Mike Tyson was ROBBED against Roy Jones Jr. but he is GOOD with that, MMA Pros reacts, Dana White

Mike Tyson was ROBBED against Roy Jones Jr. but he is GOOD with that, MMA Pros reacts, Dana White
- Pros react after Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. results in a draw.
- Dana White reacts to Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition bout.
- Roy Jones Jr. reacts following exhibition bout with Mike Tyson.
- Mike Tyson reacts following controversial draw against Roy Jones Jr.
- MMA Community reacts to Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

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  • UFC 4 - TOP 20 KNOCKOUTS: de-visions.com/detail/video-Kzk4jt5OcWs.html

  • They were trying to be nice to each other. But the organizers, the judges, and the commentators were all a complete joke and should be ashamed of themselves.

    Yolo SwagginsYolo SwagginsVor 19 Tage
  • Really watch the match you don’t need to be expert to know that mike won

    mars3579mars3579Vor 20 Tage
  • The contract is a draw.they also said before the fight

    Allan BudadenAllan BudadenVor 21 Tag
  • Hehehe thats how to make money..

    Allan BudadenAllan BudadenVor 21 Tag
  • Where is this beat

    Corbin MillerCorbin MillerVor 21 Tag
  • If they weren't wearing such big gloves Mike would have knocked him out easy

    Philly JillPhilly JillVor 28 Tage
  • Your suppose to be friend and you don't know his age🤔 tyson is 54 Dana not 56

    GmanGmanVor Monat
  • I think as Tyson has gotten older he has grown better with controlling his anger

    Leyton NcLeyton NcVor Monat
  • Damn mikes 55 Roy is 50 imagine mike was 50 too same age, Tyson would’ve knocked him out twice. Back to back.

    german delarivagerman delarivaVor Monat
  • Good fight entertaining

    David MelletDavid MelletVor Monat
  • Tyson Tyson Tyson!!💜

    Bacha BehsudiBacha BehsudiVor Monat
  • Roy Jones face in the thumbnail says it all lmao 😆😆

    smokeyD 420smokeyD 420Vor Monat
  • This fight took place in wrong time 😭 I mean both fighters deserve the crowd 😭

    Aniket BelsareAniket BelsareVor Monat
  • it was an exhibition boxing match, who the fuck was robbed?

    IcanohzylIcanohzylVor Monat
  • I'm cool with draw ! 🤣🤣🤣

    Tobore LewisTobore LewisVor Monat
  • I think Mike is proof you can have a 2nd prime?

    Pj RuprechtPj RuprechtVor Monat
  • Iron Mike Tyson wins.

    Anti- HeroAnti- HeroVor Monat
  • Mike won the fight

    Rays SunRays SunVor Monat
  • When Mike is cool with it. Everyone cool with it

    punk headpunk headVor Monat
  • Only now we can say Mike is something else entirely.

    TexanGamerTexanGamerVor Monat
  • de-visions.com/detail/video-D4E5gAqEGSw.html

  • Tyson is a better person

    Adam EcholsAdam EcholsVor Monat
  • Nobody was robbed, this stupid. Super show, excellent, two legends

    Doctor OneDoctor OneVor Monat
  • I wonder if Tyson still supports communist dictators?...

    Liberty AirbrushingLiberty AirbrushingVor Monat
  • Ge is 54

    Dero TorosyanDero TorosyanVor Monat
  • Thank you fighters respect and jour kids can be proud

    le triopsle triopsVor Monat
  • Mike Tyson was most definitely holding back. Notice how Mike didn't really go for any uppercuts or hard head shots. Mike did mostly body shots to Roy

    Mr KarateMr KarateVor Monat
  • the draw was written in the contract RJJ disputing the draw was also part of the plan ... as was having two belts awarded to both fighter's on the night...

    Joe AngelJoe AngelVor Monat
  • It wasn't about that! It wasn't about ego. They were doing it for humanitarian reasons

    Wave RiderWave RiderVor Monat
  • Tyson won the fight. Yes Jones was active but tyson landed the more solid hitting punches. The body shots alone made him win the fight. A draw!!! Lol thats just for future references just incase

    Kevin MacGillivaryKevin MacGillivaryVor Monat
  • anyone,,,, mikes not 56???? today fight

    outdoors 1221outdoors 1221Vor Monat
  • I show a papa 🐻 fight with a fluffy huge 🐻 ,,, 😂😂

    Bhaskar BarmanBhaskar BarmanVor Monat
  • Man after what that ufc fighter said. I absolutely want Mike Tyson to fight the best young and fastest fighter right now and drop his shit man. Or I wanna see Mike and Floyd finally fight

  • NGL this fight reminded me a lot of the KSI vs Logan first fight man. Where Logan kept taunting and laughing as if KSI was nothing to him, and Roy did the same shit to Mike this fight. But we know deep down that the bitch was fucking scared to death of Mike and that’s exactly why he clenched the whole entire fight

  • Wasn't robbed, 20lbs is a big difference.

    spybotistspybotistVor Monat
  • Dana, they didn't make any money, the money was for a thing human beings call 'charity'. I hope this concept doesn't drive you crazy. Also, your good friend Mike Tyson is 54 not 56.

    Who The Hell Is HarvyWho The Hell Is HarvyVor Monat
  • 10 million for that dance 3 million for the other guy i would fight Mike for 3 mill what a joke !!!

  • "He's a good friend of mine" Doesn't even know his age....

    JoDaGamesJoDaGamesVor Monat
  • To all that fight .......these Gangstas are over 50.....wtf people step your games up homies..Iron mike god damn Sir.you are a ripped son of a gun..no excuses people no more missing weight ..these grandpas whooped your asses in heart and physique...hats off Master Tyson and Master Jones..god damn tysons a war god and Roy....you know its sore bro..but full credit dogg

    Dos DahrkDos DahrkVor Monat
  • Inaugurated or not Biden will not be president!

    magahead2020magahead2020Vor Monat
  • who didnt know it was going to be a draw? That was literally the easiest prediction i ever made

    Austin AllenAustin AllenVor Monat
  • Wasn’t robbed - got 10 mil

    Pawel WisniewskiPawel WisniewskiVor Monat
  • It was an exhibition. Nobody got robbed. The draw was out of respect to both fighters. Everyone knows Tyson won. Even Roy knows Tyson won! LOL

    AnthovisionAnthovisionVor Monat
  • Lmao Jones said he thought his 6pack was enough... lmfao what body is he looking at ?? Jones was covering his belly up when he said that cuz he has a jelly roll not a 6 pack

  • Roy Jones only had to last the 8 rounds to be awarded a draw , he just about managed to do that but wouldn't have if Mike hadn't gone easy on him

    G WG WVor Monat
    • BIG FACTZ!!!

      TheLoc0TheLoc0Vor Monat
  • he was not robbed,there was nothing to rob. Both legends,and i hope they realise that it cant work at this stage in their lives

    graham kellygraham kellyVor Monat
  • no one has respect for roy ya hes not the same but back in the day this woulda been a great fight roy is one of the best boxers of all time he deserves respect for hugging mike for all those round comment section is retarded none of you would walk in a wring with mike and if you would probly hug the fuck out of him tooo who wants to get hit by mike come on now

    Marc PoirierMarc PoirierVor Monat
  • Oh FFS... Robbed? It wasn’t even a professional bout. Talk about exaggerating to get views.

    biggun130974biggun130974Vor Monat
  • 54.

    Steven E MurphySteven E MurphyVor Monat
  • Tyson won plain and simple. Twice as many hits as jones. Tyson did WIN BY POINTS not to mention jones couldn't even keep up with Tyson he kept running away. Lol👊

  • Tyson vs Lewis next!

    ChrisChrisVor Monat
  • Exhibition. What don’t you understand?

    Chris WheelerChris WheelerVor Monat
  • Hands down Tyson won that fight! However they both were great sportsman about it:-) 👍👊😎

    Mark McCormickMark McCormickVor Monat
  • Mike: Let's fight! Roy: No, Let's dance!

    Nic EagleNic EagleVor Monat
  • Ali is rolling in his grave

    Christobal EspinosaChristobal EspinosaVor Monat
  • Who missed Dubois and Joe Joyce Fight because they were mad? DUBOIS VS JOE JOYCE FULL FIGHT AND REACTION de-visions.com/detail/video-GYQ5IZ92mOs.html

    Dj RHINO InternationalDj RHINO InternationalVor Monat
  • throw him some money and he'll make his grandpa fight!

    MQ BoxingMQ BoxingVor Monat
  • Mark hunt vs Dana white now that would make me a fan again. Who all would pay to see that one?

    Randy PerkinsRandy PerkinsVor Monat
  • DE-visions "Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones ROUND 1 - DE-visions" WATCH FULL FIGHT HERE!

    fanbase TVfanbase TVVor Monat
  • Roy the hugger

    Skeptical FanSkeptical FanVor Monat
  • Mike gained two years fighting roy

    Toby SutherlandToby SutherlandVor Monat
  • You guys need to relax, it was just an exhibition fight. Tuesday - December 1, 2020.

    Samoa MoniSamoa MoniVor Monat
  • roy said he hated a draw and then he remembered how hard mike hit him and said he's good with a draw

    Joel SchmiererJoel SchmiererVor Monat
  • Nobody gets robbed during and exhibition! For a while they were not even going to judge the fight.

    William KeyesWilliam KeyesVor Monat
  • I Love Tyson, But I still Say George Foreman would fuck him up.

    Ricky SwansonRicky SwansonVor Monat
  • Tyson deff won that...

    Blazze WalkerBlazze WalkerVor Monat
  • Juges failed in many fights but people know who are the winners of every rubbery fights.

    Ma Reen UnasMa Reen UnasVor Monat
  • Legends never die hats off to our greatest and kind hearted heroes to both @Mike and Roy... God bless your families endlessly....

    Abo Kaz Naga Prince CharmingAbo Kaz Naga Prince CharmingVor Monat
  • Roy Jones was extremely happy with Draw cause inside in his heart he knows Tyson has won, but didn't gave up.

    Jam BoxJam BoxVor Monat
Mike Tyson was ROBBED against Roy Jones Jr. but he is GOOD with that, MMA Pros reacts, Dana White