My Brother Has a Crush on Babysitter | Funny Super Babysitters' Struggles by La La Life Musical

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Sisters and brothers always annoy each other but... then here comes a super babysitter! 😍Be careful, bro, she’s too pretty! Oh, no, my brother’s had a crush on my babysitter! This’s gonna be fun!😈
Anyway, siblings always have funny relatable moments and struggles!⚡️ Don’t miss the most funny pranks and the best life hacks in the NEW EPISODE of La La Life Musical!

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00:00 Where’s that babysitter?
00:15 He’s in love!
00:25 Meet my sister
00:49 Сocktail prank
01:23 Makeover
01:55 Sis vs Bro
02:38 Watch out, brother
03:00 Pasta crack prank
03:11 Glued jeans
03:25 Where’s my clothes?
03:44 Toilet paper mummy
03:50 Flour hair dryer prank
04:09 Wipe It
04:39 Hatching egg prank
04:55 Broccoli vs chocolate
05:26 Love potion
06:06 Love letter
06:20 Toilet paper emergency
07:11 100 layers of pizza
07:44 Hide-and-seek
08:06 Lily, I love you
08:38 Piggy bank
08:54 Gotcha!
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My Brother Has a Crush on Babysitter | Funny Super Babysitters' Struggles by La La Life Musical