• Ik he's gonna have nice eyes ong

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  • u keep playing and ima whoop yo lightskimmded ahh .. POST THE PNCY VIDEOOOO

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  • I don't know you to much only of Instagram but I'm so happy for you💓!! CONGRATULATIONS 🥳❤️💓

  • I love her 💕💕

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  • Is it just me or does anyone still watch her vids from 2018😂

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  • Omg babe you’ve already gave birth 🥰🥰 so excited for more vlogs !!!

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  • Pov: you’re still checking for the new video she’s been telling us about for a fuckin week

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  • Congrats!❤️💙

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  • who cares, i dont know why youtube recommended this rubbish video

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  • Y'all comparing her to Kylie as if she has the same fameas Kylie. KYLIE JENNER trying to hide a pregnancy is was harder then this influencer hiding hers

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  • still waiting for that birth vlog miss girl

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  • Anyone think she gave birth by now? She was already 8 months since this posted, but ya never know...

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  • Hey yas, Just wanted to say I’m sure you & him have an amazing connection & he’s supportive. But just imagine you dating as 13/14 year old l(which is a 5 year difference like you & your bd). I guess when you’re in ur 30s & stuff 5 years isn’t much. I used to dated men older when I was 17/18. Now I’m 22 mentality I could never imagine dating a 17/18 year old just because mentally y’all are on very different wavelengths. Regardless of how successful you are. I know you’re an amazing mother. I just don’t understand why I 23 year old would wanna be with a teenager. I love you & just want you to see different perspectives.

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  • what about kobe 😢

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  • Where’s the other videos???

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  • What if Kobe is her baby daddy that would be a fucking story 😂😂

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  • Who’s the dad can you tell us or show us who is it

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  • She’s barely 18!??? My goodness she’s been famous forever , lol not hating but she really has been known for years , and for what because she’s attractive??

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  • Damn whoever planted their seed in her is very very lucky.... I would’ve fell asleep on top after we’re done 😂😂

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  • Girl do you not see the red 🚩🚩🚩 with your babydaddy?? He rapping about lean and percs, pants sagging.. i hope he's not going to use you for your money and fame.. you can literally get any good high value man that you want but you chose this lean/perc dusty?? Is your selfworth that low? We all know this is not going to end well and you will end up a single babymomma sadly cause this man is not father/boyfriend or husband material at all!!!. But hope everything goes good for you and your baby and you'll find a better man in the future. Know your worth!! Hope you find it one day.

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  • what in the hell-

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  • Congrats gurlll 💗

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  • Bye I love her

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  • Why would you get the girl fired . Mad bitter tf🥴 not everyone make money off medial like you . Very foul move regardless of the recording .

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    • I agree

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  • Ur literally the prettiest girl ever 😍

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  • we wanna see the baby daddyy!😩

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    • nvm i found him🤣

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  • wait cuz why did I start doing calculations and figured it out a second before she said it 😭😭😭

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  • valentines day is the death day yo dont ever do the nasty that day you risk a baby

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    • Explain plz

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  • who’s the dad just wondering i thot she was single

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  • Aweeee congratulations

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  • big aquarius energy, ugh🥺🥰

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  • You could’ve done way better 💀

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  • Aww congrats gorgeous 🥰

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  • She just kylie jenner us 😂🥰🥰 but im so happy for her ❤️❤️🙏🏽 god bless her

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  • How many weeks was you when had baby boy mamas 😍😍

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  • When was your due date when did you give birth with him mamas 😍😍

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  • Who got her pregnant 🤰 don’t tell me she a baby moma now this can’t be 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • Omg my name yazmeen to

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  • Love you🥰

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  • I seen you at cheese cake factory and I literally didn’t tell anybody that you were pregnant 😭

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  • Congrats 🥺🤍

    Nini CartierNini CartierVor 21 Tag

    Nini CartierNini CartierVor 21 Tag
  • you’re 18 and pregnant? Can not believe that, why are you even thinking about stuff like that.

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    • can u stfu? it’s literally her life and her decision. She’s a whole adult she can take care of herself

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  • Congratulations sweetie on being a new mommy! 💕

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  • Congratulations beautiful 💕

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  • yessssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • congratulations baby🥺🥺🥺

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  • Love you mamas 💖 you gon be good

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  • You should keep posting on DE-visions 😭😭😭😭

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  • your due date is my birthday! Congratulations ❤️

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  • Congratulations babes ❤️

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  • Omg I’m so happy!!

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  • Congratulations 🎈 he is going to be very handsome 💙🥳🎉

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  • love the intro sis💜

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  • Well damn…i was like “yay we can go through this journey together!” But never mind lol I’m only 7 weeks

    - 5quad- 5quadVor 24 Tage

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  • Does anyone know her big 3 ? (Astrology)

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  • Okkk buhh who’s the fathers

    Ashley NorvilleAshley NorvilleVor 24 Tage
    • Some failed rapper lol @10ktaedoe or some shit… she’s really gonna be supporting 3 people including herself. So sadddd bro this guys 23 & she’s 18. Which is fine but the fact that she’s gonna be supporting everyone is fucked I feel sb for her

      JJVor 22 Tage
  • Congrats babygirl!!

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  • soo you were on Depo and still got pregnant like what were your symptoms and did you take a test?

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    • We need pt.2 neowwwww

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  • I am so happy for you Yasmeen

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  • love you bae

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  • congratulations 🎊

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  • Just a fact if you take a plan b and you’re ovulating it’s not gonna work , a plan b stops you from ovulation please know your research before y’all say plan bs don’t work lol

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  • Yay! Congrats on your baby boy!

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  • Love you YASS. I just had my daughter this August, welcome to my momma gang gorgeous!!! Congratulations !!😌❤️❤️❤️

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  • Those lashes bad lol

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