Mimi x Malone - Misunderstood (Music Video)

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Musical.ly: realfunniflix
Verse 1
I can’t believe what I just heard
Thought that we were best friends
Now she kicked me to the curb
Is it something that I did?
Cause I would say sorry if I knew what it is
I’ve never seen her act this way
Or say these kinda things, guess something has changed
I gotta think of something real quick
To make it go back to before, gotta fix this!
Pre Chorus
Walking on eggshells
What did I do?
What did I do?
Don’t know the right thing to say - to say
All I know is I would change it if I could
Maybe I misunderstood
I’m just tryna have a good day - good day
All I know is I would change it if I could
Maybe I misunderstood
Verse 2
Something really weird is going on today
With my baby sister, she’s acting strange
Every time I turn around she’s hiding out
And when I try to walk up, she runs away!
Plus it’s been the worst day
Nothing’s going my way
Didn’t know what I did
To deserve this, strange
Oh well I can’t worry
‘Bout that now! No I can’t be
Pre Chorus
Walking on eggshells
What did I do?
What did I do?
Don’t know the right thing to say - to say
All I know is I would change it if I could
Maybe I misunderstood
I’m just tryna have a good day - good day
All I know is I would change it if I could
Maybe I misunderstood

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  • Little sisters: do you want to play with me? Older sisters: No I'm going to my friends house Two hours later Little sister: do you want to play now? Older sister: I am I'm playing on my phone Little sister: ugh your so mean

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  • When your little sister starts crying it wants to make me cry o Mimi your so pretty and your little sister are so pretty

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    • Oscar Muniz that's not actually sisters

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Mimi x Malone - Misunderstood (Music Video)