Kehlani - Bad News (Quarantine Style) [Official Music Video]

Kehlani - It Was Good Until It Wasn't out now:
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It doesn’t really need an explanation-you know exactly what Kehlani means when she sings. Without sugarcoating or softening a word, the Bay Area-born two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum songstress will drop a hard truth in one breath and flip a middle finger in the next. She may extend a seductive invitation or an empathetic plea before leaving you in your thoughts and feelings. Either way, she finds a way to consistently relate without filter. With each move, she strengthens this connection to listeners everywhere. Kehlani’s 2015 breakout mixtape You Should Be Here received a 2016 GRAMMY® Award nod in the category of “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” On its heels, her 2017 full-length debut SweetSexySavage bowed at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually went gold. Between selling out dates on the SweetSexySavage Tour, the record closed out the year on Pitchfork’s “The 50 Best Albums of 2017” and Rolling Stone’s “20 Best R&B Albums of 2017.”
Along the way, she contributed to Suicide Squad: The Album and The Fate of the Furious: The Album and guested on Cardi B’s double-platinum “Ring,” Kyle’s platinum “PLAYINWITME,” and Justin Bieber’s “Get Me,” to name a few. By 2020, she picked up three gold solo singles-"You Should Be Here,” “Honey,” and “Distraction,” for which she received her second GRAMMY® nomination for Best R&B performance. In addition, four platinum singles-“Gangsta,” “The Way” [feat. Chance the Rapper], “CRZY,” and “Nights Like This” [feat. Ty Dolla $ign] and streams in the billions. Not to mention, Billboard Women In Music honored her with the “Rule Breaker Award” as she gathered nominations at the Soul Train Awards and the American Music Awards. Plus, she made show-stopping appearances at Voodoo Music + More, Coachella, and beyond. In the aftermath of 2019’s chart-topping While We Wait mixtape, everything changed. She became a mom. As such, parenthood left an indelible imprint on her second full-length, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Out May 8th, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t is described by Kehlani as her most mature body of work, featuring songs based on her own real experiences including recently released “Toxic” and “Everybody Business.” In the end, you’ll know exactly what’s on Kehlani’s mind, heart, and soul on It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.
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  • The way she crying on the ad-libs tho 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Courtnie HooverCourtnie HooverVor 21 Stunde
  • Beautiful video, especially in quarantine

    TaylorFrenchMusicTaylorFrenchMusicVor Tag
  • Love her

    Ash B 90sAsh B 90sVor Tag
  • why she is so underrated?? this world is so unfair

    Man Fuck Your PrideMan Fuck Your PrideVor 2 Tage
  • That Gun loading sound slaps different everytime

    Cops & CancelsCops & CancelsVor 4 Tage
  • fave song! bae ate period 💞

    ImdonnellImdonnellVor 5 Tage
  • Love this song very much 😁

    Allison DanielsAllison DanielsVor 6 Tage
  • One of my favorite songs. Definitely can relate!

    Trisha MTrisha MVor 6 Tage
  • Been a kehlani Stan since cloud 19 🥰

    Chris BrownChris BrownVor 7 Tage
  • This song is so good love her so much❤💗💜

    Latanique BrownLatanique BrownVor 9 Tage
  • 🦚🏯🐅💐🦧

    Renatus LaurusNobulusRenatus LaurusNobulusVor 10 Tage
  • Damn that gun sound...😎❤

    Simphiwe MagubaneSimphiwe MagubaneVor 11 Tage
  • hi kehlani

    Omirah HarrisOmirah HarrisVor 12 Tage
  • I think she wasn't ready to film this music video until now💔

    Mazvita SelemaniMazvita SelemaniVor 13 Tage
  • This video is deep on so many levels! Ugh I just love her 🥰

    Nikita EvansNikita EvansVor 19 Tage
  • boombayah

    Michael AdamMichael AdamVor 20 Tage
  • Just hoping she doesn't nerf out like Alicia Keys did . Stay hard and don't change Swizz Beatz .....I mean ( well dammit just don't be like her )

    WariWariVor 20 Tage
  • Been listening to you since your first album 🥰

    CeeCee PanCeeCee PanVor 20 Tage
  • She's so beautiful

    Camila Aguila DuarteCamila Aguila DuarteVor 28 Tage
  • 948 idiots

    Julianna FrishkornJulianna FrishkornVor 29 Tage
  • How tf is she underrated when she is 9999999999x better than those at the top

    Reirei lovatoReirei lovatoVor 29 Tage
  • Kehlani is a Queen 👸🏻

    l 2k Queen ll 2k Queen lVor Monat
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Crown JewelzCrown JewelzVor Monat
  • Omg she looks so gorgeous and sounds so pretty

    Yamani Bryant-McCrayYamani Bryant-McCrayVor Monat
  • Underrated 😭!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keyshia MurrayKeyshia MurrayVor Monat
  • Chiquita esforsate un poco mas

    Anibal LauzAnibal LauzVor Monat
  • Make you wanna leave that world behind 🥺

    PreciousPreciousVor Monat
  • Flawless

    Adriona HanksAdriona HanksVor Monat
  • What a voice ✔

    DMJ UrbanDMJ UrbanVor Monat
  • Most underrated :/

    NatalieNatalieVor Monat
    • .

      Spongebob Squarepants mayaSpongebob Squarepants mayaVor Monat
  • Idc Idc Idc she's my wifey

    N MajorN MajorVor Monat

    moveouddaway plsmoveouddaway plsVor Monat
  • Why is she so devastatingly beautiful

    Leah427Leah427Vor Monat
  • Hood love stories hit different

    ꪀꫀꪜ ᥴꪖkꫀડꪀꫀꪜ ᥴꪖkꫀડVor Monat
  • 💓💓💓

    Kisa BostickKisa BostickVor Monat
  • I love you

    Wo DeeWo DeeVor Monat
  • can anyone explain why Water doesn't have a video clip yet?! it's a masterpiece:((

    Layan NaserLayan NaserVor Monat
  • Her music just hits all angles of emotions. I feel the way she loves takes a certain man / woman to handle. Almost as if she's a different breed of woman. & these 'gangsta' rappers or men in her industry don't know how to handle that kind of love, which leads to a cycle of heartbreaks. Love in it itself can be so saturated nowadays w how its tossed around, let alone a love like hers. I wish I could get just 10 mins to pick her brain

    Jonathan CardenasJonathan CardenasVor Monat
    • What's up Franklin clinton

      Spongebob Squarepants mayaSpongebob Squarepants mayaVor Monat
  • baba

    crashout millycrashout millyVor Monat
  • This album is played every day. Masterpiece; from the insane production, to Kehlani’s genius for melody, to the relatable lyrics. Love you, Kehlani. I’m a new stan.

    D. SnelsonD. SnelsonVor Monat
  • I love you khelani you do inspire me alot😄❤

    Samantha JumaSamantha JumaVor Monat
  • this entire album is just legendary,iconic,a masterpiece.goodnight.

    Mariah ReavesMariah ReavesVor Monat
  • That Lauryn Hill tattoo🥺

    Johanna BlcqJohanna BlcqVor Monat
  • this song always makes me burst into tears, i can feel the need i can feel how she's almost begging him to quit that gangster lifestyle

    Adriana TaddeiAdriana TaddeiVor Monat
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    • Gjt

      baby you havebaby you haveVor Monat
  • Just finding out who she is today good voice

    AmericanShieldAmericanShieldVor Monat
  • Kehlani doesn't have one bad song, I kid you not it's immaculate

    Khaliah FordKhaliah FordVor Monat
  • 80smusic

    Alex RybakAlex RybakVor Monat
  • ❣❤

    Artes Pintura Ana EstrelaArtes Pintura Ana EstrelaVor Monat
  • ❤️🌹🌹❤️🌺🌺🌺❤️🌹🌹❤️

    Alesha ArreguinAlesha ArreguinVor Monat
  • musically

    Sufyan IsmailSufyan IsmailVor 2 Monate
  • crash

    liliana fuentesliliana fuentesVor 2 Monate
  • best song on the album

    KBKBVor 2 Monate
  • brown eyed girl

    Vasyl KozmynVasyl KozmynVor 2 Monate
  • I care! You best believe I care ! 😩

    Eliana SantosEliana SantosVor 2 Monate
  • the runs be hitting at the end. 😩😩😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️

    Lhenard ManasanLhenard ManasanVor 2 Monate
  • YES!

    Antoria RobinsonAntoria RobinsonVor 2 Monate
  • The love of my life, my kids dad left us and got on drugs a couple years ago and every time I hear this I cry.

    Teiona HaltonTeiona HaltonVor 2 Monate
  • This song goes so hard it make you wanna cry n shit

    preshiz pinkpreshiz pinkVor 2 Monate
  • Okay so I want Jaquees on the REMIX , 😊 🙏 thanks

    preshiz pinkpreshiz pinkVor 2 Monate
  • call me

    Letitia PrevostLetitia PrevostVor 2 Monate
  • pretty girl

    Letitia PrevostLetitia PrevostVor 2 Monate
  • 🥺🥺🔥🔥💓

    Giselle MichiyoGiselle MichiyoVor 2 Monate
  • literally one of the best albums I've ever heard

    Dany Catalin IftimieDany Catalin IftimieVor 2 Monate
  • This album is an absolute MASTERPIECE. Hopefully she wins a fucken Grammy

    jenfromthebayjenfromthebayVor 2 Monate
  • All I can say is 🔥🔥

    Latisha LLatisha LVor 2 Monate
  • Feel like This song about YG and I’m still mad how he did her 😔

    it's Nyiaa _it's Nyiaa _Vor 2 Monate
  • Art.

    Lamar LindoLamar LindoVor 2 Monate
  • I thought I finally found the one person I could see myself with until last week when I found they were living two lives. I'm over it and love.

    MegaCassie83MegaCassie83Vor 2 Monate
  • Gostei muito da musica força 🇦🇴🇦🇴👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Jose António Canjuca CanjucaJose António Canjuca CanjucaVor 2 Monate
Kehlani - Bad News (Quarantine Style)  [Official Music Video]