Neon QT Family DIY Custom Fun Craft With Barbie and Ken Dolls

Let's make another DIY LOL family 🥳The Neon QT family finally get some parents today!
❤️This family friendly video is intended for a general audience for everyone to enjoy.❤️
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HOLO It's me. Cupcake 🧁 If you like dolls, games, slime, arts and crafts, and DIY doll makeovers, then this is the channel for you! There's a little something for everyone here 😎Plenty of toy unboxing, story telling with Barbie, LOL Surprise, and my DIY Shopkins Shoppies dolls. ❤️FAMILY FRIENDLY❤️ Enjoy watching!
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Neon QT Family DIY Custom Fun Craft With Barbie and Ken Dolls