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Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black ""Hit Bout It"" Lyrics
[Lil Yachty]
Woke up feelin shiesty
Gimmie Dat pussy nicely
100 thousand on a ice piece
Finna fuck a pisces
50 hoes wanna be wifey
That’s just too unlikely
Pull up 6 deep just like the isleys
Pick ya next move wisely
They say talk is cheap but fuck that
My convo pricey
200 racks in side that shoe box bitch it ain’t no nikes
She think I’m finna trick I told her don’t get too excited
Nigga touch one hair on my head them boys inciting riots
I fuck her from the back and grip her neck she can’t keep quiet
This big bad hood u said u from lookin might quiet
I only eat my main bitch pussy I’m on strict diet
My shooter lookin like a center homie 6’5
Could Kill me once could even kill me twice
Shit I got six lives
I’m thinkin movin to Africa to marry 6 wife’s
I’m in New York we still several pole and seven big knives
Might take his life for tellin several lies
cant let shit fly
Cus is we do he’ll tell the next guy
And then it’s all bad
Who said he could come around dis side wit out a hall pass
I used to tweak postin 4’s a wock in side s wine glass
These niggas burnt tryna pop xans for a bypass
I’m see u niggas every single time like a eyelash
This bitch said she like athletes I walked in with them thigh pads
I’m paranoid I can’t hang out for long bitch ima nomad
Christmas I had bought all steppers brand new door mats
Inside the whip bright orange like the Lorax
I’m built tough was made to be outside just like gortex
I should make a song about Ferrari’s
Ion do vetts
My brother need a new tech
My mama wanna new pet
This niggas flip flop like every week they in a new set
I know these niggas hate me cuz i run like a nuisance
Too fly over niggas heads like a air vent
Where I’m from it’s one way in and out like a camp tent
[Kodak Black]
Put a convertible on the block it look like lamborghini
put a convertible on the glock it look like lamborghini
i just told lil baby to bop before my girl see me
Spend that lil stack, get niggaz whacked
You better not look for pinky
in & out the trap where i stay but i aint one sleepin
I'm toatin a Sk for no reason all my ops are dead
i got rubies on my teeth and plus my molly is red
ima drop his ass soon as I see him it aint no discussion
told her it aint nothin to get a bussdown if that pussy bussin
all a sudden bitches love me cuz im gettin money
Imma punish any nigga decide to stand in front of
i was spendin bands before it was a trend from the ugly
Always got revenge if i aint get my man i got his cuzzin
they know i made my wood work hop out with a Oak
haters poppin out the woodwork but they wanna prope
im talkin straight gas n**** i want all the smoke
i just told lil yachty to scoot over lemme drive the boat
AR with the scope? Cause the cartier on this side
you got a n**** yoke you dont like it we can hit bout it
we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
hittin the missionary she start yellin, tell her be quiet
I'm with lil yachty, we got twin raris
we dont fuck with n***** , you dont like it
we can hit bout it we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
i aint passin my reefer you dont like it we can hit bout it
we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout
i aint doin no features you dont like it we can hit bout it
#LilYachty #KodakBlack #HitBoutIt

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Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It (Official Video)