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  • Is that permanent

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  • im wondering why he set up cams and never used them

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  • hi

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  • who's here after rug got him back

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  • Rug: I’ve never been pranked this hard in my life. Mama rug’s pranks: You’re adopted, we’re divorcing, your cameraman leaves.

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  • 9:08 I felt so bad for him

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  • There is 1 impostor among us

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  • F in the chat for both rug and Faze clan bc Rug is gonna deffinantly get his revange soon

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  • Your a simp to JARVIS dont act like you never simp over summer ray

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  • Ive seen 4 videos from this account and i am PROUD to say i am a New Follower of yours bro. Funny content. Keep it up!

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  • Faze rug is better than you

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  • When I go on youtube, this is the only thing I can watch

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  • Yo Jarvis so cool

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  • Is faze rug actually in faze

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  • Did any one else se jarvi in the tree

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  • Nooo!

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  • Why

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  • he said i am so to much mate

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  • I think Jarvis getting banned is the best thing that has happened

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  • 5:37 faze elixir huh looks like Jarvis has recruited elixir to faze lol

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  • dude why did you frame a diffrent youtuber with the name

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  • Shout out Jarvis videos are lit

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  • I love Jarvis’s content

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  • I am so

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  • Pause 1:48 they didnt blur the car plate number

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  • @faze rug

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  • now i wanna see a dunk tank video

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  • no simp logo boooooooooo

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  • Brandon so mad he got dunked for no reason 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • I have the same chilli pants as rug

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  • 9:50 jarvis hardass bruv

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  • I love FaZe

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  • I love faze can I join

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  • That was so funny

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  • f

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  • How is rug even in faze

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  • Mr beast would of bought him a new car lmao 😂

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  • Jarvis is a brilliant guy 😂

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  • Bruh those hidden cameras tho

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  • Nikon :|

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  • Yo i just started watching despite knowing of you guys I fw you and Banks🤙🏾 keep up the awesome content and tell banks to come back

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  • My boii FaZe rug

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  • yo nice Gtr

  • Poor rug his heart sunk to stomach

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  • When u guys was showing footage showed of showed Jarvis and Frazier painting car to rug but probably would take hella time get that footage

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  • Can I join faze

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  • There is 3k comments If you find me your a legend

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  • YOO when i saw this video I instantly thought of the funny monkey song from tik tok😂😂😂

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  • Insane bro The amounts of times Kay has said that 👇

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  • you should actually post the dunk tank vid

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  • haha it was kinda like among us jarvis was the imposter

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  • Adapts car was 🔥

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  • even tho they hit the thing they did not use enought power

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  • It’s soooooooo hard 😂

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  • Jarvis is toxic Why you got to hate on elixir

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  • Bro Rug looked so short with the others

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  • Dose rug game

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  • But the cars still been spray painted so why is he so happy when he says it’s a prank 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

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    • It’s not paint it’s washable

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  • watch my new minecraft vid.

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  • “WHO ELSE HAS BEEN A FAN BEFORE OCTOBER?” I’m Gifting To Everyone who subs to me 😳💜

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  • 2 in 1 video

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