My Boyfriend Rates My Prettylittlething Outfits

Thank you for watching this video!! I hope you guys enjoy and continue to follow my journey. All the love and support is never unnoticed! I am grateful to have the opportunity to brighten your day and put out positivity.
Love you all so much!

- Mae

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  • My uncle's girlfriend used to be friends with you and Brettman and she said that you stopped talking to her because she couldn't make it to your baby shower.

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  • The only reason I even looked at this video is because my DE-visions app on my phone shows this on a widget. If this is DE-visionss idea of interesting then there's a huge problem. I can care less about this video or any videos like it. I think it's not entertaining, non educational, a waste of one's time watching it, and should never have even came up on my app. Sorry I seem so critical but I simply hate this video and videos like it. Two thumbs down from me.

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My Boyfriend Rates My Prettylittlething Outfits