• нахуй тут этот каментатор

    Солар тЫСолар тЫVor 2 years
  • How can anyone take the French seriously? Fuck...

    OxOxVor 2 years
  • repost without music...

    Ronnie GodfreyRonnie GodfreyVor 2 years
  • 凄い!! 4:45 上った♪

    Mocking69Mocking69Vor 3 years

    Julian V.Julian V.Vor 3 years

    Julian V.Julian V.Vor 3 years
  • music no men 👎

    Gabriel FerreiraGabriel FerreiraVor 3 years
  • Breno RodriguesBreno RodriguesVor 3 years
  • 600 cm3 la puissance des moteurs mdrr c'est bien un presentateur

    Slim MathersSlim MathersVor 3 years
    • @gleison Santana danga

      Breno RodriguesBreno RodriguesVor 3 years
    • A minha moto e mais melhor bestalhado

      Breno RodriguesBreno RodriguesVor 3 years
  • To i kobiety w tym startują? Jestem miło zaskoczony..

    Andrzej KanigowskiAndrzej KanigowskiVor 3 years
  • Wow, so neat seeing the first 10 seconds of all these runs. (?????)

    Jeff WulfJeff WulfVor 3 years
  • f the french

    Tyler MenardTyler MenardVor 3 years
  • why that high. that trying to kill someone.

    Tyler MenardTyler MenardVor 3 years
  • lil wet lol...

    T LUCk COmpanyT LUCk COmpanyVor 4 years
  • Malcolm Smith would just RIDE the damn bikes back down!

    Yamaha SR650Yamaha SR650Vor 4 years
  • Why music?

    Dalton WitterDalton WitterVor 4 years
  • most boring hobby/sport ive ever seen

    adam smithadam smithVor 4 years
    • I sign up right now

      opoXIousopoXIousVor 3 years
    • +adam smith You've never done it. It's a "man's sport" but why the fuck the French are doing it, I'll never understand. TT500's RULE!

      Yamaha SR650Yamaha SR650Vor 4 years
  • it would be possible if it was not mudey

    856 Hayden856 HaydenVor 4 years
  • sa c'est de la cote

    nigrum angelusnigrum angelusVor 5 years
  • Moron

    Gary AussieGary AussieVor 5 years
  • u fuckin talkshu toouu muchcchhoooo

    Ray Low Peng HoeRay Low Peng HoeVor 6 years
  • the guy needs to stop talking so we can watch the video with out having to have a French lesson at the same time

    Cole WilsonCole WilsonVor 6 years
  • i stopped watch because of the french guy talking non-stop

    rspettigrewrspettigrewVor 6 years
    • me too

      Bill FigeleyBill FigeleyVor 5 years
  • I'm not even going to say my 478 would make it but it might now let me take my brute force up in 4x4 low gear I might not be fast but it will get there.

    Elliott EllisonElliott EllisonVor 6 years
  • Toni Bou, Aadm Raga, Fujinami, Cabestany..... they can do it with a simply TRIAL bike

    fer0243fer0243Vor 6 years
  • Why the fucking music ?????

    Kurtis LeeKurtis LeeVor 6 years
  • loko

    Thifane GabrielleThifane GabrielleVor 6 years
  • i bet ya a normal yz450f with a paddle tire would make it, or an ole cr500

    Bobby SmartBobby SmartVor 6 years
  • tu veux pas du goudron aussi,faineant

    robert haentjensrobert haentjensVor 6 years
  • shoot i can do it on my ktm 105 hold my juice

    brian shillingburgbrian shillingburgVor 6 years
  • damn i wouldn't even try that shit haha

    jordanidk2jordanidk2Vor 7 years
  • be a man an get a 2 stroke :)

    Rann ZimmerRann ZimmerVor 7 years
  • ten facet co pierdoli przez ten mikrofon mnie wkurwia.

    Sebastian SowaSebastian SowaVor 7 years
  • the music destroyed the video so bad...

    antiXxJohanssonantiXxJohanssonVor 7 years
  • Dommage! la musique et les commentaires trop longs, couvrent le son des motos et ne permettent pas la restitution de l'ambiance de ce type de spectacle. Merci quand même, car ça a l'air d'être pas mal du tout!

    Jean-Paul BALLANDJean-Paul BALLANDVor 7 years
  • the whole car tire with nails sticking out thing really isn't working in the slop

    modcitmodcitVor 7 years
  • These guys don't know how to hillclimb like we do in the states. I cleared Dickeyville's 600 foot hill on my old man's 886 triumph the Von Zipper when I was 12. Been racing hd's 2x that size since. I've never seen those weird back tires...Teraflex please.

    gunpowderjoe1gunpowderjoe1Vor 7 years
  • seems like a lot of bikes with no power, only a handfull sounded strong enough to really dig

    phansen100phansen100Vor 7 years
  • the 1. thing is to bring the bike up but the 2. thing is to bring the bike down :-)

    Homer94xXxHomer94xXxVor 7 years
  • Get rid of the music. The bikes are the best music ever.

    Augur CAugur CVor 7 years
  • chuck norris can do this on a unicycle

    caleb gomezcaleb gomezVor 7 years
  • i would love to see you climbing an almost 90% climb

    TheDidiwolf34TheDidiwolf34Vor 7 years
  • why do you put music over such a beautiful sound??? :(

    FliskoFliskoVor 7 years
  • take a bugy and you'l make it :)

    Brian LundBrian LundVor 7 years
  • Somebody should make a water slide of that hill

    Scott BeasleyScott BeasleyVor 7 years
  • i only watched the first minute before i realized how terrible of a video it was. no one flipped over backwards, they literally just fell

    Ryan ErskineRyan ErskineVor 7 years
  • When you see a stretched bike flipping over you can be sure the incline is insanely steep.

    SmalltimRSmalltimRVor 7 years
  • msot of these crashes are pathetic, these riders suck

    Ryan ErskineRyan ErskineVor 7 years
  • que merda é essa?

    Miguel BBMiguel BBVor 7 years
  • no wonder they dont make it they're all driving 2 wheeled sheds

    Henri McCarthyHenri McCarthyVor 7 years
  • put put hack sssskkkkkqkqqqqt *gathering flem* spthh le fru fru pineapple sezyou fraziounz se le le machina

    xTG0xxTG0xVor 7 years
  • at 2:00 i think it hurts

    Kristian StoyanovKristian StoyanovVor 7 years
  • Id rather climb that with a stock 250 or 500 2 stroke with no mods than use a souped up hill climb bike!

    85ccmaster85ccmasterVor 7 years
  • look me up and beat my ass

    Montana MorleyMontana MorleyVor 7 years
  • fuck

    Montana MorleyMontana MorleyVor 7 years
  • usa will show u how

    FullthrottleFullthrottleVor 7 years
  • after i saw the view from the top i realized why its so difficult looks much easier from the bottom

    petah333petah333Vor 7 years
  • Malcom Smith could ride up and down that thing no problem

    mtb7001mtb7001Vor 7 years
  • fuck the music

    DjAdam BradyDjAdam BradyVor 7 years
  • This just shows the french can't ride!

    Brian HunterBrian HunterVor 7 years
  • yep an orange nob!

    unreal22000unreal22000Vor 7 years
  • That man in the orange jacket is a nob

    James HughesJames HughesVor 7 years
  • Beaucoup de paroles, beaucoup d'images accélérées. Dommage, cela aurait pu être bien !!!

    Robert0551Robert0551Vor 7 years
  • this is good i just dont the the fricken talkinng.................

    Hunter SmithHunter SmithVor 7 years
  • new arrogation systems!

    motordude1234motordude1234Vor 7 years
  • djkbgviu fc iupioghtucf fdiuoh vhgghn hey hki

    roberte gomides das doresroberte gomides das doresVor 8 years
  • That's french for possible. Spells exactly the same and sounds very similar in both language. I'm sure you'll hear it now that you know.

    rundownaxerundownaxeVor 8 years
  • the 2 stroke bike made my day! and the 3 dislikes must be from Isaac Newton for seing that!

    alex1337bmalex1337bmVor 8 years
  • whats with the stupid rear fender??

    idarkie1idarkie1Vor 8 years
  • 2 stroke over the top @ 4:37 :)

    Paulie BPaulie BVor 8 years