LG Wing Teardown! - HOW DOES IT WORK?!

Its time to see how the new LG Wing works... from the inside! LG sent over a preproduction phone that I could take apart. Get more info here: www.lg.com/global/lgwing Huge thanks to LG for sponsoring this video. The LG Wing might just be the craziest phone of 2020. Its definitely one of the most unique smartphones of the year. The screen of the new LG Wing can swivel up into a 'T' shape. Revealing a smaller square screen hidden below.
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  • If only LG can sort out their software

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  • el teléfono es hermoso pero lo que no me gusta es el procesador

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  • I use to think of LG as those super cheap crap phones you throw away but they gotten a lot better I'm very surprised, I like it.

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  • This is the most complex but still very much repairable phone I have ever seen.

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  • LG makes a mostly repairable phone. Does things with phones, and cameras that other manufacturers can't or won't. Has really good camera and manual controls, including a freakin' gimbal! It works just as well as most Androids. And for some reason I can't seem to get excited about LG. What's missing? Is it the software? The brand recognition? LG's serious lack of advertising?

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  • Other phones: Trying to be more innovative Apple: oooh let's make it mini!

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  • Glad to see that there are several companies theying to leave that same old, safe secure way Apple has it to create products. Phones before iPhone we crazy. I don't think I'd buy one myself - never liked LG - but I like to see that there is life outthere to face Sammy or The Fruit one

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LG Wing Teardown! - HOW DOES IT WORK?!