Kobe Bryant doesn't flinch when Matt Barnes fakes pass at his face | NBA Highlights

On March 7, 2010, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers had one of his most iconic moments ever when he didn't flinch as Matt Barnes pump-faked a hard pass at his head after the pair had a series of physical plays.
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  • Someone once said, "Why do the good ones always go first?" "If you're in a garden, which flowers do you pick first?" This is not mine and the credit goes to whoever made this beautiful saying.

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  • YES he was a legend, but any self respecting man would have done the same thing.

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  • Kobe didn't flinch the ball did

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  • It’s at 2:47 when Koby doesn’t flinch. King

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  • It’s at 2:47 when Koby doesn’t flinch. King

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  • I get it.. Kobe is a badass and he was sooooooooo good, I get it 🙄.. Why does this keep popping up in my feed? 😒

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  • Fun fact, my dad knows who Matt Barnes is

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  • Mamba Forever

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  • Legend

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  • rose are red violets are blue the part you are looking for is 2:42

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  • You get the feeling kobe hated every guy he went up against. Its what made him so good. He got in their heads.

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  • Mg life is ruined when I noticed at 2:29 that Matt barnes was just faking a pass and Kobe wasn't even in front of him

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  • He was called mamba for a reason

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Kobe Bryant doesn't flinch when Matt Barnes fakes pass at his face | NBA Highlights