JayDaYoungan "23 Island" (Official Music Video)

#JayDaYoungan #23Island
Click Here to stream at all retailers: JayDaYoungan.lnk.to/23IslandPR
Track produced by BTGrin. Video directed by Joan Pabon. 'Misunderstood' album coming soon.
Endless Pain album out now: JayDaYoungan.lnk.to/EndlessPain.

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  • It sound like the beat from I can’t love

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    • IG-La__Tae Bihh no one every1 here for the song , your joke wasn’t funny

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  • He should just name the song "brand new deposit"

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  • 1:33 Fire your camera man

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  • You still talking to girl

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  • Lol do y’all even like the song where the people that comment on the video bout how good it sound😭let’s talk about nowadays

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  • That girl looks like the black version of Bhadbhabie

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  • Who leaked the song tho??

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  • See that black & white checkered floor??? Those who know, know....

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  • I love this song n his ass is so fine yesss!!!😝😝💪

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  • The music video sound better the the Audio version 💯

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  • Ain't heard a song all 2019 that been hitting harder then this hea "23" island definitely that shyt!!!

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    • Blaze Stewart u already kno nba all day

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    • Slime Mentality, Self Control, Camelot

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JayDaYoungan "23 Island" (Official Music Video)