PeacockEric PeacockVor Monat
  • Pens showed life ,way better than what the STEELERS have done under TOMLIN te STEELERS will never be in another SUPER bowl as long as TOMLIN is coaching but the blind sheep think 8 an 8 is great and keep say well TOMLIN has never had a losing season BULLSHIT 8 an 8 is a losing season anything less than a superbowl victory is a losing season

    vincent farrentinovincent farrentinoVor Monat
  • Merci Crosby

    Julien BilaJulien BilaVor Monat
  • Okay I'm a Flyers fan but I'll admit this was perhaps the best game of the season thus far

    Scott RohrbeckScott RohrbeckVor Monat
    • @Baseball fanatic he's trying to discredit the Pens on every game, ignore him

      Michael MoldovanMichael MoldovanVor Monat
    • @ATOMIC Nah ur team kinda blew it

      Baseball fanaticBaseball fanaticVor Monat
    • Maybe, but a terrible performance overall by both teams tbh.

  • Sorry to break up casey desmith is better then triston

    Thatpensfan8759Thatpensfan8759Vor Monat
    • Give Tristan some time. We need a constant tandem

      Michael MoldovanMichael MoldovanVor Monat
  • Fantastic comeback from Pittsburgh 😀😀😀 very happy U.K. Penguins fan

    Rascal2006Rascal2006Vor Monat
    • @Rascal2006 Nice

      Baseball fanaticBaseball fanaticVor Monat
    • @Baseball fanatic been a U.K. Penguins fan for 23yrs since Frank Pietrangelo played for the Manchester Storm in U.K.

      Rascal2006Rascal2006Vor Monat
    • @Matthew Voyce been a U.K. Penguins fan for 23 years now

      Rascal2006Rascal2006Vor Monat
    • Happy to see you guys rooting for the penguins im from Pittsburgh much respect to you guys

      Baseball fanaticBaseball fanaticVor Monat
    • There's another! I thought I was the only one...

      Matthew VoyceMatthew VoyceVor Monat
  • Let's go pens

    Hockey Pro 61Hockey Pro 61Vor Monat
  • Let’s go pens great comeback!!

    Jamal DeeJamal DeeVor Monat

    Pittsburgh B3nnyPittsburgh B3nnyVor Monat
  • Well de smith was playing like a ea sports goalie for the first period but made it up with that huge assist!

    Itsa GamesItsa GamesVor Monat
    • @Adam G oh it is too, I'm not saying the defence had no part in it, I just mean that the goalie looked in position but they just sneak through somehow

      Itsa GamesItsa GamesVor Monat
    • @Itsa Games Well I missed the first 2 periods and watched the highlights, maybe the highlights just make it look more like defensive blunders.

      Adam GAdam GVor Monat
    • @Adam G I just mean that it seems that every shot was going in, not that he was playing terrible

      Itsa GamesItsa GamesVor Monat
    • Dude, no way that was defensive blunder after defensive blunder. DeSmith might not have been doing himself favors but that defense... The Penguins are lucky their power play clicked or they'd have lost this game.

      Adam GAdam GVor Monat
    • I thought about NHL 94

      Axel JoelAxel JoelVor Monat
  • They need to get guys that have good chemistry together when it comes to defensive pairings.Defense is laughable at times,and the lack of pressure, awareness of where the puck is and where opposing teams offensive players are on the plays is unacceptable,that's simple.They need to remedy this immediately.

    Brandon LemleyBrandon LemleyVor Monat
    • The only pair you can actually say is good on that team is Dumo and Tanger, hopefully it's just a lack of chemistry and ice time for the other guys.

      Will SWill SVor Monat
    • To be fair they only had two pairings of defense for a good chunk of the game but I do agree with u. That defense needs to tighten up. Hopefully while the season progresses it improves and hopefully after this game it opens their eyes

      ProPaksProPaksVor Monat
  • look at that noob wilsons face 😂😂😂

    TxnsgTxnsgVor Monat
    • Wow, you're nice. Why don't you look at my other comments and see my respect towards the Pens. Take it back, and stop being shallow.

    • @ATOMIC who doesnt like scoring? pens still won so take the L

      TxnsgTxnsgVor Monat
    • Looked pretty happy when he scored twice, did he not?

  • My ankles were hurting just watching that OT goal, jeez insane. Lets go pens ♥

    BurtoNeleleBurtoNeleleVor Monat
  • Id watch these guys play each other every day

    B HB HVor Monat
    • Yes!

      Trevor ForeverTrevor ForeverVor Monat
Capitals @ Penguins 1/19/21 | NHL Highlights