Making a Glowing Deep Space Themed Ring from Spirograph Damascus Steel

In today's video Patrick Adair designs a glowstone ring made of an incredible material called Spirograph Damascus Steel. Damascus steel is when you forge multiple types of steel together in order to create interesting patterns. It's a fairly basic concept, but in order to create beautiful patterns and a rod that actually holds together, it requires an insane amount of patience and experience.
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Vegas Forge creates this beautiful exotic materials and they were nice enough to send us the Spirograph Damascus Steel to make this video.
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    Patrick Adair DesignsPatrick Adair DesignsVor year
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      Mike cpuncMike cpuncVor year
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      Immortal gamerImmortal gamerVor year
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  • Absolutely beautiful. Amazing work!

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  • i am sorry but it looks shit after the acid before the acid it looked really good

    Marc BMarc BVor 7 Monate
  • Amazing workmanship and your concepts of mixing both like and contrasting materials have an amazing compliment to each other! I just have a question requiring your knowledge, experience, and your opinion. In reference to the ring(s) made of Damascus steel, one of the final steps that you have shown is etching, followed by some sanding to highlight the raised metal that was more durable against the acid etching solution. Your final product , this ring anyhow, has a raw, bold, masculine thoughnes to it that absolutely makes it a work of art! you could study that ring for hours and remain intrigued by the details and materials that work so well together! How would gold flaking stand up to the etching process? I'm guessing not well, but your experience would know better, and for a simpler, more regal finish, if the valley for the inlay were to have less machining, and a shallower depth, how do you think gold flaking would look as a contrast to the Damascus steel, applied after the acid etch? so, ring complete as a blank, etched, then gold flaking used in the valley, followed by some sanding to highlight the raised ridges, and a sealer such as ca glue to protect the gold flake work. sorry for the long winded question, your answers will be greatly appreciated! BTW, I have not tried to make a ring as of yet, but with transferable skills, your videos as a guide, I feel that would be something that could be a rewarding hobby. Your videos and the explanations/reasons for steps/processes is second to no other I have seen! Amazing job, and please keep up the great work. Thanks again for the amazing video!!!

    jason fitzpatrickjason fitzpatrickVor 7 Monate
    • The gold should hold up as muriatic acid won’t effect it as long as it’s 10k gold or higher (the higher the better). I think it’d look beautiful!

      Patrick Adair DesignsPatrick Adair DesignsVor 7 Monate
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Making a Glowing Deep Space Themed Ring from Spirograph Damascus Steel