Live coverage of George Floyd protests in Sacramento

Sacramento Bee journalists continue to cover the fallout from the Minneapolis, Minn. police killing of George Floyd.
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    Shauka HodanShauka HodanVor Monat
  • the cam goes off any time protesters get out of line wouldn't want to help cops bust the trouble makers

    Rick TRick TVor Monat
  • Sam Stanton, my 12 year old makes better streaming videos then you do.

    Tom TerrificTom TerrificVor Monat
    • Will there be live coverage tonight (Monday)?

      Shauka HodanShauka HodanVor Monat
  • Peace on the left and justice on the right! For George Floyd🙌🙏😪 I can't beathe. #BLM👊

    Tamara OliphantTamara OliphantVor Monat

    Ben McConnellBen McConnellVor Monat
  • These acts of violent are absolutely stupid.... I know people are upset but people are burning buildings and looting now because they can be! They tested the waters up where he got killed, and now everyone’s doing it because grown ADULTS are like children. Children test people to see how far they can go without getting in trouble.... good job citizens of America.... the end of things draws near... “brother will be against brother... sister will be against sister....” this wholly rally is not “civil rights” it’s not even CIVIL ... you’re hurting others and killing others and now their families are broken too..... can you really call it a color rights movement if it’s not civil?

    Hailey LeFeversHailey LeFeversVor Monat
    • How would you suggest that people get police reform? It's not civil what's been going on against black communities.

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
  • Thanks to SacPD! We need more arrests. These "oppressed" ppl need to feel some real oppression, just so they know what it's like. The moment the looting, blocking of public highways, and burning has taken place, they have lost all credibility.

    Paul Z.Paul Z.Vor Monat
    • You think that you kept your credibility by saying "people need to feel some real oppression"? It's amazing how people feel like people deserve to be hurt, maimed, or killed once property is damaged. Yet it seems unthinkable to them that people might decide to harm property because they're being hurt, maimed, and killed!

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
  • Protesting for this hoax! If you watch the full video of his arrest, there were COPS in bullet proofs vests who came out of the ambulance truck. NO REAL EMT'S WERE ON THE SCENE. THERES ALOT MORE BUT THIS IS JUST ONE THING TO POINT OUT. THEY ARE ACTORS!!! NO ONE DIED....THEY WANT TO START A RACE WAR. DON'T FALL FOR IT. THEY DO THIS EVERY ELECTION YEAR

    applebugapplebugVor Monat
  • God bless us all

    Lisa RodriguezLisa RodriguezVor Monat
  • This BS is why Trump is getting his re-election

    Josh BrunkeJosh BrunkeVor Monat
  • Dear precious one, the best way to effectively connect with Jesus Christ is through prayer. Please join me in praying the following prayer....Beautiful Savior, I am your servant. Please help me to live in Your love and be a blessing to someone today. I love you, Jesus! Please, guide me to all who need help, so I may share with them Your Holy Word and the light of Your Love. To show, Kindness, to those who don't know warmth. Love, to those who are stoned of heart. Peace, to those in strife and conflict. To be a light to Your Love, for those who are lost. To help restore Faith, to those who are held by strongholds. To call upon Your mighty mighty name my Lord. So You and only You can deliver them, from their self built prison walls, of their heart, mind, body and soul. Only You and You alone, Lord, can set us free. We trust You, we love You, we honor You, and we worship You. In Your Holy name Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) we pray! Thank you Lord. Amen! ❤️❤️❤️

    msdogoodermsdogooderVor Monat
    • Amen

      Bash LatuBash LatuVor Monat
    • Beautiful!

      Matilda JonesMatilda JonesVor Monat

    sentinelsentinelVor Monat
  • Why don’t people protest when a person kills black *cats* on Halloween? And that, unlike this, we *know* they do because the cats are black. And why don’t they protest when a woman gets raped? People just call her a liar and say she was asking for it.

    Natile Ze CrakidileeNatile Ze CrakidileeVor Monat
    • Because she wasn't dehumanized for 400 years. Wasn't a slave, wasn't lynched, and wasn't viewed by the world as dumb.

      Zouder strikerZouder strikerVor Monat

    MiiMiiMiiMiiVor Monat
  • I am behind this movement 100%. Could we please get better speakers than the guy talking about "you feel me my n***a" and dropping profanities every third word?

    Jay NickJay NickVor Monat
  • My hometown. Everyone please be safe

    Elastic mind24Elastic mind24Vor Monat
  • Are people still protesting in sac right now??

    auroramanriquezauroramanriquezVor Monat

    Marie JonesMarie JonesVor Monat
  • Will there be live coverage tonight (Monday)?

    Marci SpaffordMarci SpaffordVor Monat
  • Police supposed to bring out feelings of friendliness and respect from the people. Instead they created the feeling of fear and intimidation Bc they forgot to be public servants and became above the law bosses of the people.

    arajoainaarajoainaVor Monat
  • Where is everyone? I've just hit the city.

    Robert DyerRobert DyerVor Monat
    • There is a curfew dumba$$

      Top CommentTop CommentVor Monat
  • that’s not call protest ... they are doing crime now ... they stealing 😢

    Dear Queen1090Dear Queen1090Vor Monat
    • Thats a blantet lie

      KL SoundsKL SoundsVor Monat
  • Police supposed to be the servants of people. Instead they think of themselves as above the law bosses of people. They supposed to work to create feelings of friendliness and respect from the people. Instead they created the feeling of fear and intimidation. There must be a complete overhaul of police. They first take away their guns and just give them tasers and batons.

    arajoainaarajoainaVor Monat
  • I think black and white people are friends now! #ALLLIVESMATTER

    Jonathan ComptonJonathan ComptonVor Monat
  • Our world is fine!

    Jonathan ComptonJonathan ComptonVor Monat
  • China and Russia are laughing their asses off and are picking which states they want when it's all over .

    The ambassador of the divided States of AmericaThe ambassador of the divided States of AmericaVor Monat
    • US is Blue Eyes White Dragon, China/Russia is just Dark Magician.

      Otsel ChopsOtsel ChopsVor Monat
    • lol the fact you think either of them (or even combined) can match our military strength + our allies is a joke lol

      peasanttpeasanttVor Monat
  • You know every country out there is licking their lips like the vultures they are to pull a Red Dawn on us they will wait til we are at our weakest moment then strike to take control of the country and make us their bitches just wait and watch it will happen in the fall or winter and before new year's we will all be under the communist regime.

    The ambassador of the divided States of AmericaThe ambassador of the divided States of AmericaVor Monat
  • Bring in the Water Cannons and mowe these scumbags down. Of course their going back to work today because they dont work. Losers

    Bryan SBryan SVor Monat
  • 🌎🐒🚀🔭👩🏼💫

    Just inJust inVor Monat
  • A children's hospital was attacked, Anarchist AGENT PROVOCATUERS, Vandals, petty thieves, Felons, Antifa, White SUPREMACISTS, Anti gov, Arsonists Looters & the only ones to help, are the Police, WAKE UP

    BellathebearBellathebearVor Monat
  • 4 legs good, 2 legs bad 4 legs good, 2 legs bad 4 legs good, 2 legs bad

    Just inJust inVor Monat
    • Just in Wait, you think that George Orwell likes capitalism? He was one of the most outspoken socialists in history. During Animal farm’s ending the pigs became just as bad as the humans. The pigs being an allegory to Russian Communists and the humans being an allegory to Capitalists. Anyone who reads the book would realize that just because the pigs (communists) are bad, that doesn’t mean the humans (capitalists) are good.

      Alex MeyerAlex MeyerVor Monat
    • @Bekah Looney um no you obviously missed the point of the book and why we read it in school as Americans. It is an anti communist book. You sound like a communist. Missing the point makes you invalid as part of The argument. The pigs are just basically the woke ones 2ho started off protesting as 4 legged beasts. They got 2 legs because they realized it was better. Capitalism is better. When the economy is booming everyone is doing better. I'm not gonna explain to you though this is for educated people.

      Just inJust inVor Monat
    • Wondering how many people would realize that is a quote from animal farm. The government are the pigs that are walking like the people they freed themself from. The pigs are now living in the home that they weren't supposed to. The pigs are sending the horse to the glue factory when they can no longer work. The pigs are giving the rest of the animals less food and giving themselves more because they feel like they deserve it for managing the rest of the animals. Sounds familiar doesn't it :(

      Bekah LooneyBekah LooneyVor Monat
  • What? You mean criminals are taking advantage of the situation in liberal run cities? Can’t be true!

    Christopher HowkChristopher HowkVor Monat
  • People are righteously angry. However, your anger is being used against you.. It is being used to enact marshal law to usher in policies needed to obtain the UNs agenda 21 and 2030.. Your anger is being used to help enslave all of us... So if you see someone burning a local small business or looting kick the crap out of them. Not to bad. Just enough so they are forced to leave.. We need people that are being true to their hearts. We do not need people that just see it as an opportunity.. Ask yourself; how does one get such crystal clear audio on a busy city street from 20 ft away on a cellphone without a microphone? Can you replicate it??

    lilalienangellilalienangelVor Monat
    • You're advocating for direct physical violence against protesters over property damage. But you can't understand why people would want property damage over physical violence. Do you see the irony?

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
    • @Educated what?

      Non-racist HitlerNon-racist HitlerVor Monat
    • Absolute Gospel, not referring to "Educated"s wrong comment. They worked together at a salsa club. This is 1st degree murder

      T MT MVor Monat
    • lilalienangel check the facts of the case. Nothing there to actually convict the officer(s). You haven’t even bothered to look for the facts of the case besides a video hyping you up.

      EducatedEducatedVor Monat
  • Same old fake shit these race baiters use every time . They are getting paid .

    Mister SturmMister SturmVor Monat
  • it is not protest it was stealing , it was vandalism!!!!a lot of people they didn't came for George Floyd They came for stealing !!

    • Lieeees

      KL SoundsKL SoundsVor Monat
  • I don't see why people do it across the nation and not in Minnesota. The cities that are having protests didn't do anything.

    noobmaster69noobmaster69Vor Monat
    • Look up Stephon Clark.

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
  • Seriously - SACBEE if you’re going to keep up with the times with the internet news business- upgrade your equipment, and get your news reporters the fastest internet phones as well. This is a sad, sad sad stream with way too many glitches. There’s a lot of independent news guys in Sac that are Facebook live streaming with none of these issues your reporters have in this stream it was hard to watch, always buffering, and extremely bad audio quality, give them wireless mics bro and better cameras and faster internet.

    ran FRANKLINran FRANKLINVor Monat
    • Who are some of those independent Facebook reporters, I want to get good video coverage

      9cam1bam6 2k199cam1bam6 2k19Vor Monat
  • time to upgrade your camera

    Scotty SimmonsScotty SimmonsVor Monat
  • Hello, Humans. Earth 2020, just made history, for all the wrong reasons. You can't change the human condition. TERRANCE OUT

    Tramaine TerranceTramaine TerranceVor Monat
  • Have they invited Gavin Newsom to the Gallows yet...?

    Richard DavisRichard DavisVor Monat
  • Omg I had just left but I seen you guys at the little park thing leaving a sage shop!

    Ocean Loves OreosOcean Loves OreosVor Monat
    • No one cares

      GraeGraeVor Monat
  • MASK are the perfect tool for Criminals.Thanx to you Medical Experts! No Street Savy at all. So STFU about Mask being a Good thang. You Stupid fools! STFU!

    Alan L.Alan L.Vor Monat
  • People it’s time to start protecting an honest way of life.. 2nd amendment is our savior

    Surfdude44Surfdude44Vor Monat
  • For all those calling COVID A HOAX . . .

    Dan TDMDan TDMVor Monat
  • Cowards attacked a children's hospital in Houston yesterday so let law enforcement handle it however they see fit. Good Luck and God Bless.🙏

    Ray DugasRay DugasVor Monat
    • Absolutely untrue. No reports on this whatsoever on every news outlet. Disgusting lie

      S ES EVor Monat
  • How can anyone dislike this ? Have a heart people come on !! Stop the hate. Love our brothers and sisters. Together = STRONG. Divided= WEAK

    Sonido ExperienciaSonido ExperienciaVor Monat
    • GROW UP! We Are Not Family! Stupid! Grow Up!

      Alan L.Alan L.Vor Monat
  • Black clothing gives you a thinner more trim appearance..🤔

    Gus KlimtGus KlimtVor Monat
    • Gus Klimt I wish that would work for me!

      Natile Ze CrakidileeNatile Ze CrakidileeVor Monat
  • I like how everyones a total asshole to the local journalist haha

    Skeeter deeSkeeter deeVor Monat

    cabir cancabir canVor Monat

    cabir cancabir canVor Monat

    cabir cancabir canVor Monat

  • Looting I see it’s mostly poor black and browns. Very understandable. But Vandalism, Arson, and Taunting the police I see its majority the *whites* that starts it. There’s way too many white people at these protesting that doesn’t seem right. Like white people in their late teens to 20s. They’re usually the most racists and super self centered. They can care less about Bad things happening to minorities and all of a sudden they pop out everywhere saying they’re for minority rights...too fishy and doesn’t add up.

    X XxXX XxXVor Monat
    • @Justine Massey More whites are killed by cops than blacks. Can anyone educate me about popular white martyrs for police brutality? Latino? Japanese? Namekian?

      Otsel ChopsOtsel ChopsVor Monat
    • You think it's fishy that white people support black lives? It doesn't add up for you that white people also care that fellow Americans get killed by the police and vigilantes and never get any justice for it?

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
    • They"re allied with blm..

      Gus KlimtGus KlimtVor Monat

    of courseof courseVor Monat
  • Smashed a "Chicken Shop", yeah we know who those looters where.

    ruchittenmeruchittenmeVor Monat
    • Wow Imagine Being This Racist. How Do You Sleep At Night Knowing That Your Dehumanizing People???

      Austin BrittAustin BrittVor Monat
  • Please start shooting these cunts.

    ruchittenmeruchittenmeVor Monat
  • Enough with the orders already. Clear them out!

    Matthew BoltMatthew BoltVor Monat
  • To The Bee, Why are you glorifying this? I know you guys have no money. Your paper is dying. Is this a ploy to drag in cash at the last second?

    John EltonJohn EltonVor Monat
  • Im from Sacramento born n raised. Three men were murdered not only within weeks but within 1.5 miles of each other. Ain’t nobody marching out there. Ain’t nobody speaking up for the victims of those murders! Im not saying ppl shouldn’t be angry but if blk lives matter why nobody marching down Meadowview for the brothas who got knocked this past month? Why they not out here marching and speaking out against the ppl peddling drugs and doing drugs in the blk community? Why those ppl dont boycott the radio stations that continue to play artists that continuously promote murder, degrading women, alcohol, and drug use, violence and hatred? The same type of garbage pollutes young minds, destroys individuals, families, and in doing so destroys our communities? Why are they hollering justice when the people who got their family businesses that theyve worked for trashed probably wont receive any justice? Im not saying everyone out there is on some bs but from what ive seen a good portion of the people out there are just out there to be out there. They just follow suit. They just wanna make noise, start trouble, and watch stuff burn. For all the ppl who are really about this movement, trying to be a force for change and actually making an impact thatll help to change the direction of our judicial system and the laws that protect crooked cops, stand your ground. More power to you!! But weed out these suckaz! They make you guys look bad, RIP GEORGE FLOYD! Pray for our Nation and Floyd family. May God be with Floyd family, and the rest of our Nation as well! Iin Jesus Name AMEN!!

    Bash LatuBash LatuVor Monat
    • Really makes you think who pulling the strings

      lemon snicketzzzlemon snicketzzzVor Monat
    • People are out there to demand justice for more than one person. The destruction to property is unfortunate but it doesn't compare with the loss of lives. Like you pointed out too, police brutality and vigilantes are problems in our area too, not just Minneapolis. We need policy change and better laws for sure. That's what most people have taken to the streets for. There may be some people who just want to break things and don't care, but most people out there want real change. And the world is watching.

      justinemasseyjustinemasseyVor Monat
    • The ambassador of the divided States of America No

      Bash LatuBash LatuVor Monat
    • Well said

      Lina BambinaLina BambinaVor Monat
    • The people that were killed are they white ?

      The ambassador of the divided States of AmericaThe ambassador of the divided States of AmericaVor Monat
  • Banned.Video < Because there is a war on for your mind!

    AdrianAdrianVor Monat
  • They’d steal the air out of tour tyres if they could.

    MLBMLBVor Monat
    • @Gus Klimt i got footage and i know for a fact you're just choosing to see that

      KL SoundsKL SoundsVor Monat
    • @Austin Britt Have you seen the footage of the looters? I"m guessing not.

      Gus KlimtGus KlimtVor Monat
    • Your Saying That All "Blacks" Would Steal Air Out Of Car Tires. To Simply It Your Saying That All "Blacks" Are Theifs. Interesting...

      Austin BrittAustin BrittVor Monat
    • Austin Britt the blacks and antifa.

      MLBMLBVor Monat
    • Who Is They?

      Austin BrittAustin BrittVor Monat
  • Why did Cesar Chavez park get vandalized? People don’t deface the monument of a great man while protesting another. Sad 😞 The man protested with hunger strikes and marches not looting and destroying

    • I've been to Cesar Chavez park multiple times this week. It looks great. Protesters are walking around with trash bags keeping it clean.

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
    • A. Taylor I hear you. But those homeless ppl are not out there acting like they’re standing up for equality and justice

      Bash LatuBash LatuVor Monat
    • People don’t deface? That Park Is A Homeless People Toilet! Always Has Been! They Shit And Shower In The Fountain in the Center of it.ALL OF DOWN TOWN SAC IS A TOILET. Who you trying to Fool?

      Alan L.Alan L.Vor Monat
    • Sad. Cesar deserves a lot better.

      Linus SphinxLinus SphinxVor Monat
    • The French Revolutionist Defaced 3 Cathedrals To Get Their Rights And Fair Treatment. Look Where We Are Now Same Situation. Maybe This Time We Will Learn From Our Mistakes.

      Austin BrittAustin BrittVor Monat
  • They are only following in the footsteps of their own government, American Government & Policy has a history of looting countries and people, even though the rioters have not done good a job nevertheless they should be proud of them. ameriKKKa is reaping what it sows

    ahmed khanahmed khanVor Monat
    • your shithole sandy ass country must be paradise right?

      touter tommitouter tommiVor Monat
  • Justice for floyd

    The world of storiesThe world of storiesVor Monat
  • Not a protest. Kids looking for a thrill.

    eccoboyeccoboyVor Monat
    • @Gus Klimt yes...

      Sock LobsterSock LobsterVor Monat
    • @Austin Britt Did the Boston tea party burn down their own villages,loot shops and attack fellow Americans?"SMH

      Gus KlimtGus KlimtVor Monat
    • Just Like The Boston Tea Party, Just Kids Looking For A Thrill. Smh

      Austin BrittAustin BrittVor Monat
  • the thumbnail said live... where is the live coverage? unless I just missed it.

    The Not Sure ChannelThe Not Sure ChannelVor Monat
    • You missed the live. They did a good coverage

      Survive RSurvive RVor Monat
    • Yeah, it was live earlier.

      ThelectricgirlThelectricgirlVor Monat
  • woah

    Udderate MadnessUdderate MadnessVor Monat
  • small list of other races & victims of Police Brutality: Daniel Shavers executed in hotel hallway, Daniel Harris deaf man killed routine stop, Justine Diamond called police about a possible assault shot dead, Margarita Brooks cop missed dog shot dead, Kelly Thomas homeless man beaten to death, Zachary Hammond 6 yr old autistic child shot dead, James King, beaten on college campus went to trial, innocent, Jeremy Mardis, Deven Guilford 17yr old traffic stop shot dead, Isiah Golding teenager running shot dead, Bryce Masters 17 brain damage cop stungun, Jason E Washington conceal permit shot dead, Michael Ramos shot dead, Francisco Serna unarmed 73 suffering from dementia shot dead, Miguel Feliz innocent man on fire beaten, Claudia Gomez shot dead, Antoni Montes unarmed Mexican Farm Worker shot dead, Andrew Finch innocent shot dead, Jacob Servin beat by police cuffed in cell, George Gomez Beaten by 2 cops, Beau Bangert beaten in his cell, Tiffany McNeil handcuffed slam to concrete by Cops... and the list goes on and on..

    Thorazine 007Thorazine 007Vor Monat
    • @P E A N U T B U T T E R lol, when I look at your screenname it makes me smile... how can I get mad? I just have strong opinions.. : )

      Thorazine 007Thorazine 007Vor Monat
    • ​@Justine MasseyLimbaugh & The Breakfast Club was disgusting and the wrong message from both, too many people like this are counterproductive chanting their slogans. I completely respect Van Jones, not only does he articulately address Black inequality but he addresses actual structural changes within the police force, I don't always 100% agree with him but I don't with anyone political.. He was recently on Conan and it's an interview everyone should watch. "End Lawlessness in Law Enforcement" should be the #1.

      Thorazine 007Thorazine 007Vor Monat
    • Thorazine 007 Also, sorry if I made you upset.

      P E A N U T B U T T E RP E A N U T B U T T E RVor Monat
    • Thorazine 007 I agree. Like I said to Justine Massey I do believe that the african american community get the most hate and it NEEDS to end. It’s just there are other cases of police brutality to other races that I feel need reganiutuon. Floyd will have justice and be remembered 🙏🏼

      P E A N U T B U T T E RP E A N U T B U T T E RVor Monat
    • Justine Massey I agree. It’s just there are other situations similar to this that have not gotten much attention. That is what I meant. But we really do need to fix the discrimination against the african american community because they do get the hate the most and that is something we NEED to change. I am sorry for making you upset.

      P E A N U T B U T T E RP E A N U T B U T T E RVor Monat
  • These people sick Antifa has said to go to Roseville, El Dorado etc and the white neighborhoods ... and white people arent in fear 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Lisa MarieLisa MarieVor Monat
    • @Justine Massey because NBC is totally objective

      Otsel ChopsOtsel ChopsVor Monat
    • That was a white nationalist group spreading misinformation.

      Justine MasseyJustine MasseyVor Monat
    • I"ve been talking online with these so called "Patriots" All they do is say "trust the plan..Q"..and quote scripture..they"re just as dumb as the left..

      Gus KlimtGus KlimtVor Monat
  • I don't give a crap about pornogeorge.

    Michael DeSilvioMichael DeSilvioVor Monat
    • u must be a republican

      tthe illestttthe illesttVor Monat
Live coverage of George Floyd protests in Sacramento