Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue

For her South Carolina wedding to Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber donned the most elegant of creations: a wedding dress designed by Virgil Abloh for Off-White. Take a peek behind the scenes of how Hailey's stunning dress was created, as well as the final fitting before her wedding to Justin.

Director: Robert Semmer
Producer: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Ryan Powell
Director of Photography: Mike McMillin
Sound: Kara Johnson
Associate Producer: Jamie Tobias
Assistant Camera: Ksusha Genefeld
Set Designer: Christina Weston

Filmed at Montage Beverly Hills
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Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue

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  • It's so ugly

    jo chujo chuVor 5 Stunden
  • I'm here in quarantine vacation 2020......I like her BTW

    Alvi FarihaAlvi FarihaVor 15 Stunden
  • God does have favorites

    Yee HawYee HawVor Tag
  • Now I'm no language expert, but why do we say "til death do us part" instead of "NOT until death do us part" ?

    Lauren CoombesLauren CoombesVor 2 Tage
  • Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 Haley Bieber and Justin Bieber love y’all both congratulations I’m getting married yay

    Mary JonesMary JonesVor 7 Tage
  • I dkn how people hate her??!!!

    الےأردن تہاجہ رہاسہگ ؛الےأردن تہاجہ رہاسہگ ؛Vor 7 Tage
  • She's gorgeous!

    JoshJoshVor 7 Tage
  • Even haters will be fan after seeing her

    Plz help me complete 300 subscribers before 15 JulyPlz help me complete 300 subscribers before 15 JulyVor 8 Tage
  • Wowzers!

    Wendy GarzaWendy GarzaVor 8 Tage
  • She looks so much like her father it's crazy. The Baldwin's some strong genes!

    BeeBeeVor 8 Tage
  • This dress is so ugly and why would they put wedding dress on it🤮 so many beautiful dresses and so many designers that could’ve made her anything better

    Just NancyJust NancyVor 9 Tage
    • Bcuz she chose her friend to design her dress the one who stood up next to her in bad times, she's famous and rich and so us justin but they both appreciating their friends is more precious then anything else

      Fadwa SwiveFadwa SwiveVor 5 Tage
  • Buuuuu che brutto vestito volgare con le tette in fuori! Tanti soldi zero gusto!! Que feo de verdad!

    rosa gutierrezrosa gutierrezVor 11 Tage
  • wedding dress on it, yuck, vulgar and ordinary. wedding dress for dumb people, in case they don't know what it is?

    Henriquez AguilaHenriquez AguilaVor 12 Tage
  • Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉🍾

    Mary JonesMary JonesVor 13 Tage
  • Such a beautiful dresses..and she looks so great❤❤

    LalsiamlianiLalsiamlianiVor 13 Tage
  • 😍😍😘😘

    Ada GutierrezAda GutierrezVor 13 Tage
  • Dress is awful,it's so skinny.

    Iroda IrodaxonIroda IrodaxonVor 16 Tage
  • This reminds me of wedding planner with Jennifer Lopez

    Tammy IngramTammy IngramVor 16 Tage
  • She's freaking STUNNING

    Bridget AndersonBridget AndersonVor 16 Tage
  • Hi

    naresh technical technicalnaresh technical technicalVor 19 Tage
  • I not going to lie Selena and Justin ( Jelena) is a better couple hayliey and Justin nooo total no she so I don't know somethings off I don't know bout y'all but that's my opinion just comment your opinion

    faith girl Johnsonfaith girl JohnsonVor 21 Tag
  • I can’t believe Hailey is marrying over 3 Billion girls’ dream guy lmao

    NoOpinionNeededNoOpinionNeededVor 23 Tage
  • Hailey You're so beautiful

    Melanggar AturanMelanggar AturanVor 24 Tage
  • That mermaid shape is horrible. I can't wait for this trend to end.

    Malu Trevejo LivesMalu Trevejo LivesVor 24 Tage
  • Insanely gorgeous

    Ankita YadavAnkita YadavVor 25 Tage
  • And now i can feel the divorce coming by the way justin treats Hailey. 😂

    GabGabVor 26 Tage
  • Love the dress. Can ppl talk about the dress for a bit

    name nom95name nom95Vor 29 Tage
  • I LOVE her dress

    HannahHannahVor 29 Tage
  • Ok, I'm like 20 seconds in the to the video and I had to pause and scroll through the comments to see if anyone four the big embroidery super morbid.

    Misaki T.Misaki T.Vor 29 Tage
  • Tooooop👍

    Lachhab najatLachhab najatVor Monat
  • And nobody knew her before marriage....

    Glister blisterGlister blisterVor Monat
  • I'm in love with the dress. and Hailey looks incredible in it. probably the best wedding dress I've seen yet!

    B MB MVor Monat
  • O mt gosh the dress is so amazing wish i could try it on and it really looks good on hailey shes beautifull shes lucky to have justin bieber there both matching loce u guys

    Fairy BrahmaFairy BrahmaVor Monat
  • Idk why they make a big deal out of it

    parandparandVor Monat
  • Better dress then Megan

    Leslie LunaLeslie LunaVor Monat
  • Beautiful! They are a wonderful couple and I wish them nothing but happiness❤

    aprilsrockaprilsrockVor Monat
  • I hate the “wedding dress” part, but then again she might forgot something sooo....

    Adut DAdut DVor Monat
  • omg they made her look so natural its way better than caking her with a ton of makeup

    m.x2004m.x2004Vor Monat
  • I love it

    jenizzy82jenizzy82Vor Monat
  • I dont like the hairstyle

    ani aniani aniVor Monat
  • *Tbh, the dress is stunning and she looks extremely gorgeous with it*

    Kate RhyneKate RhyneVor Monat
  • oh hey its Mr. $50

    Jessica NguyenJessica NguyenVor Monat
  • “alexa play that should be me by justin bieber”

    mia patinomia patinoVor Monat
  • It's little to much over breast.... But beautifull, Details

    Ixi AIxi AVor Monat
  • It’s trashy looking but works on her body

    SSVor Monat
  • I see bieber now happy than before .. I hope hailey get pregnant soon ameen 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    mona sweet potatoesmona sweet potatoesVor Monat
  • It's hard to believe that just months before she was dating Shawn😏

    StalwartStalwartVor Monat
  • i dont get why are people so pressed about her(??? she is literally stunning and unproblematic but u r just jelly

    Melanie GarciaMelanie GarciaVor Monat
  • Sta perra me cae mal 🤣

    mey alvaradomey alvaradoVor Monat
  • Lvly

    Study PointStudy PointVor Monat
  • Bless their marriage that they are happy ❤

    Jolly LoveJolly LoveVor Monat
  • she is so beautiful inside and out. so so happy for her and Justin. such a strong amazing couple.

    Kylie ShepherdKylie ShepherdVor Monat
  • Hailey babe you do look stunning

    Ali KovacsAli KovacsVor Monat
  • Ок

    Оля ДанюковаОля ДанюковаVor Monat
  • Her face is so good

    Simran SinghSimran SinghVor Monat
  • Şerefsiz başkasıyla çıkarken onu akdwttin. Orrraspju

    Miraç TaştemelMiraç TaştemelVor Monat
  • 15k dislikes ? 🤔 Jealousy....

    Latyfa LamienLatyfa LamienVor Monat
  • This is my first video of hailey....i was soooooo angry tht I couldn’t not even stand her...ugh bt here she looked beautiful

    Afzal MahmoodAfzal MahmoodVor Monat
  • The most creepy wedding dress and wording sound horrible and 😈

    Robert lwinsRobert lwinsVor Monat
  • I love her wedding dress 😭❤️

    Abigail WeeAbigail WeeVor Monat
  • If you're poor like

    Africa's childAfrica's childVor Monat
  • Someone - you need to practice your walk Hailey thinking *I'm a model???!!*

    A BA BVor Monat

    Agust D 7u7Agust D 7u7Vor Monat
  • She is too beautiful , oh Hailey Baldwin 😍

    Dea SofiyaDea SofiyaVor Monat
  • Am i the only one who heard 'Selena' when she said 'Sabrina'?

    Kaberi GoswamiKaberi GoswamiVor Monat
  • Designer 👩‍🎨: Well I just made Justin wanna realize that hailey’s the best for him in case he thinks Marriage is a joke and cheats on her 😤

  • Wow its elegant dress.😍😊

    Priya MpaPriya MpaVor Monat
  • She gotta keep an eye out for selener 👁👄👁

    Vanessa EteakiVanessa EteakiVor Monat
  • wow she’s so pretty

    yoskayyoskayVor Monat
  • go

    Dana HamiltonDana HamiltonVor Monat
Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue