Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019

You’re watching Madonna and Quavo’s performance of “Future” and Madonna’s performance of “Like A Prayer/Dark Ballet” from Eurovision.
Listen to ‘Madame X’:
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  • Who find this entertaining for the love of god? She's doing anything but singing and entertaining people she's here to announce political agendas ..

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  • Ну и как всегда вопрос: что эти больные неадекваты пытались этим донести: где войну планируют? На Украине?

    Юлия ЮлияЮлия ЮлияVor Tag
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  • All I have to say is that guy Future has zero talent which coincides with his name since the music industry has become all about looks and image and has nothing to do with talent. The guy was literally just talking into a mic with some Auto-tune and literally anyone can do that! Its damn near shameful! And the COVID symbolism is very odd! Clearly she has aligned herself with some very bad people and its why she is the material girl that is driven by vanity and cares so much about her looks and image instead of her MESSAGE! She pretends like she cares for her image, its all vanity, because if she had a good message it would be far different than what we are seeing right now! The sad thing about all these stars, the secret societies, etc is that they think they know, like all arrogant humans do, but one day, they are going to face the fact they are just like everyone else, and when death comes knocking, we all will have to wonder what's beyond that door, and what we all have etched into the stone of eternity, which can only be written with on with our actions, and these actions cannot be erased, which is why people must choose wisely in this life. Things aren't ever what they seem, and this is what humility teaches us all, to be humble, and aware, which is exactly why its important for everyone to see the message she is pushing here, because its dark and negative....

    Brent Corvalan 'student'Brent Corvalan 'student'Vor 2 Tage
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  • Um deleite para qualquer pessoa sensível! Ainda mais para quem fez História como eu. Impecável apresentação, cheia de representações existenciais, incluindo ela, que parece um sintagma falando com o tempo enquanto que o outro cantor representa o tempo presente (dando um alerta de que a direção da vida para o futuro ainda pode ser mudada e para melhor)! MADONNA, uma artista singular do nosso tempo!!!!! :) Só pra constar, esse álbum foi lançado no ano passado em 14 de junho de 2019, bem antes da COVID-19. Então, por gentileza, não interpretem a posteriori... A arte agradece!

    marcinhabichinhomarcinhabichinhoVor 2 Tage
    • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      Sr. ThanosSr. ThanosVor 2 Tage
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  • Madame SataniX...

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  • Autotune cant fix everything

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    • Yeah same

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  • Nice bit of predictive programming there Madonna 🖕

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    Teta- TetTeta- TetVor 4 Tage
Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019