My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

the camp operetta is real
Original Camp Operetta video:

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  • I was various times the villain of my theatre plays like the one I most remember I was the grinch in another one I was (something here in Mexico we call pastorela it’s for Christmas it’s basically like a theatre play of how Jesus was born) I was one of the 2 devil servants and another one I can’t remember then one e I was a non relevant character then I later was a 80’s kid and then I left that school

    Sylvatic Sword82Sylvatic Sword82Vor 3 Stunden
  • Dung Alaria ashae? Ashae?

    Dylan DealDylan DealVor 4 Stunden
  • Jaiden and James have so much in common. Like this comment if you think they should go on a date 🥰

    Denise LuisoDenise LuisoVor 6 Stunden
  • My mom:hi sweetie i have this for u Me: ummmmmmmm ok 👌

    Kitty MazuKitty MazuVor 7 Stunden
  • Ship Jaiden and james

    Ian Wolf masterIan Wolf masterVor 9 Stunden
  • Im sorry but no.

    Gabriel ZahariaGabriel ZahariaVor 19 Stunden
  • I think I heard let’s stop killing

    Why NotWhy NotVor Tag
    • Uhh hi

      Why NotWhy NotVor Tag
  • 0:50 i sang tat in first grade lol (funga alafia)

    Maddie HajerMaddie HajerVor Tag
  • It was so funny

    AHMED LinaAHMED LinaVor Tag
  • Hi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ▼・ᴥ・▼(⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

    Pearly ClubPearly ClubVor Tag
  • I think I remember rainbow fish

    Cecil Anderson IVCecil Anderson IVVor Tag
  • 90% is just them laughing

    SlayerPlayz gamezSlayerPlayz gamezVor 2 Tage
  • The bromance is strong ❤️

    Extruss _Extruss _Vor 2 Tage
  • 0:13 wow james sounds dead inside

    Davienne pricillia martinDavienne pricillia martinVor 2 Tage
  • Jaden did she actually fant

    Amanda NissenAmanda NissenVor 3 Tage
  • That one person in the Patrick costume, I couldn’t take my eyes off them

    Fairy_ cakeFairy_ cakeVor 3 Tage
  • Rainbow fish: good looking fish is surrounded by creeps who want to take his skin. After being told no one will love him he skins himself alive.

    Jay BronkemaJay BronkemaVor 3 Tage
  • *lol.*

    Vishnupriyatvs 8D05Vishnupriyatvs 8D05Vor 4 Tage
  • You looked liked my friend Sophia!

    Payati TiyapaPayati TiyapaVor 4 Tage
  • Poepen

    Jayden FariesJayden FariesVor 4 Tage
  • In 3:24 the explosion is a tree

    Kingdoggy DogKingdoggy DogVor 4 Tage
  • I was in the first play

    Daniel BriffaDaniel BriffaVor 5 Tage
  • I did the rainbow fish play in year one

    sloan Asloan AVor 5 Tage
  • Dmmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmkckckckckckcckcikcckckkcememmeme kdmdkdkddikddkked Odom mekcmdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkddkkdkddkdkdkdkeiiekdoskemcmxkekekcm,skmdc8ijdjcjcjcjcjcjccceieieieiieidkdmxmxsmkxmmsdkx JFK dmkxkxkxkxkxxkkxkdd

    poolshark43poolshark43Vor 6 Tage
  • Tahiii tahii tahiii tah, tahiii tah, tahiii tah, tahiii tahiii tahii tah, tahiii tahiii.

    KING SMILEY gamingKING SMILEY gamingVor 6 Tage
  • Imagine a remake with the original cast of Camp Operta. Kinda like a reunion performance. I dunno- thinking about it is interesting.

    SweetMultistanSweetMultistanVor 6 Tage
  • 0:51 We Give You a gift A SACRIFICE 6:06 WE GIVE YOU...SUNGE BOP! As a thing human sacrifice TAKE HIM

    CaCookie333CaCookie333Vor 6 Tage
  • Jaiden has sticks for arms and james has nubs

    sanitymaster 134sanitymaster 134Vor 6 Tage
  • Why does this comment matter? Idk

    Shehnaz ChoudhuryShehnaz ChoudhuryVor 6 Tage
  • I ship you and James together

    Tyson ChungTyson ChungVor 6 Tage
  • the first one is jungle drums

    potato the catpotato the catVor 6 Tage
  • two adult introverts make fun of a bunch of little kids for ten minutes straight

    Dream and InsipireDream and InsipireVor 7 Tage

    Purple BananaPurple BananaVor 7 Tage
  • In the first play none of kids are wearing shoes

    gshuler13gshuler13Vor 8 Tage
  • i watched it :I

    Chelsea WallaceChelsea WallaceVor 8 Tage
  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 i hate this video get a turtle tho🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢and a cat i have a cat😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱 get a timer⏳and get a🐢 and get a😺🐈🐱

    rexy boy 2012rexy boy 2012Vor 8 Tage
  • My brother speaks like that

    GalaxygurlGalaxygurlVor 8 Tage
  • Jaidens proud that she Gould someone they were ugly

    Peyton HaysPeyton HaysVor 8 Tage
  • wow amazing!!!!

    Justin AliwateJustin AliwateVor 9 Tage
  • I read the rainbow fish in kindergarten probably

    Carolyn MooreCarolyn MooreVor 9 Tage
  • Therapist: Jaiden with an OwO face isn’t real, she can’t hurt you Jaiden with an OwO face: 8:34

    Noemi da BunniNoemi da BunniVor 9 Tage
    • jOWOiden

      Raymond_Raymond_Vor 4 Stunden
  • jaiden u remermber me i wast the wardhog

    ganesh macherlaganesh macherlaVor 9 Tage
  • James: Yeah your the bad guy. Jaden proudly says: yeah I called her ugly James: 👁👄👁 yeah

    Golden_ SunGolden_ SunVor 10 Tage
  • Plot twist : Plot Twist.

    Ace MyztAce MyztVor 10 Tage
  • what do you mean kids talk like when i was a kid i didnt talk like

    Brozo1 ManBrozo1 ManVor 10 Tage
  • Just put this in black and white and bam. a horror movie

    Peachy HoneybeePeachy HoneybeeVor 10 Tage
  • Jaden: *perfect in singing play* Me:*Just crying freaking out*

    The_ Potato._.The_ Potato._.Vor 10 Tage
  • I found put the book they played in the jungle setting was the book called 'jungle drums' where a small ugly wart hog gets magical drums from an old, wise wildebeast.

    Billy KnightBilly KnightVor 10 Tage
  • Rebbeca: *Amateurs.*

  • Hi jaiden I’m a drama kid myself

    Meme-ish DoggoMeme-ish DoggoVor 10 Tage
  • 0:00

    Veunsaur ProductionsVeunsaur ProductionsVor 10 Tage
  • The vibes I got from rainbow fish are kinda like: if these were people they would just rip parts of their skin and hair and just giving them away for free

    murjo06murjo06Vor 11 Tage
  • I don't know what it is but the way you do James' little character is cute

    SpectrumTwelveSpectrumTwelveVor 11 Tage
  • 6:40: Audience: “claps” Jaiden: wHoOoOoO!!👏👏👏👏

    EmTheGachaTacoEmTheGachaTacoVor 11 Tage

    The FBIThe FBIVor 12 Tage

    Irene CallenderIrene CallenderVor 12 Tage
  • teacher: what should the lion say jaiden: make him say me F word me: maybe not....

    Shima Susan GeorgeShima Susan GeorgeVor 12 Tage
  • 🤯I think James was in camp operetta too because how does he know about the rainbow fish huh🤯

    Muhammad MirpolatovMuhammad MirpolatovVor 12 Tage
  • ahhh jungle drums was the book the first play was based off!

    TaulaniTaulaniVor 12 Tage
  • Young Jaiden: just add a w to everything and your fiiinne.

    Eilene MilesEilene MilesVor 12 Tage
  • Cringe

    max playzmax playzVor 12 Tage
  • Plot twist: That elephant was Jaidens editor octopus and was in the middle. They were in a circle to a Satanist ritual.

    2010egh the robloxxer2010egh the robloxxerVor 12 Tage
  • Imagine Oscar in the rainbow fish play... B O I that would be a huge shame for everyone there!

    Doctor KirbyDoctor KirbyVor 13 Tage
  • I like seeing animators just doing things with each other.

    Henry JacksonHenry JacksonVor 13 Tage
  • It just made me coff

    Mahdi GamerMahdi GamerVor 13 Tage
  • omg so cute

    Sunshine the lazy rain wingSunshine the lazy rain wingVor 14 Tage
  • Can the sea horse say the f word

    Jason whiteJason whiteVor 14 Tage
  • *DORIME*

    PanC15t14nPanC15t14nVor 14 Tage
  • Hi

    Thalia EncinasThalia EncinasVor 14 Tage
  • *NICE*

    Hawa Naqiah MakmorHawa Naqiah MakmorVor 14 Tage
My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout