I Trapped Unspeakable in a GIANT Bubble Tent!

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I Trapped Unspeakable in a GIANT Bubble Tent! with Preston 👊
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FaZe Rug - My Ex-Girlfriend Visits My New House... **awkward**
Unspeakable - LAST To LEAVE My LEGO House, KEEPS IT!
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  • I saw Nathan threw that ball u have preston

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  • or i wile not lev a likes and subscribed and i wile not your youtube chanls

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  • i hait you preston i like unspeakable vodos

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  • I now love Preston more cuz he likes deku :^

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  • I love how the way that Preston scares away the guy holding the camera

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  • First you have to come to India and then you can trap me Preston

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  • I saw the video where unspeakable trapped you and Bri in a bubble tent

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  • Star wars

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  • Presten your the best can it go on phone the game

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  • bhad bhabie

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  • Preston you are the pro

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  • my favorite part of this vid is around the 10 min mark when they explored the atic or IT room. Stephen locked Preston in there and the rest is history There are others that I like about this vid but this is my favorite

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  • I subscribed ok

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  • Ok trap my sister layla

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  • Only OG knows that he have been inside that before

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  • Well I dont like naruto but I was just admiring about Izuku Midoriya

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  • One of the remotes was my dad's remote I was like what

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  • Yay u made ur revenge

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  • No you won't

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  • W-w-w-why. I think I remember you got trapped in a bubble

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  • Preston is next on my channel

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  • ive seen his house

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  • prestons channel is the best i love his video

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  • Unspeakable:GJuRcNMIEsFbKuRfBjk Me:*claps* great singing voice my dude

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  • I think nations Nathan is really

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  • This is payback from the one time unspeakable trapped Bri and Preston in a bubble

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  • Do these a lot

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  • Preston is the best youtuber

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  • Okay Preston, I Sub!!

  • He finaly got revenge from last year when unspeakable trapped preton and bri

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  • Me:*sees deku* Me:reminds me if mha/my hero academia Me: oh mah gawd......

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  • im a weeb too

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  • Maddy you have not met me I have completed that puzzle and more and even make jigsaw puzzles without a box after I open it and make them you like them.

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  • No

  • No

  • I was just thinking 💭 putting him in a escape room

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  • I have 1%

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  • REVENGE! (from when Unspeakable did this to Preston and his Wife)

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  • Preston is a troll! literally!

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  • Hey that’s naruto Shippuden and my hero academy

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  • me just admiring the mha and naruto pics in the elevator.

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  • Last time it was ultimately useless but now during this pandemic, I think this is useful 😂😷

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  • Nooooooooooo Preston

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  • My gosh your favorite anime are also my favorite which is My Hero Academia and Naruto my siblings have all of the games in Naruto PS4. By the way my brother is a really big fan of Naruto.

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  • atleast he wears fire merch

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  • I don’t like being trapped

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  • I kinda saw Guava juice

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  • Hi sandman

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  • I realize his fav anime is mine too

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  • I Saw! The Star Wars it was SOOO COOL

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  • Preston Likes my hero academia and naruto to let's go boys🤩😁😀

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  • Preston to Far

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I Trapped Unspeakable in a GIANT Bubble Tent!