New Big Updates | Stranded Deep Gameplay | EP1

Stranded Deep Gameplay Let's Play - Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Come face to face with some of the most life threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play. Scavenge. Discover. Survive.
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  • You make me want to get this, every other streamer or video I have seen made me want to stay away.

    SliceIceNDiceSliceIceNDiceVor 2 Stunden
  • **ISO other Xbox players to help me get thru the game. Must be 18+, and voice chat only! Thxs ♥

    X BX BVor 3 Stunden
  • Can anyone confirm the seed for this series please? Thanks

    Connor CallanConnor CallanVor 2 Tage
  • Found this just today while trying to find out a bit more about this game. Thanks to this video I think I will be getting it. Subbed and looking forward to watching more.

    Blunt Honesty 86Blunt Honesty 86Vor 2 Tage
  • Your voice sounds like someone to lives is stranded on a island or a badass character in a zombie game or movie

    Mike AlinanMike AlinanVor 2 Tage
  • These survival games keep me interested for a week or so and then I never touch them again

    DieselDieselVor 5 Tage
  • Nice Video Bro

    NachoYtNachoYtVor 6 Tage
  • Need third person survival

    Game TrollerGame TrollerVor 6 Tage
  • Cast away.. The video game

    JustinJustinVor 7 Tage

  • Thats all so stolen from green hell

    Drumin77Drumin77Vor 9 Tage
  • You sound like Dwayne Johnson

    The Wild ClanThe Wild ClanVor 11 Tage
    • Nice compliment:) thanks

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 10 Tage
  • hello nice video

    hard concretehard concreteVor 11 Tage
    • Thanks, you rock

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 10 Tage
  • Imagine piloting a plane and your passenger just starts talking about new features and islands

    SCP 420-JSCP 420-JVor 13 Tage
    • ;)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 13 Tage
  • This game looks like it's gonna get boring quick unless they update alot

    sad sadsad sadVor 13 Tage
    • @GameEdged do you think with the console version they will have these custom maps

      sad sadsad sadVor 13 Tage
    • I've been having fun :) thanks for watching, cheers

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 13 Tage
  • Play MOD

    Adam StringhamAdam StringhamVor 14 Tage
  • Plane crash survival games are the best!!!!

    ganjasmoke21ganjasmoke21Vor 14 Tage
    • Great fun ;)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 13 Tage
  • does the game save

    Jayden CainJayden CainVor 16 Tage
    • Absolutely, you need to build a shelter or bed to save :)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 16 Tage
  • Do stuff on the islands grow back?

    Zimbert BrambleZimbert BrambleVor 17 Tage
  • Here's a fun twist! I logged on this morning and my raft was gone. It was right by the island, anchored in the shoals when I logged off, but it wasn't there. I went swimming and I saw the anchor, with the rope flying off for miles into the horizon just under the water. I tried swimming to it, but it was obvious it was a long, long way away. So I reloaded. Now no anchor. the raft is just gone, completely. Along with the four chests I had on deck. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Mike BrannonMike BrannonVor 19 Tage
    • Yikes

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 19 Tage
  • Raft survival😷😏😏free hk

    tjmoke tjmoketjmoke tjmokeVor 19 Tage
  • im sure you have figured it out by now but you can kill the giant crab with an axe as well

    stuffn'things 317stuffn'things 317Vor 19 Tage
  • Brand new player to the survival series. I bought on xbox. Loving this game. Curiosity killed me so I searched out a topic unknown to me and ended up on your channel. Watched 4 episodes back to back then said I have to start your series from the start. Got my sub. Worth it to listen the Bob Ross of Stranded Deep. You paint a picture and explain in details. Fun game. Hope the development team fixes a few issues.

    Mike LeblancMike LeblancVor 21 Tag
    • Hey thanks for watching, you rock

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 19 Tage
  • I hate the new textures

    Dino GuzmanDino GuzmanVor 22 Tage
  • i hate how you just can't hold left click and spam it like an insane mad lad

    pinknoisefloyderpinknoisefloyderVor 23 Tage
    • Would be nice

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 21 Tag
  • This game has online? and play with my friends?

    • I believe it's still in the plans

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 23 Tage
  • How do I treat a man when I grow coconut and get food poisoning? please

    amazing useramazing userVor 25 Tage
  • Wow, what a beautiful game.....better then the Forest

    Irish- RyIrish- RyVor 25 Tage
  • can we play with our friend like the forest?

    Harry GloryHarry GloryVor 25 Tage
  • But love your channels awsome keep posting

    Minecraft GamerMinecraft GamerVor 26 Tage
    • Thanks for watching, cheers

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 26 Tage
  • I’m such an idiot he turned around and one of the trees looke like Bloody Mary or tomoro Morgan

    Minecraft GamerMinecraft GamerVor 26 Tage
    • ?

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor 26 Tage
  • Is your name evan irl? You sounds like our suspended new hired trainer in my company. If so you rock, you're like the dude who talks in the unskippable cutscenes in games

    rb13818rb13818Vor 27 Tage
  • I just discovered this game and I am so happy with it. It took me a long time to figure things out, such as the different controls and the things you need. I died a few times too. Now seeing just this first video, I know how to get more water 😁 not waiting for rain. And how to use the crates. Now I cannot choose what to do, play for myself and struggle further, or watching your next video. Unbelievable how fast you advance in just one day 😲🤗 thanks.

    Francisca van BochoveFrancisca van BochoveVor Monat
  • are you playing on console or pc?

    Harvey Kent LaguraHarvey Kent LaguraVor Monat
  • I was excited to see it finally make it to console despite the game being survival, be nice if they had a co op option.

    TheIceBreaker50TheIceBreaker50Vor Monat
  • I would give anything to be stranded on an idea with a nice woman in the middle of no where to where 20 years would pass and we would not see a single human being....and if she was alright with that it would be heaven for the both of us

    Micah BellMicah BellVor Monat
  • He's so good handling with mechanics, too fast

    Phil DrakePhil DrakeVor Monat
  • What if they combined the two games...

    Veounous Neptune6Veounous Neptune6Vor Monat
    • Which games?

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • Is there only the 1st person view? Can't play 1st person, I get motion sickness 😢

    J F WrightJ F WrightVor Monat
    • Should be able to switch from 1st to 3rd in the options menu :) You can also lower motion sickness

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • You cannot tell me this does not look like the forest I mean the start

    Nightwolf450ANightwolf450AVor Monat
    • Both started building the game around the same time :)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • I saw a chest in the water that he didn’t see and all I can do is witness the event

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristVor Monat
    • ;)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • stranded deep launcher error

    Tamil SelvanTamil SelvanVor Monat
  • This game just came out on console is it worth buying?

    KingBoonyKingBoonyVor Monat
    • I've had a blast for many seasons

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • the palm tree grew when you was hitting it, i'm gonna try that in my yard!

    the showthe showVor Monat
  • the pilot didn't give a F when going down XD

    the showthe showVor Monat
  • the pipi was just chillin

    Flavortown GamingFlavortown GamingVor Monat
  • im watching this in 2020 lol XD

    Michelle SmithMichelle SmithVor Monat
  • Pipi plant: Every girl: 😏🥵

    Brody ErtznerBrody ErtznerVor Monat
  • i liked the old crafting method better, the inventory system was different, and by crafting you through the items on the ground and crafted according to the recipe, it made the game feel a lot more real and just better in general, like Green Hell or The Forest

    Bryan DeAndaBryan DeAndaVor Monat
  • You sound sick

    sheathsheathVor Monat
  • you are the bast

    OV_dcOV_dcVor Monat
  • Love this series

    v1 Spawnv1 SpawnVor Monat
  • Likes

    Mrheiri 800809Mrheiri 800809Vor Monat
  • The graphics are so good when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a survival video

    The Wolff JBThe Wolff JBVor Monat
  • Automatic dislike for losing the knife.

    Y. T.Y. T.Vor Monat
    • @GameEdged You actually took time to reply? Respect. Changing my dislike into a like.

      Y. T.Y. T.Vor Monat
    • Awesome ;)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • No way not edited island. You have so much at start.

    oLoneWolF ProductionsoLoneWolF ProductionsVor Monat
  • This looks like Ark Survival Evolved... like an exact copy of it...

    MildromedionMildromedionVor Monat
    • Good thing this came of before Ark :)

      GameEdgedGameEdgedVor Monat
  • Looks great ..... Not

    Jaisal SJaisal SVor Monat
  • This is so comftable to watch, really nice

    GingerLifeGingerLifeVor Monat
  • That water looks like public toilet water

    Yung S.X.BYung S.X.BVor Monat
  • Has anyone got it and could let me know how much storage it uses

    500subswith NoVidoes500subswith NoVidoesVor Monat
  • does this also have like multiplayer? or co-up

    • No sadly😢. Hopefully someday because this would be a great game to chill with buds. Not so on board with the Multiplayer idea. The world can survive without another game full of griefers.

      Misty ManningMisty ManningVor Monat
  • Oh man, i remember buying this game and never playing it.

    StefDmrStefDmrVor Monat
    • Same here

      William OWilliam OVor 20 Tage
  • Does it have online multiplayer?

    OzarkuhhOzarkuhhVor Monat
  • After playing multiple times Character: I'm used to this, this is normal

    Ace Plays GamesAce Plays GamesVor Monat
  • Needs a volleyball

    Justin 311Justin 311Vor Monat
  • Find Wilson

    Tide PodTide PodVor Monat
  • Lol he cursed at the Time of 3:13

    frost knight230frost knight230Vor Monat
  • This game has been here for a really long time and yet you still need leaves to catch water and trees never grow back. Totally makes sense.

    Iron ScorpionIron ScorpionVor Monat
  • You should play state of decay

    Gabriel MarkhamGabriel MarkhamVor Monat
New Big Updates | Stranded Deep Gameplay | EP1