• Not currently in Japan! Just some old footage from my last trip to Japan back in 2019 #StayAtHome :)

    Matt StonieMatt StonieVor 2 Monate
    • uh jeff k

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    • I actually thought he was doing this during corona but no

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    • 😷 bruh

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    • 来てくれてありがとう

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    • Hi narouto

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  • My brother is on the spectrum, too. You're a good dude. I know it isn't easy.

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  • 3:57 oww my it almost fell in the ramen.

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  • Ayyyyy

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  • Lmao abroad in Japan did the same thing

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  • *Naruto has entered the chat*

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  • 1:17 Is that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mural?

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  • Pause at 2:49 look at how happy he is

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  • Poor Morgan. I now how he feels, Matt you are something out of this world 😂

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  • 29.40 sec was Morgan possessed by Matt 🤔

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  • Way too much bean sprouts

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  • 3:55 whaaat

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  • Japanese people love eating

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  • Um, Corona virus?

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  • Corona!!

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  • Your friend wasn't even competing. He js actually taking his sweet time enjoying the food.

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  • Morgan sucks just leave him out of all this.

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  • Looks yummy 😫

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  • Man, your face don't look healthy..please take care of yourself

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  • Coold Matt beat naruto in a ramen contest?

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  • 日本人〜〜〜🙋🏻‍♀️

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  • Matt stoni: walks in restaurant:stonks

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  • 5:05 what did he just say

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  • Tam już w tamtym roku maseczki nosili :D

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  • Naruto punching the air rn

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  • Idk why i watched this now im in for some bomb ramen right now

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  • اين قوم العررررب 🔥🔥🔥🔥 دخلت لانو اذكرت ناروتو 🍥 اينننن الاوتاكو 💃🏻🦋

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  • corona woyy

  • الي عربي لايك💗👍

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  • Adam sen yiyene kadar acıktı 😅😅

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  • 日本に来てたんですね!嬉しいです!

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  • Naruto watching you....

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  • 3:57 Good job my friend

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  • Wait how come he speaks Japanese? Is he by any chance part Japanese?

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  • 箸の使い方が上手!

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  • You should go to Malaysia to try big nasi lemak or roti canai

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  • I suck with chop sticks but dang t

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  • Goku has some competition

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  • Nice challenge

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  • Ramen ramen ramen

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  • i hate pork

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  • Covid19

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  • Adipol i😋😋

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  • Matt walks into a restaurant Owner: omg no, gosh please no

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  • How you get all the money from !!!

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  • 4:13 go to 0.25 speed and look at his nose

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  • 😷 bruh

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  • Corona 🤣🤣

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  • 2:31 hahaha look at the back team panot lol Im a filipino

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  • Try to eat something healthy

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  • Haram

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  • 箸使うの上手くね

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  • Hey #mattstonie I challenge you to come India and finish World's biggest food thali who's made "aaoji khaoji" resturant in pune,India. Go & check out about my challenge...

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  • Nothing beats ichiraku ramen 🍜 🍥

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  • Já da pra competir com o Naruto

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  • ok I’m sorry but if you zoom into his nose doe 3:56

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  • 弟のモーガン君も撮影で兄貴のチャレンジを見てたり、たまに付き合って食べてるから、やっぱそこそこ食うね笑

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  • 野郎ラーメンか、マットも二郎系の洗礼を受けたんじゃないかな笑 しかし、こうしてマットの様な大物フードファイターが、日本でチャレンジしてくれるのは嬉しい事。

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  • That "Team Panot" at the back. Only Filipino knows 😂

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  • らめん❌ ラーメン⭕

    りあたそりあたそVor 11 Tage
  • 3:57 watch the nose 🤮

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  • Wasn't expecting Paul McCartney to be playing when these guys walked into the restaurant 😮😍

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  • This video was made on my birthday cool

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  • eat ramen so upset that you could beat naruto as well!

  • 3:57 look at big ass booger that came out lmao 🤣

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  • Morgans so stoned always hahaha

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  • I think I'd be faster than Morgan, especially when I'm hungry. I'm a 6 ft eating monster.

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  • "Team Panot" that's Filipinos 100%

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