Modern Warfare 2 Remastered VS MW2 (What Has Changed?)

Today Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered was leaked on the German Playstation Network. So because of this we got a trailer and some gameplay for MW2 Remastered which is coming out tomorrow. This is going to be campaign only and cost around $30 USD. In this video we compare Modern Warfare 2 Remastered VS Orignal MW2 Trailer to see what has changed. Enjoy!


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  • Udt ghost i6

    Vicki LopezVicki LopezVor Tag
  • Muito bom este jogo parabéns nota 1000

    leandro teodoroleandro teodoroVor 14 Tage
  • there will be a muliplayer remarstered btw

    InterventionInterventionVor Monat
  • I already the bundle I spend 19.00 dollars on it and it is great and it comes with call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered

    Mr. RipperMr. RipperVor Monat
  • Why would I spend 20-30.00 on a game I played already

    t cont conVor Monat
  • guys MW 2019 only came out like 6 months ago, they're not gonna make multiplayer for atleast another 6-8 months

    Snow PawSnow PawVor Monat
  • “$30 for the us” but it’s actually “$19.99 on ps4”

    Lolie Gorman13Lolie Gorman13Vor Monat
  • anyone else notice how when shepherd shoots ghost in the old mw2 no blood squirt happens but in the new one there is one

    Calvin WigginsCalvin WigginsVor Monat

    Joseph HostenyJoseph HostenyVor Monat
  • I literally thought of this as a April Fools joke

    Lunar FangGamingLunar FangGamingVor Monat
  • So the only thing is that the graphics are better..

    Andrew EdwardsAndrew EdwardsVor Monat
  • Count the times he says tomorrow

    Rising ZombieRising ZombieVor Monat
  • the bundle comes with the game dumbass

    Victor IlievVictor IlievVor Monat
  • Inkslasher is way too Canadian

    Moo Moo milky ChocoMoo Moo milky ChocoVor Monat
  • 0:42 He got us

  • I prefer the original

    Redneck 69Redneck 69Vor Monat
  • You can see roach: 2:01 in the middle

    Gulu XanimGulu XanimVor Monat
  • ghost is probably the STAR of the MW franchise. maybe???

    E LLIE LLIVor Monat
  • I'm kinda mad about not getting to shoot the civilians because I bought the new remastered version already without knowing that and I just kinda wanted to experience the oh game and I feel like that makes it harder

    Texas CowboyTexas CowboyVor Monat
  • What kind of name is soap

    Magical Ace3871Magical Ace3871Vor Monat
  • Makes a comparison trailer with no actual new game footage for comparison

    Levi ClaassenLevi ClaassenVor Monat
  • It’s literally to show off the skin in call of duty warfare LIKE ARE YOU STUPID

    Jacob RichardsonJacob RichardsonVor Monat
  • it costs $20 in Texas

    SophreshousSophreshousVor Monat
  • So nobody gonna say nothing about roach always falling from buildings and stuff

    lavish life livinglavish life livingVor Monat
  • Tbh i don’t think they should remaster because mw2019 just came out and war zone game out and it wouldn’t make sense because people are just gonna switch to a new cod again but that’s my opinion

    Christopher IbanezChristopher IbanezVor Monat
  • I still have mw2 hardened edition since 2009 ,when I was 14 years old . I've beat mw2 campaign like 5 times and not interested buying the mw2 campaign remastered

    Gamers are cool RamirezGamers are cool RamirezVor Monat
  • 8:24 isn't this capt. price?

    zonelouisezonelouiseVor Monat
  • Reliving Shepard's betrayal now, but sooner or later mw3 will be remastered with us watching soaps death/ makerof death.

  • Bruh I just bought the go trilogy on xbox one since I played it on PS3 and to pass the time in quarantine and live up some of my childhood nostalgia and then I watch this and I'm like bruh

    Kye SmithKye SmithVor Monat
  • Inkslasher I a huge fan which is kind of surprising because I just started watching you I watched a lot of your story videos that I started watching multiplayer videos of yours than when I was trying to find videos on call of duty ghosts one of my favorite games I stumbled upon your modern warfare best worst call of duty and I noticed how you were practicing and working hard to get better and have a better kd I thought this is the way I will work hard on a game I like a lot to become better then my friend who started way before me and then to possibly pros. One night trying to complete a hard challenge, trying to get better, and having fun I came upon 5:00 am which was all because I was working so hard because of you and I just wanted to say thank you and if you can since we have the days of do you want to play and give me some pointer. Thank you for your time you are my inspiration

    Ivan_Provorov 4lifeIvan_Provorov 4lifeVor Monat
  • Now I want gears of war remastered

    Slav SlavaSlav SlavaVor Monat
  • Damn what an awful vid. You had option to not shoot anyone in no Russian in the original. And the end cutscence is clearly warzone gameplay

    sean murraysean murrayVor Monat
  • I bet they tried to release this game soon as possible because of the virus and make more money while people are self quarantined at home so just released the campaign while the whole game like multiplayer was still in progress

    I’m TrashI’m TrashVor Monat
  • Why no spec ops???????

    PrebstaroniPrebstaroniVor Monat
  • This game is a fucking piece

    Gilbert SicklerGilbert SicklerVor Monat
  • You can shoot the civvies

    SupadizSupadizVor Monat
  • You can shoot the civilians in no Russian just not in the german version

    Billy BobBilly BobVor Monat
  • Does he not know how to convert currency lmao? 30$?

    Spit FireSpit FireVor Monat
  • been waiting dfr this day for like 7 years now. amazing.

    Grayson MeltonGrayson MeltonVor Monat
  • You don’t have to shoot the civilians in no russian in the original mw2

    Big_Ivan18Big_Ivan18Vor Monat
  • What has changed? The platforms..

    Lee WhiteLee WhiteVor Monat
  • The way you pronounce “tomorrow” is the reason why I disliked this video

    Bryce CraneBryce CraneVor Monat
  • and also i missed a lot of inkslashers videos and twitch stearms

    Iman RahmanIman RahmanVor Monat
  • when i just want to see the call of duty modern warfare campaign because i just saw a video with that game when i want to type it to search it this video was in like the page so watch this video first than the trailer idk just a small story that i want to tell.

    Iman RahmanIman RahmanVor Monat
  • I hate this new modern warfare remastered all of the characters look retarded

    luke 654luke 654Vor Monat
  • Hey we have 12,000 signatures already! MW2 multiplayer already is finished we have to pressure them to get it, it's our last chance. Please sign and share.

  • Who doesn't love Simon Riley? Aka- Ghost.

    Vibhor wankhedeVibhor wankhedeVor Monat
  • Those first 1-2 games were revolutionary the graphs the gameplay everything was top notch then it just turned to same money-making machine, nothing new.

    1990hennesy1990hennesyVor Monat
  • It causes 20 dollars

    Shattered- WrlDShattered- WrlDVor Monat
    • I’m in jersey

      Shattered- WrlDShattered- WrlDVor Monat
  • *The 1st games Roach save scene looks 1,000 times better. It looks real. The new one looks like he was in a makeup chair 5 minutes before filming, then had the contrast boosted. You have no blood in your skin/color in your face in the cold. It looks stupid.*

    TʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇTʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇVor Monat
  • Has purchasing this been a problem for anyone?? Because every time I go to purchase the bundle it says my transaction can’t be completed and it’s not my card I know for a 100% fact I have currency on it not sure if it’s just because of how many people bought it or if there has been a store bug but I’m hoping someone can help/assist me on this problem

    steven johnsonsteven johnsonVor Monat
  • You could always not shoot the civilians in no Russian. Nothing new.

    Vincent WeinschenkVincent WeinschenkVor Monat
  • Bruuuuuuuuuuuh you can always not shoot the civilians

    JeebusJeebusVor Monat
  • I want to see a comparison of mw2 on pc max settings vs mw2 remastered. Just a thing im kinda curious about.

    JeebusJeebusVor Monat
  • you are using THE WORST looking mw2 footage ive ever seen to compare it to, dislike

    john mangusjohn mangusVor Monat
  • 20$

    E43E43Vor Monat
  • Yeah lets make only the cut scenes great but as far as actual game play and gun handling ehh just throw in cod 4 basics and skin mw2 weapons screw the audio and wing it. Geesh. I am baffled Infinity Ward deemed this an official "remaster", totally disrespected the greatest cod of all time.

    JukeStendoJukeStendoVor Monat
  • I can understand why people would want the classic skin but tbh I actually enjoy ghosts new look

    Dominic McGleishDominic McGleishVor Monat

    Josiah EasonJosiah EasonVor Monat
  • 2:55 this is footage taken from MW 2019 given the characters, namely operators Bale, Krueger, and Grinch

    MinimolTiepos / MTMinimolTiepos / MTVor Monat
  • Ah shit its time to destroy kids in rust

    ArG4ArG4Vor Monat
  • The way this guy says tomorrow 😂 “toemorow”

    Evncr 7Evncr 7Vor Monat
  • Guys I'm giving away a free access code for this game, subscribe to my channel!

    Sam TacticalXPSam TacticalXPVor Monat

    Young MicYoung MicVor Monat
  • Is this dude Canadian? The way he says his "O's" makes this unwatchable....

    RickDawg527RickDawg527Vor Monat
  • Ummm you were never forced to shoot the civilians in "No Russian", thats nothing new

    dang2592dang2592Vor Monat
  • So did they upgrade the physics to The new mw physics or is it just graphics upgrade

    momomomoVor Monat
  • If they remarster bo1 and bo2 im raiding activision headquarters

    ThinkbloxThinkbloxVor Monat
  • Nope $19.99 in the US plus weapons emblem calling card tier skips you know the normal shit, plus the game, finishing move ghost skin and weapon charm

    Melvin Brevard County McCoyMelvin Brevard County McCoyVor Monat
  • In the old German MW2 Version you are not able to shoot neither. It probably works in the US Version. :)

    sdasd sdsadasdsdasd sdsadasdVor Monat
Modern Warfare 2 Remastered VS MW2 (What Has Changed?)