MISS ANNITY | "Kiss And Make Up" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

Miss Annity's web is tightly wound with no room for error...will Jacob be wrapped in with the rest? You haven't seen the last of her... #MissAnnity
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Writer- Landon Stahmer
Writer - Halia Meguid
Director - Landon Stahmer
Producer - Byron Ashley
Producer - Amanda Hennessy
Producer - Ursula Ellis
Casting - Jami Rudofsky
Casting - Christy Faison
Concept Artist - Gary Bedell
1st AD - Carver Diserens
Director of Photography - Paul Houston
1st AC - Melissa Baltierra
2nd AC - Efrain Neftaly Pineda
Set Photographer - Kate Phillips
Production Department
PA - Arielle Tuzon
PA - Moe Alvarez
PA - Mike Wolfson
Stunt Coordinator -Jason Sanfilippo
Set Medic - Craig Marvin
Sound Mixer (Location) - Nico Pierce
Production Designer - Kristina Wong
Set Decorator - Christina Dial
Art Director - Denver Kotian
Costumer Designer - Jocelyn Kuan
Wardrobe Supervisor - YooJin Chung
Gaffer - Dijon Herron
Key Grip - Matthew Cole
Creature Fabricator - Nelson Cooper
SFX Dept. Head - Nelson Cooper
Key Makeup Artist - Faina Rudshteyn
Makeup Artist - Brittany Turpen
Editor/VFX - Landon Stahmer
Color Correction - Landon Stahmer
Supervising Sound Editor - Alexander Verbitskiy
Composer - Matthew St. Laurent
Foley Artist - Álvaro Aparicio
Foley Assistant - Vanessa Chuquiure
Dialogue Editor - Matthew Larson
Principal Cast
Miss. Annity - Kerstin Porter
Jacob - Michael J. Marchak
Billy - Charles Curtice
Dan - David Beaudrie
Melissa - Michelle Holland
News Anchor - Dana Weddell
Background #1 - Anthony Cotoia
Background #2 - Shamin Shukkoor
Background #3 - Scassi
Background #4 - Jenna Reilly
Background #5 - Therese Lentz
Co-Executive Producer Jeremy Elliott
Developed By Jasmine Johnson
Supervising Producer Terilynn Troxell
Production Supervisor Anthony Mugnolo
Production Legal Meghan Moroney
Production Accounting Matthew Taylor
Khidhr Applewhite
Mac Beauvais
Derek Bloom
Dane Eckerle
Brendon Holl
Adam Huebner
Gabriel A. Montoya
Alyssa Onofreo
Dev Sheth
Kevin Shih

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  • Let us know if you think we should make more episodes of Miss Annity! 😈

    Crypt TVCrypt TVVor 3 Monate
    • I love these episodes it shows great Gore even if your a DE-visions channel and it looks like your hinting at what miss anntity is

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    • Yes, this is 1 of your biggest original monsters yet, just slightly below the Look-See

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  • I would hit him too with that ugly shade of eyeshadow :* so not fittin

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  • Too much symbolism for my small brain.

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  • People have said it once and I say it now, NOTHING DESERVES THAT MANY LEGS AND EYES

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  • Person: "Hit Me" James Charles: ur uncivilized

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  • Is it just me or did that dad deserve to be killed?

    Listen2MuzikListen2MuzikVor 17 Stunden
  • I crapped meself

    Ryan OxleyRyan OxleyVor 17 Stunden
  • The Look-See would be perfect in this situation.. Wait, is this character gay? I like his artistic choices.

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  • I like miss annety

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  • Fucking shit what in the world?

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  • I am concerned about my recommendations

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  • White people always makes the dumbest choices ever unlike black people who go “nope!” In a situation like this

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  • Trump: "Make America great again!" Crypt TV: "Nope"

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  • I'd be like a possessed nutcase if that thing came in my house....I'd fight to my last breath 😉😉

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  • amazing movie

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  • He doesn’t even question the spider

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  • Blackpink and Dua Lipa kiss and make up music video😂😂😂

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  • Fuck you that was scary, subscribed

    Oyama ToayeiOyama ToayeiVor 2 Tage
  • Miss Annity is actually Look-see female version, looks like Miss Annity lost this fight, it was so cute when i saw him hugging the bully

    新 ドラゴン新 ドラゴンVor 3 Tage
  • Yo keep up the great work crypt!

    ŶËËTŶËËTVor 3 Tage
  • Arachnophobias: this is a good video _clicks_ later Arachnophobias: i’m out

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  • absurd

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  • scary vid grat life lesson forgivenes and acseptance are the only way

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  • To deep for me

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  • When I saw Kiss and Makeup I thought it was Blackpink And Dua Lipa Lol

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  • No matter what people tell you be yourself don’t follow society in being normal be you

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  • You're a serious frickin weirdo man

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  • Começo

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  • Love thy enemy. So incredibly hard to do when you deal with so many years of abuse from others. I rather just feed my monster, my enemies although, my monster also feeds on me like a cancer. The wise Indian said, we have two wolves inside of us. One good, and one bad, The one that grows strong is the one we choose to feed. Great video by the way!! 🕷😊👍🐺

    MissKittyUtube **MissKittyUtube **Vor 4 Tage
  • So is this saying love who u are ..? Or love yourself

  • OH is there a monster that protect the gay Future me: Nope

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  • Why I HATE spiders!!

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  • fucking hate homophobes. Men and their masculinity

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  • If I saw Miss Annity I would burn my apartment and run away. I honestly hate spiders but i decided to watch this because I like Crypt TVs various monsters.

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  • wait- if you hate yourself miss annity kills you? that’s actually good- it would teach you to love yourself for who you are ig

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  • Who saw Peter from baby on board at the end

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  • Baya peliculón

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  • Oo my god

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  • No entendi una mierda

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  • I'm starting to notice a pattern. Miss Annity seems to go after those who are forced to or are forcing others to fit society's stereotypical standards. The father dies in the first video because he is forced to take on the stereotypical fatherly role: to work and provide for the family, rather than stay home to take care of his wife and child. In this video a young man is beaten for wearing makeup, presenting more feminine instead of stereotypically masculine. His father (clearly traditional and maybe homophobic) chastises him for wearing makeup and this makes the son insecure. Miss Annity visits and creates a manifestation of the man's tormentor from earlier on, who tells him to "hit him" and prove his masculinity. He eventually realizes that he's being forced to be someone he isn't, and his embracing his authentic and true self wards off Miss Annity. His father isn't so lucky however, as shown when his son finds him dead in the living room.

    ida lorraineida lorraineVor 6 Tage
  • ;;👽🆑㊙️㊗️🉐

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  • Annity simply means anxiety, the show is all about people having anxiety on everything around them, it shows anxiety on becoming who you really are so don't be afraid to show who you are

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  • Why was i really expecting the katy perry song

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  • 1st time watching Miss Annity. Spider lady is a great creepy character. Well done as always Crypt TV.

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  • рнгггшггшшшш888888888887665431234567890--=============ъ85205185458545525526696696655тпфцвсампиртоьлбвецускмачымыапниртгмтоьбл

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  • I was heart-warmed untill the end :'> Still amazing though!

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  • Who else is not on full screen?

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  • Helen, Helen Annity. I feel bad that she became such a horrifying monster after her death but spiders are one of the most helpful and beautiful creatures on this planet.

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  • Please age restricted this

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  • I mean. To be honest he looks like shit with his makeup on

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  • Woke horror. Oh God help us.

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  • :'(

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  • Bitch be sneaky as F! She'll bite you and put you in her nest(menagerie), rendering you nothing but a withered husk.

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MISS ANNITY | "Kiss And Make Up" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film