Montée impossible Hill Climb à Arette (France)

Chaque année en août, et depuis 1984, se déroule à Arette (France, Pyrénées Atlantiques) une épreuve comptant pour le Championnat de France de Montée impossible, ou Hill Climb.
Désormais organisée par le Moto Club d'Arette.
Each year in August, and since 1984, is held in Arette (France, Pyrénées Atlantiques) a test counting for the Championship of France "montée impossible" (hill climb).
Now organized by the Moto Club d'Arette.
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Musique: Jon Liddell Music & Josh Woodman's Instrumentals

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  • Needs more shots of the top

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  • Shut up & drive.

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  • You frenchies do things your own way that's for sure. That hill is gonna have a valley through it in a few years. Cool machines

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  • These people could move to Kentucky and fit right in.

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  • Does anyone make it up this thing? just sayin

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  • First time I've seen someone beat that hill. That 8ft wall almost at the top where everyone crashes doesn't help!

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  • Alguien de Perú? 🇵🇪

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  • No one cares about the people around man. Give us the full view for each runs.

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    • Check out the videos of 2019 ;-)

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  • Enjoy these events but on this vid a few more cameras would have helped; telephoto lens at mid vid was added/used too late. Good vid though.

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    • Hello. You're right, I invite you to watch the 2019 version:

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  • Gee !! I am tired of the camera breaking to the crowd, I wanted to watch a hill climb ???

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    • @Keith D Maust C'est surtout moi qui décide ce que je fais de MA vidéo. ^^

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    • Agree - its a hill climb video not an art film!

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    • ;-)

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Montée impossible Hill Climb à Arette (France)