Making a Glowing Deep Space Themed Ring from Spirograph Damascus Steel

In today's video Patrick Adair designs a glowstone ring made of an incredible material called Spirograph Damascus Steel. Damascus steel is when you forge multiple types of steel together in order to create interesting patterns. It's a fairly basic concept, but in order to create beautiful patterns and a rod that actually holds together, it requires an insane amount of patience and experience.
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Vegas Forge creates this beautiful exotic materials and they were nice enough to send us the Spirograph Damascus Steel to make this video.
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    Patrick Adair DesignsPatrick Adair DesignsVor year
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  • That is amazing. Been watching several videos, and those are amazing rings. Never knew people could do something like this before I saw your channel.

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  • the process of making is superboring, but the rings look cool

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    • I've been thinking about starting a DE-visions channel (I don't even know why I have any subscribers, without videos) like CodeBullet, of the process I go through for making custom tech ( I build literally, "anything to do anything" ) for customers. The clones that don't require a NDA.

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Making a Glowing Deep Space Themed Ring from Spirograph Damascus Steel