MJF vs. Ashley Vox - Limitless Wrestling World Championship (Intergender, AEW Dynamite, Mixed)

MATCH: Limitless Wrestling World Championship: MJF (c) vs. Ashley Vox
EVENT: Hooked On A Friedman (5/10/19)
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  • Mjf is such a douche bag but I like his gimmick he doesnt give a fuck whether you love him or hate him

    KEVIN JonesKEVIN JonesVor 13 Tage
  • What a great match. Amazing beatdown of Ashley. Really like the way MJF just yanked her around by her hair!!

    RedSox911RedSox911Vor Monat
  • 24:47 YOU GO GIRL!

    Joy YounnisJoy YounnisVor Monat
    • hot as it gets

      john cranejohn craneVor Monat
  • This match blows me way across the room....WOW! This is what wrestling is about!

    Henry SeldonHenry SeldonVor Monat
  • OMG! Best wrestling match I've ever seen so far!

  • Mjf 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

    YudiYudiVor Monat
  • Sick disgusting ball busting fetish shit

    Jack WarnerJack WarnerVor Monat
  • Yet another physical mismatch. All to appease Feminazi Fantasy Island Retards. Not realistic and never will be so stop with the bullshit already.

    JJ HartJJ HartVor Monat
  • This is how wrestling should be!!!!! Impressive interaction with ppl around!

    ndf00ndf00Vor Monat
    • ndf00 no this is not what it should be. This is a farce and an insult to the fans and the male wrestlers who are forced to hold back and diminish their abilities and skills just to appease the lie of equality

      JJ HartJJ HartVor Monat
  • This is not good choosing pair

    Mdwasim AlamMdwasim AlamVor Monat
    • Both have to much different as boy ,weight fighting

      Mdwasim AlamMdwasim AlamVor Monat
    • What?

      LLVor Monat
MJF vs. Ashley Vox - Limitless Wrestling World Championship (Intergender, AEW Dynamite, Mixed)