NBA "OMG" Moments

NBA "OMG" Moments showcase some of the most jaw dropping moments throughout the 2019-2020 NBA Season. It includes plays such as:
- Jayson Tatum's Ankle Breaker on Paul George
- Kyrie Irving's 5 Points in 5 Seconds
- Steven Adam's Full Court Heave vs New Orleans Pelicans
+ Many More Ankle Breakers, Dunks and Game Winners
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  • Who do you guys have winning the 3 Point and Dunk Contest this weekend 🤔

    KingSwishKingSwishVor Monat
    • Buddy hield

      Dominic PerezDominic PerezVor 10 Tage

      Gavin RyuGavin RyuVor 19 Tage
    • @Lorenzo Jackson because it happened after U watched it, good job kid.

      SlayerOfDabs S.OSlayerOfDabs S.OVor 22 Tage
    • bong water that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, dipshit

      Josh HarrisonJosh HarrisonVor 26 Tage
    • @Marc Aiz yo you think he got robbed last time how we feeling bout it now smh 🙄 swear they make it impossible for him to win

      Joshua HayesJoshua HayesVor 27 Tage
  • omg

    Jordan SuazoJordan SuazoVor 16 Stunden
  • Lillard clearly travelled, even if you counted the gather step

    zaubnino77zaubnino77Vor 2 Tage
  • No Hassan whiteside dunk? 😔

    The Mobile GamerThe Mobile GamerVor 2 Tage
  • 2:29 FOX PELICANS? 3:11 FOX CAVALIERS? 7:14 FOX G R I Z Z L I E S? 8:44 FOX MAGIC?

    DevastinatorDevastinatorVor 6 Tage
  • At 1:17, I went to that game the whole arena ERUPTED

    Alex BrotzelAlex BrotzelVor 6 Tage
  • This man said touchdown 😭💀😴

    shakima reidshakima reidVor 6 Tage
  • 2:48 did damian lillard travels?

    Elizabeth SesmundoElizabeth SesmundoVor 7 Tage
  • 8:45 did the commentator said Eric Gordon? lmao

    Neo VirayNeo VirayVor 8 Tage
  • 9:12 the omg moment was that rudy gave brandon corona

    Bob BobBob BobVor 8 Tage
  • 5:05 NBA:magic wizards Me:know wizards are magic NBA:😂 Me:what NBA: your serious? Me: NBA: Me:

    Jk GamingJk GamingVor 8 Tage
  • How does Mitchell Robinson catch better than anyone on the giants

    Max RadtkeMax RadtkeVor 9 Tage
  • 5:51~ 😂

    非公式なFUJIWARA藤本非公式なFUJIWARA藤本Vor 10 Tage
  • Spam this 4:30

    Zack RamosZack RamosVor 10 Tage
  • 2:54 that sensational always gets me

    Zack RamosZack RamosVor 10 Tage
  • creazy

    胡一瘋胡一瘋Vor 10 Tage
  • 4:30 why is number 5 from Minnesota boxing out his teammate 😂

    iFlexOnYewiFlexOnYewVor 11 Tage
    • Lol

      markelvin riveramarkelvin riveraVor 6 Tage
  • 3:55 What was the tough part? I wanna know now lmao

    Noah HilliarNoah HilliarVor 11 Tage
  • 4:20 such a push off

    EmberEmberVor 11 Tage
  • 6:15 “I’m like that”

    Zack LujanZack LujanVor 12 Tage
  • Crazy that Zion hasn't even played a full season and he has several of these lol

    Benjamin BogleBenjamin BogleVor 12 Tage
  • 6:00

    Ryan ShugrueRyan ShugrueVor 12 Tage
  • “If you don’t like that you don’t like nba basketball”

    Brent GarzaBrent GarzaVor 12 Tage
    • How does anyone love another league?Euroleague isnt even comperable with nba

      emreemreVor 8 Tage
  • Cedi 😊

    Büşra NurBüşra NurVor 13 Tage
  • 7:14 What the commentator said was literally so random

    BoopapsProd.BoopapsProd.Vor 13 Tage
    • The only thing I ever see you put down is water or green tea

      SirQUACK!SirQUACK!Vor 7 Tage
  • "Kirey Irving on a touchdown"

    Jared PeresJared PeresVor 13 Tage
  • 6:29 that’s a dangerous foul

    Kevin KeenanKevin KeenanVor 13 Tage
  • 1:37 Giannis doing Giannis things

    Christi GranningChristi GranningVor 13 Tage
  • 4:48 OMG...

    R로R로Vor 13 Tage
  • 1:11 hey i recognize that voice. she’s that annoying nba2k commentator

    JobamaJobamaVor 14 Tage
  • You missed Tatum on Labron

    Andrew CourchesneAndrew CourchesneVor 14 Tage
  • I like how at 0:13 the commentator said KYRIE!!! Like the one from RDCworld.

    Ryanair QatarRyanair QatarVor 14 Tage
  • 3:32 dirty Lopez shuffeling the underfoot - clear foul in my opinion :D - nice video anyways!

    RunningDizzlRunningDizzlVor 14 Tage
  • To all wondering. Culver said “Bitch ass” to Lopez. That’s why he got the tec 6:15

    HOF ClickbaitHOF ClickbaitVor 14 Tage
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *nice action* 1:50 💚🔥 👇 👇💛

  • 6:19 what you don’t dunk???? sheesh if a white dude did that there’s no issue smh

    El GastonEl GastonVor 16 Tage
  • 0:30 what’s with the sonics jersey is it for kd?

    Dominic CaparelliDominic CaparelliVor 16 Tage
  • Also now the seasons over

    Brayden SharkeyBrayden SharkeyVor 16 Tage
  • 0:3 he says nice touchdown

    Hunter FettyHunter FettyVor 16 Tage
  • 0:04 the announcer says TOUCHDOWN Refereeing to Football

    Jim BielefeldtJim BielefeldtVor 17 Tage
  • DE-visions: There Are 328 Comments Me: Can I See Them? DE-visions: *no*

    Shahkiran HajanShahkiran HajanVor 18 Tage
  • Fácil más de 5 anuncios :'V

    Juan Carlos C. L.Juan Carlos C. L.Vor 18 Tage
  • Has there ever been a time that they missed after they broke the defenders' ankles? Just curious.

    Kuumba CreationsKuumba CreationsVor 18 Tage
  • In the first clip the guys said touchdown🤣

    Bonnie PetitBonnie PetitVor 18 Tage
  • A poster?

    Lord MegatronLord MegatronVor 18 Tage
  • 3:25 why include this ? Not an omg hL

    John Paolo De LeonJohn Paolo De LeonVor 19 Tage
  • 3:50 call 911 plss

    Joe Marie Ching Tabo-TaboJoe Marie Ching Tabo-TaboVor 19 Tage

    Gavin RyuGavin RyuVor 19 Tage
  • 광고 개세 끼 2개너 처넣네

    태양찌우기태양찌우기Vor 19 Tage
  • Why you gotta do Satoransky like this?

    Arbal3stArbal3stVor 19 Tage
  • Guy at 5:33 caught zions block with hand and a beer on the other hand , Respect +3000

    Sicko WeekSicko WeekVor 19 Tage
  • IK yall love Zion but Ja Morant is a DOG!

  • Lonzo & Zion r the new lob city

    Liam HallLiam HallVor 20 Tage
  • 0:31 it's the aquaman!!!!!!! One of my favorite NBA player. Good job!!!

    ACIEJ covers GamingACIEJ covers GamingVor 20 Tage
  • wait devin booker stepped on the one guys shoe

    It Is What It IsIt Is What It IsVor 20 Tage
  • The fuck is an OMG moment?

    Tadas IndrelėTadas IndrelėVor 20 Tage
  • 2:45 my hand flew out my hand

    Tj KelenTj KelenVor 20 Tage
  • James harden at 9:24 😂😂😂

    It’s yo Boy dayIt’s yo Boy dayVor 20 Tage
  • 7:52 Cediii🔥

    Bulaşık DeterjanıBulaşık DeterjanıVor 20 Tage
  • are those alley oops I watch knb lmaoooo

    roshroshVor 21 Tag
  • Sin duda uno de los mejores deportes que existe y que gran sentimiento que genera 🏀🔥🔥🔥💪💪

    Fabian IFabian IVor 21 Tag
  • In 2k why every player have the same voice when they say and 1

    Original LOriginal LVor 21 Tag
  • 4:30

    DL2KDL2KVor 21 Tag
  • DIME

    태양태양Vor 21 Tag
  • To me, this is why I love basketball.

    Cristian GCristian GVor 21 Tag
  • 2:31, wait is that markiplier?

    Carlos CacalCarlos CacalVor 21 Tag
  • 2:52 Travel?

    FlexXinFlexXinVor 21 Tag
  • 0:36 is he alright ?

    Philipp BuckPhilipp BuckVor 21 Tag
    • Jaja

      Faino KingFaino KingVor 20 Tage
  • The first pass looked like it was straight outta Kuroko's.

    Natsu DragneelNatsu DragneelVor 21 Tag
  • Demar Gangstha is a pure murderer

    Janfrancis CornelioJanfrancis CornelioVor 21 Tag
NBA "OMG" Moments