Little Mix - Bounce Back (Official Video)

Little Mix - Bounce Back (Official Music Video)
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Director: Charlotte Rutherford
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Steady….Are you ready are you ready ?
Whats going on?? X 2

However do you want me
However do you need me
However do you want me
However do you need me

Tell me what you know about me
Welcome to the city where it’s sweet
You know I’ll be getting Vita D
That’s why I can’t fit up in these jeans

Watch me you know I like to move that
That heat wave make you wanna cool back
Hear them saying baby bring the bounce back
You gon make me have to bring the bounce back

Hey now say, say who gon say my way
Come right alright baby
Say who gone say my way eh eh

However do you want me
However do you need me
However do you want me (bring the bounce back)
However do you need me (bring the bounce back)

Say I’m the girl up in his dreams
Hot boy better give me what I need

Throw me on his body like a throwback

And he better not move when I throw it back

Babe you keep me wetter than a bayou
If you don’t Imma walk right by you

Jade / All harmonising
Baby touch me tease me keep it easy

Hey now say, say who gon say my way
Come right alright baby
Say who gone say my way eh eh

However do you want me
However do you need me
However do you want me (bring the bounce back)
However do you need me (bring the bounce back)

Hey now say, say who gon say my way
Come right alright baby
Say who gone say my way eh eh

However do you want me
However do you need me
However do you want me (bring the bounce back)
However do you need me (bring the bounce back)

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    Catherine LlanesCatherine LlanesVor 19 Stunden
  • helping to stre@m this masterpiece ♡ love from a ONCE (TWICE fan) ♡

    M DIARYM DIARYVor 20 Stunden
  • * repeat* never getting enough

    The QueeriesThe QueeriesVor 20 Stunden
  • Plzz do a live at greece ill keep asking

    Mamma SkiourakiMamma SkiourakiVor 21 Stunde
  • Common mixers! We can do more than 22M!

    Nhim SocNhim SocVor 22 Stunden
  • 2:20 onwards is the bestest part of the full song. like i'm sobbing.

    anoushka aneeshanoushka aneeshVor 22 Stunden
  • My Neighbor: Hey did you know Little Mix's New Song "Bounce Back"? Me: Yeah. It was really lit My Neighbor:I have problem with it. Me: What is it? . . . . . . . My Neighbor: It was short ;-;

    Christian Plays RobloxChristian Plays RobloxVor 23 Stunden
  • Also why do edit your voiceces : c they are perfect how they really are ; c

    Mamma SkiourakiMamma SkiourakiVor 23 Stunden
  • I tried dancing the steps they did, I'm a horrible dancer, btw. I tripped and bones broke. I guess you can say, my bones and body bounced back, and gave me 356 bones again. Sheesh

    witch_with _a_dickwitch_with _a_dickVor 23 Stunden
  • The original song: :)

    yanigeriyanigeriVor 23 Stunden
  • Omg this shit is so dope 😤😍

    zont zoitzont zoitVor 23 Stunden
  • I really like little mix but listening to this song makes me sad cause they took the chorus from another song (soul ll soul song however do you want it) and just put a different beat to it

    Kim GortonKim GortonVor 23 Stunden
    • Just said it makes me sad because I like that they're so original and different and I don't follow updates or whatever so I wasn't prepared to hear the chorus from another song in their song didn't know they where sampling music for this song till after I heard the song then watched an interview after and they were saying it was a sample

      Kim GortonKim GortonVor 21 Stunde
    • They sampled it and we have already known that before the song issue So i dont think like you(sorry for my bad english)

      Sinem YılgınSinem YılgınVor 21 Stunde
  • how ever do ya want me how ever do ya need me

    Camerone KnoopCamerone KnoopVor 23 Stunden
  • They never give up thats cool

    carla Riveracarla RiveraVor Tag
  • Come on mixers you can do Better!! Only 22 mil😢 share share share! These are our queens👑❤️

    Bts_lover UnicornBts_lover UnicornVor Tag
  • Choreography is stupid.

    JoeyNoSalad MLJoeyNoSalad MLVor Tag
  • I am today old when I found out that Normani co wrote this song

    Best LifeBest LifeVor Tag
  • I’m bouta just stop claiming America because this is fucking ridiculous how much this actually flopped

    NiniNiniVor Tag
  • I don't care how many views this video has. I love LM no matter what.

    Keren KazatchinskiKeren KazatchinskiVor Tag
  • Raise your hand if you love Little Mix 🖐 If not, raise your standard.

    JVJVVor Tag
  • Bounce back 😍😍

    Pranisha RaiPranisha RaiVor Tag
  • The U.K Cheetah girls!

    Brittany ByrnesBrittany ByrnesVor Tag
  • Most comments under this video are from ghost accounts. Don't they have any real fans?

    kjs 72kjs 72Vor Tag
  • first time listening to this song! uwu

    에리스elise에리스eliseVor Tag
  • Y’all need to start promoting your music in America to be successful

    Flawess GraceFlawess GraceVor Tag
  • I love song so much ❤️🌷❤️

    Phy SokhangPhy SokhangVor Tag
  • Mama...

    D ClaverD ClaverVor Tag
  • Who has been a fan since they started 😍

    Ashley NguyenAshley NguyenVor Tag
    • Ashley Nguyen awww I really wish! Been a fan since early 2016 (Hair era), but it was better late than never :)

      JVJVVor Tag
  • I added Little Mix to my Stan list!! ❤️❤️

    Gaming With DaysyahGaming With DaysyahVor Tag
  • Stop don't let ur kids watch this or u will get FBI kicking down ur door

    George MacleanGeorge MacleanVor Tag
  • You guys make me lesbian :)

    i want my name to be Darki want my name to be DarkVor Tag
  • A whole B O P.

    Jess CrudupJess CrudupVor Tag
  • *_Don't let this song bounce back, let this song bounce forward! Spread the message forward, Little Mix works hard and deserves more._*

    W A L L A H I N E V E RW A L L A H I N E V E RVor Tag
    • I made a cover of bounce back, please check it out! ❤❤❤❤❤ Comment it Ill be so glad if u do it!

      • Thashaun •• Thashaun •Vor Tag
  • I thought this was dollhouse😑 I even looked at the title😑 I'm so dumb

    XxShadowwolfXx TacosXxShadowwolfXx TacosVor Tag

    Ly LinhLy LinhVor Tag
    • Ly Linh if you don’t like them, don’t watch them. Period. Also, thanks for the 1 view! :D

      JVJVVor Tag
  • they need to drop the fat woman gremlin one

    Furious StylesFurious StylesVor Tag
  • 1 month anniversary of Bounce Back *let's go mixers!!* 💖👏👏 *22 million views in a month yaasss*

    Angel O'GarroAngel O'GarroVor Tag
  • ICONIC!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    McKenzie McIntyreMcKenzie McIntyreVor Tag
  • this is so 2008

    Isabel OlivoIsabel OlivoVor Tag
  • I really like the intro

    Anti- cmrnAnti- cmrnVor Tag
  • I FREAKING LOVE IT !!!!!🔥🔥❤❤😏

    Ghita LabiadGhita LabiadVor Tag
  • Some Louisiana bounce here!

    Edgar Alexander De La Hoz MendozaEdgar Alexander De La Hoz MendozaVor Tag
  • They took chorus from Soul II Soul - Back To Life

    Lana LeoneLana LeoneVor Tag
    • Lana Leone *Sampled. Don’t worry, lots of other artists do it all the time with their songs. For example, Ariana Grande’s song 7 Rings was sampled from the song My Favorite Things from The Sound Of Music. :)

      JVJVVor Tag
    • Yes, is a sample

      Judith JunkersJudith JunkersVor Tag
  • Seriously they deserve more than 22M views. LM 💖

    Veronica EspejoVeronica EspejoVor Tag
  • I think i prefere your old songs, no offence

    i oanai oanaVor Tag
  • Is so amasing 😀😀😀

    Helen HolmesHelen HolmesVor Tag
  • Lindas

    Cristiane SulvaCristiane SulvaVor Tag
  • brats vibes

    doll idledoll idleVor Tag
  • Why do i feel like youtube is deleting views? Istg i saw this video have 30 mil views before

    hans and only hanshans and only hansVor Tag
  • Perries got white HAIR!!!!

    Lily OsborneLily OsborneVor Tag
  • bratz dolls fake singing… stolen song stolen lyrics.. well done

    Blue TrueBlue TrueVor Tag
  • This is such a bop

    Jess gomesJess gomesVor Tag
  • Late happy birthday to Perrie the most beautiful girl of the group little mix 💓💓💜💜

    Dalia AminDalia AminVor Tag
    • Sorry Perrie I forget to wish you

      Dalia AminDalia AminVor Tag
  • Happy birthday Jessie

    Dalia AminDalia AminVor Tag
  • I swear the lyrics However do you want me? However do you need me? However do you want me? Are from the song back to life

    Millie PeggMillie PeggVor Tag
    • They sampled the song. :)

      JVJVVor Tag
    • What's new? They already said it so

      leighade thirlsonleighade thirlsonVor Tag
  • Who came after Senorita?👍

    Choying's Asmr & VlogsChoying's Asmr & VlogsVor Tag
  • Songs perfect Group perfect Video perfect Creativity perfect Acting perfect Summer song perfect ... Views 😔😔.. .. Don't let this flop guys☹

    GraceGraceVor Tag
  • I didnt know it was liitle mix who sang this...i looooooove it

    bb bbbb bbVor Tag
  • nice dance perrie

    Sister's TalkSister's TalkVor Tag
  • 💓💓💓💓

    Edilyn BulagaoEdilyn BulagaoVor Tag

    Sinem YılgınSinem YılgınVor Tag
  • I like it but for the most part of the song someone else Sing this in a movie a long time ago

    Killer PrincessKiller PrincessVor Tag
  • sounds like en vouge

    Gamer 4everGamer 4everVor Tag
    • En Vogue

      Gamer 4everGamer 4everVor Tag
  • Most people nowadays give attention to the songs they literally don't understand (Kpop). Stream English songs plest hehe

    Vladymyr CaluyaVladymyr CaluyaVor Tag
  • I really love that jessy purple fluffy hat😍

    Lauren jonasLauren jonasVor Tag
  • how can this still be at 22 mill.? -.-

    rising imanrising imanVor Tag
  • I'm watching this a month after it came out and it is still so good

    Alice PavittAlice PavittVor Tag
  • Leigh-anne is my aunt X not bosting X

    Allisonsarah WynnAllisonsarah WynnVor Tag
  • Is this some kind of Red velvet inspired video?

    SeokJi ParkSeokJi ParkVor Tag
  • My Song Yessss

    Christopher DelgadoChristopher DelgadoVor Tag
Little Mix - Bounce Back (Official Video)