Nev Schulman’s Quickstep - Dancing with the Stars

Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson dance the Quickstep to “Take On Me” by a-ha on Dancing with the Stars 80s Night!
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  • Nev

  • I would like to see him do the freestyle

    Dominic McIntoshDominic McIntoshVor Monat
  • He looks like he is having the time of his life.

    LaCole CraigLaCole CraigVor Monat
  • Jenna is so underrated

    Troy HekerieTroy HekerieVor Monat
  • Cynthia ArrudaCynthia ArrudaVor Monat
  • Nev is my favorite dancer on the A competition

    Lydia PerezLydia PerezVor Monat
  • How’d have thought falling in love with a middle aged women could ever lead to this? It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy though, he could seriously consider a career change after this. He was made to dance

    λεωνιδία Fakiolaλεωνιδία FakiolaVor 2 Monate
  • Nev and Jenna can win the compétition

    Noémie MalouinNoémie MalouinVor 2 Monate
  • Who still remembers Ally Brooke & Sasha doing this last season?

    AshleystarAshleystarVor 2 Monate
  • I’m getting Ben Stiller zoolander vibes from Nev. I love it though! Lol

    Mimi WilliMimi WilliVor 2 Monate
  • What an amazing performer Nev is. Who knew!

    Janna BJanna BVor 2 Monate
  • They were so in sync the whole time. Amazing job! So impressed with Nev.

    TashTashVor 2 Monate
  • THUMBS DOWN FOR THE JUDGES AND THE SHOW. Why on earth isn't Nev receiving higher scores. He is always consisitent and continually brings it. Why on earth are the judges giving him such low scores. This show is about winning the Merabol Trophy for good dancing skills not because you have a large fan base. If the judges dont' give Nev the scores he deserves he will not have a chance to win the competition. I am sick of this show being about which football player is going to win or who has the most fan coming into the season.. Something has to change. If this show is not about who performed the best dances than we might just as well quit watching because the GAME IS RIGGED.

    Angellica Goodson-LordAngellica Goodson-LordVor 2 Monate
  • I'm here for Nev and Jenna is amazing too! but I love how he is a good person and he also knows how to dance the s*** out of that floor! My work is very busy and stressful and honestly my favorite times are watching his dance vids 😂💕👋✨ plus I imagine his kids Chloe and Bo loving watching their dad dance!

    Katie CihlaKatie CihlaVor 2 Monate
  • If him , jeannie , and skai aren't the bottom three idk what the point of this season was

    Rexzavious DuboseRexzavious DuboseVor 2 Monate
  • He did awesome in this one! I keep coming back to it cuz it's so fun to watch haha. Those pants look annoying to dance in tho, it's not the best fabric for movement and perspiring imo....But he made it work! Also, this is a case of song matching to dance-style done right! I personally think weird song match-ups happen so often here DWTS is paranoid about not being relevant to general modern audiences as a ballroom dancing show. It's just a theory but it wouldn't surprise me. But the prioritizing of performances to various top 40 singles over prioritizing whether it's a logical choice for a dance style does hurt the impact a lot of the time. And sometimes, it inexplicably works; like right here! I never would've thought a quintessential '80s pop song would be cool to use for a quickstep but here we are haha.

    FeatheredWingzFeatheredWingzVor 2 Monate
  • By far the most versatile dancer this season. He’s just so much fun to watch, his technique is the best of anyone, he NAILS choreo, his energy goes from the tips of his toes to the tips of his fingers to the ends of his hair, and he’s comfortable enough in his ability to put on a good show. What more could you ask for??

    alw87642alw87642Vor 2 Monate
  • Wow the footsteps

    gloriaa0214gloriaa0214Vor 2 Monate
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    Pure BlissPure BlissVor 2 Monate
  • a-ha was done DIRTY with this “cover”. the dance was great though!

    Calyssa AndrewsCalyssa AndrewsVor 3 Monate
  • One of my favorite couples..the guy can dance!

    Ermie TErmie TVor 3 Monate
  • i’m never really a fan of quickstep, but damn, if it’s gotta happen, 80s night is the night to do it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    thebookishfiiascothebookishfiiascoVor 3 Monate
  • He is great ..... hope he Wins !!!!

    mary rootmary rootVor 3 Monate
  • He’s is so brilliant I love Nev! .. even though they costumed him like the bad guy from despicable me 3! 🤣 xx

    Sammy WilsherSammy WilsherVor 3 Monate
  • I feel like they may win...too soon?

    Viri SanchezViri SanchezVor 3 Monate
  • i've been catfished

    marisa tamayomarisa tamayoVor 3 Monate
  • They really need to glue Bruno to his damn seat.

    Steven BlockerSteven BlockerVor 3 Monate
  • This thread exposes his lies:

    Laurel YLaurel YVor 3 Monate
  • This was awesome!

    anna holnessanna holnessVor 3 Monate
  • Oooh I like ths couple

    Hun LeeHun LeeVor 3 Monate
  • His smile is creeping me out 😭

    jimin you got no jamsjimin you got no jamsVor 3 Monate
  • Gotta be real, I was totally waiting for the little _schwing_ sound at the beginning of take on me, and I was v confused for a sec when the melody just... Started

    katattacksweetheartkatattacksweetheartVor 3 Monate
  • Nevvvvv

    maria Amaria AVor 3 Monate
  • Nev's smiley dancing has given me so much joy over the past few weeks. He's just the kind of escape we all need right now.

    walk alonewalk aloneVor 3 Monate
  • I don't know whether it was a purposeful little nod to Joe and Dianne on Strictly, but I loved the overhead jump in the beginning!!

    GreggerysaurusGreggerysaurusVor 3 Monate
  • The worst song on this planet, but they killed it 👏👏👏👏

    LaLa ReevesLaLa ReevesVor 3 Monate
  • So fun and great energy!

    Jan CJan CVor 3 Monate
  • He was underscored

    Chandler PopeChandler PopeVor 3 Monate
  • I truly think he can win this season.

    Kendall BoydKendall BoydVor 3 Monate
  • He seems like a professional Ballroom dancer. Great job..

    lnzinorbit lnzinorbitlnzinorbit lnzinorbitVor 3 Monate
  • The 80' were truly awful, these mullets lol.

    Adwoa MkAdwoa MkVor 3 Monate
  • He did really well!! His 80's costume kind of made him look like Stuart from Mad TV though!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Eileen PalerinoEileen PalerinoVor 3 Monate
  • Love them on here

    Dawna GordonDawna GordonVor 3 Monate
  • nice hair and LOVE the song choice!!!!....

    Katie SchranzKatie SchranzVor 3 Monate
  • Nev is so great 😀 Loves his smile 😀

    SusieC10SusieC10Vor 3 Monate
  • Nev is such a great dancer and he always embodies the character of each style of dance and only a straight man with super confidence could pull off those skin tight pink pants and neon pink lipstick!🥰 Way to go man, so much fun, and one of my favorite eighties songs of all time! 🥳

    KirstiStephensonKirstiStephensonVor 3 Monate
  • I hope he wins. Knock out performance.

    Kathy JarvisKathy JarvisVor 3 Monate
  • omg I love him! He's always killing these dances and having so much fun! can't help but smile watching

    livelaughlovelivelaughloveVor 3 Monate
  • Nev did AWESOME!

    kathrine knightkathrine knightVor 3 Monate
  • He’s SO GOOD OMG

    xxobrittanygxxobrittanygVor 3 Monate
  • smh he deserved 3 9's come on carrie ann

    Steph GSteph GVor 3 Monate
  • Of course he is a good dancer; he danced for a large part of his life and is even seen in other youtube videos competing. He is actually a ringer with a lot more dance experience than a lot of the other contestants. He attended Sarah Lawrence College as a dance major before being kicked out for physically assaulting a woman based on information provided in his own book.

    Garrick MontesinosGarrick MontesinosVor 3 Monate
  • I loved everything in this performance, perfect song choice, perfect choreography and perfect costumes. Also, Nev nailed this performance and Jenna’s choreography is perfect. I just love this team so much, I’m rooting for them to win

  • His dancing is great but I am genuinely scared of his facial expressions

    An Idiot SandwichAn Idiot SandwichVor 3 Monate
  • that was amazing Nev

    Maria EsparzaMaria EsparzaVor 3 Monate
  • i thought she was the contestant not him that's how good he is

    Ellie WhyteEllie WhyteVor 3 Monate
  • Nev with the mullet!!

    Sarah WilsonSarah WilsonVor 3 Monate

  • It's amazing how they dance on the dance floor every week! I really enjoy Nev's choreographies!

    María Fernanda Benítez ArcosMaría Fernanda Benítez ArcosVor 3 Monate
  • Go Nev !!

    Lori CreedLori CreedVor 3 Monate
  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Zenaida NeduasaZenaida NeduasaVor 3 Monate
  • Get it nev!!

    KeepinItKarliKeepinItKarliVor 3 Monate
  • Nev is great! Wish he could've been partnered with Emma!

    Beher HBeher HVor 3 Monate

    Gem QuintanaGem QuintanaVor 3 Monate
  • Nev is going to win

    Nala BrownNala BrownVor 3 Monate
  • He is a natural

    trisha Mtrisha MVor 3 Monate
  • Best dance of the night!!

    Anita LAnita LVor 3 Monate
  • They are great. She is a great teacher!

    Andi LeighAndi LeighVor 3 Monate
  • He looks like he is having so much fun every dance. Love this. Love his energy. Nev quite the dancer. Bravo.

    StormsbrewingNCStormsbrewingNCVor 3 Monate

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Nev Schulman’s Quickstep - Dancing with the Stars