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  • is anyone gonna talk about how cute jaden hossler is whenever thomas, mia, and michael came in the movie theater

    Lilly AndrusLilly AndrusVor 12 Stunden
  • Boxing Match

    Janette WilikerJanette WilikerVor 2 Tage
  • I feel like this video was called something else- í dont think it was called "nevermind" 😂

    Clara MinottClara MinottVor 3 Tage
  • boxing match

    Roxanne SmithRoxanne SmithVor 12 Tage
  • *boxing match*

    chloe baechloe baeVor 12 Tage
  • How are you guys still alive with all the crazing things that you guys always do.

    Jedaiah JallahJedaiah JallahVor 14 Tage
  • My cat has that same thing

    Amanda HerzogAmanda HerzogVor 20 Tage
  • boxing match

    Arnaud GazelleArnaud GazelleVor 22 Tage
  • boxing match

    Jack SchriberJack SchriberVor 25 Tage
  • boxing match

    Lucas EnsleyLucas EnsleyVor 26 Tage
  • boxing match

    saliya wilsonsaliya wilsonVor 29 Tage
  • his name is baymax micheal

    Makayla WeiseMakayla WeiseVor Monat
  • Why is no one talking about when nick kissed micheal

    shania Vlogsshania VlogsVor Monat
  • I love you all guys vloging and you guys are my sisters and brothers to me and miss you guys and I love you

    Kyle BrittKyle BrittVor Monat
  • Did anyone notice jaden slept over

    Sprinkles TrackleSprinkles TrackleVor Monat
  • So we're just gonna say nothing about 1:44

    LillieLillieVor Monat
  • no importa

    Romy YoleeRomy YoleeVor Monat
  • Boxing match

    Jeri StarrJeri StarrVor Monat
  • I wish nessa actually join

    Karen Rosas-MunozKaren Rosas-MunozVor Monat
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how it glitched at 5:02

    100 subscribers before Christmas100 subscribers before ChristmasVor Monat

    Lexi PriceLexi PriceVor Monat
  • boxing match

    ramona swaneyramona swaneyVor Monat
  • These vids always make my day better

    Speesy CheesySpeesy CheesyVor Monat
  • HI

    Erica BrownErica BrownVor Monat
  • Anyone gonna talk about how cute the cat looked?

    Emma BarnesEmma BarnesVor Monat
  • who search nevermind to find the nirvana album and found this shit 🤠

    sydneysydneyVor Monat
  • Yay she is not going to the hype house

    Brenda OcampoBrenda OcampoVor Monat
  • Thomas do be petty

    riley roseriley roseVor Monat
  • first off: michael it’s baymax second: awww nick w his lips all big 🥺🥰

    Myra HanaokaMyra HanaokaVor Monat
  • Boxing match

    Kyle AchorKyle AchorVor Monat
  • Some people online are just UGH!!!!

    Lemon CandyLemon CandyVor Monat
  • O gato com roupa zuada 😮 😿Gato: FOI PARA ISSO QUE VOCE ME PEGOU THOMAS????.. KKKKKKKKK

    Sakura HarunoSakura HarunoVor Monat
  • boxing match

    Mayowa IfanseMayowa IfanseVor Monat
  • Can you come to my home Wilh charli call 6192191600

    Jesse LopezJesse LopezVor Monat
  • Boxing match

    Faith EmmaFaith EmmaVor Monat
  • Odrea and riling or nick I didn’t see who it was but the way her said that’s so cute🥰💞 and hugged Mia I can’t 💞🥰

    XxJJxX XxXxJJxX XxVor Monat
  • i wish i could be apart of the house

    Sophia ChavezSophia ChavezVor Monat
  • NeEsA wiLl JoIn NeXt ViDeO NEVERMIND

  • It’s baymax 😂

    Ella SmithElla SmithVor Monat
  • *nevermind*

    Maria MendozaMaria MendozaVor 2 Monate
  • Why😢

    Damien EldridgeDamien EldridgeVor 2 Monate
  • I can’t see tiktok

    Good girl /pinkAbzGood girl /pinkAbzVor 2 Monate
  • Never mind

    Teresa GalvezTeresa GalvezVor 2 Monate
  • The fact that Micheal repeatedly said Beethoven instead of bay max

    Hannah Norris-ParsonsHannah Norris-ParsonsVor 2 Monate

    Kylie WeasleyKylie WeasleyVor 2 Monate
  • Ur cat: Smh bai b*tches

    14klexii Playz14klexii PlayzVor 2 Monate

    Germiah GriffinGermiah GriffinVor 2 Monate
  • boxing match.

    Riley HamiltonRiley HamiltonVor 2 Monate
  • Thank goodness

    Keira LKeira LVor 2 Monate
  • Boxing mach lol 🤣🤣🤣

    Daniella MartinezDaniella MartinezVor 2 Monate
  • 5:36

    Abril MAbril MVor 2 Monate

    Tandia StanfordTandia StanfordVor 2 Monate
  • Noooooo dont do date plssss

    yakin Alhassanyakin AlhassanVor 2 Monate
  • Honestly I think it’s a good idea to keep the people that are in it now...

    Cambrea StarkCambrea StarkVor 2 Monate
  • Atlees let nessa in the hype house

    Zoi McCauleyZoi McCauleyVor 2 Monate

    Evelyn NavaEvelyn NavaVor 2 Monate
  • ............ Edit: I'm weird

    Rita NakintuRita NakintuVor 2 Monate

    Jessi PamplinJessi PamplinVor 2 Monate
  • Yes thanks

    Jennifer LisecJennifer LisecVor 2 Monate
  • boxing match

    Addison WhiteheadAddison WhiteheadVor 2 Monate
  • Tbh they always invite problematic people and he knows chase and Charli are not confident with it you know what I’m done

    Emele HiaEmele HiaVor 2 Monate

    Raksanah BanseeRaksanah BanseeVor 2 Monate
  • boxing match

    Leona SimblanteLeona SimblanteVor 2 Monate
  • NASA should not join the high-powered she should go where she where she came from

    Desiree McFaddenDesiree McFaddenVor 2 Monate
  • Yeah kick the others who’s not the hype I miss the original krew

    Anime WorldAnime WorldVor 2 Monate
  • *Cough cough* Stan charli for clear skin *cough*

    Alexxa HenriquezAlexxa HenriquezVor 2 Monate
  • Awwwww Mia was petting jadens head so cute

    Janisha BrionesJanisha BrionesVor 2 Monate
  • He syaed batoven instead of bamax! lol

    Adyson ReidAdyson ReidVor 2 Monate
  • Who thinks Mia and Nessie’s should be friends

    chrclosetchrclosetVor 2 Monate
  • Michael was wearing an originals shirt it’s klaus tattoo

    Alexus BarnesAlexus BarnesVor 2 Monate