Live at Roland-Garros #13 - Daily Show | Roland-Garros 2019

Live at Roland-Garros #13 - Daily Show | Roland-Garros 2019. Watch the daily show of “Live at Roland-Garros” #131 with our resident expert Daniela Hantuchova. Including highlights, live action... #RG19 #RolandGarros
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This is the official DE-visions Channel of Roland Garros, home of the French Open. The tournament 2019 will run from 20 May - 09 June.

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  • So all other players played in the wind and terrible conditions but RAFA didnt ? Guess Roger and Rafa werent in the semi final I watched. Biased commentary!!!

    40fit.fabulous40fit.fabulousVor 11 Monate
  • Actually, Daniela, Federer was playing Nadal, and not the fucking wind. You act like Federer was the only one playing outside. Stop making excuses. It's utterly disrespectful to the superior player. Nadal is better than Federer on clay. End of story. Full stop.

    Trevor KlassenTrevor KlassenVor 11 Monate
  • Daniela Hantuchova is amazing and she looks so good! Elegant and professional as always, how I miss the times when she was on the tour. 🙏🏼😢

    frederick fowlesfrederick fowlesVor 11 Monate
  • hantuchova is too biased towards roger and hates rafa. watched her many times. she can't stand rafa.

    vijay indukurivijay indukuriVor 11 Monate
  • @Djoko we only have some hopes on you. No one else can touch Clay King Nadal

    SreekanthSreekanthVor 11 Monate
  • As always, french open is nothing but a huge disappointment this year except players. Do not blame weather, it is the worst major tournament by far in terms of management as well. How about focus more on faireness and taking good care of players instead of posting those meaningless clips? Kyrgios was right.

    Tiger SJKTiger SJKVor 11 Monate
  • Not much respect shown towards Rafael Nadal.. :( They seemed to praise everyone else except him.. Poor punditry.

    Christophe SmeeChristophe SmeeVor 11 Monate
  • I am really enjoying the show, it is light and breezy, good notes on the days play. I watch from OZ while having breakfast. So wish I could go one year.

    anne sullivananne sullivanVor 11 Monate
  • Rafa is always disrespected. Whenever he wins it's never abour how well he played. It's always about his opponent.

    Batman PantherBatman PantherVor 11 Monate
  • Thiem was happy to play today yet the match was stopped because officials conceded to Djokovic who was unhappy playing in the wind. Furthermore, the women's semi-finals were shunted from the main court leaving the stands half empty throughout their entire encounter. Really disappointing from RG.

    BBVor 11 Monate
  • All the praise goes to Roger! Could we remind the commentators that Nadal won handily and he should at least get as much praise as Fed!

    Jacques FontaineJacques FontaineVor 11 Monate
    • Apparently Federer was the only person playing outside, and he wasn't playing Nadal at all, but the wind. Maybe Hantuchova could just say that Rafa was better. She's annoyingly biased.

      Trevor KlassenTrevor KlassenVor 11 Monate
    • It has been like this for years. It's called subsconcious , unrecognized bigotry. Nadal, a a Spanish citizen does not appeal that much to the bigoted minds of most US. Not to talk about the French, German etc...They give all the best sponsorships to Federer.

      Practical NihilistPractical NihilistVor 11 Monate
  • Hantuchova is an excellent announcer. Articulate and with good insight. Really good, like Navratilova. She knows the game and what to say about it that is adding to the viewers' watching experience.

    James Reid VanVorisJames Reid VanVorisVor 11 Monate
    • totally agree, LOVE to listen to Daniela, she is totally awesome as a host :)

      charlie zcharlie zVor 11 Monate
  • Wind favoured Domi and Rafa with Roger and Novak are the underdogs. Roger played through his conditions but Novak....?????

    Ro8er That-20Ro8er That-20Vor 11 Monate
    • The wind doesn't pick sides. I hate this type of excuse making. The court surface doesn't pick sides. Either you deal with the situation better than your opponent, or you don't. Federer and Nadal don't make excuses when they lose. The two men simply admit that the other fellow was better that day. That's it.

      Trevor KlassenTrevor KlassenVor 11 Monate
    • How does "wind" choose to favour one player over another? It's part of your job as a professional to be able to play in different conditions. And the rules should be consistent about the conditions under which play should be suspended, not let any star players put pressure on officials.

      Christine MechtlerChristine MechtlerVor 11 Monate
  • Guess kyrgios was right after all, the French open sucks, absolutely sucks!

    мя xxxмя xxxVor 11 Monate
    • @мя xxx Oh yes, it happened to Nadal in 2007. Or you saying it wouldn't happen now, so what happened in the past is okay? Well, one day ... one day this will also be in the past ... And how about what happened to Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon LAST YEAR 2018 when he had to play (i don't know) 100? games against John Isner and then face off against Djokovic. That win by Djokovic was virtually guaranteed.

      Christine MechtlerChristine MechtlerVor 11 Monate
    • @мя xxx Oh, but it does. What happened at Wimbledon last year? Kevin Anderson had to play his endless match against John Isner and had how many hours to recover before meeting Djokovic? How much fight could Anderson put up the next day? Djokovic was virtually assured of becoming champion.

      Christine MechtlerChristine MechtlerVor 11 Monate
    • @Ro8er That-20 Yeah that was the only thing i'm confused they could have continued that match. Rafa - Roger match there's no need to stop the wind was not dangerous & there was no rain...I think they may have made the decision when the 2nd rain delay was prolonged...but still more sensible decision was to continue playing when the rain stopped.

      kison slkison slVor 11 Monate
    • @kison sl If that is the case, why then did that stop play when there was an hour and a half playable weather for Djoko & Thiem match but left Nadal & Federer to play through blizzards? Commentators, journalists and fans are baffled.

      Ro8er That-20Ro8er That-20Vor 11 Monate
    • @мя xxx I think only thiem has chance to beat Nadal in the final even if he plays 5 game in row

      عمار الشاميعمار الشاميVor 11 Monate
Live at Roland-Garros #13 - Daily Show | Roland-Garros 2019