I spectated a player who killed 2 RENEGADE RAIDERS in one game... (he has aimbot)

I spectated a player who killed 2 RENEGADE RAIDERS in one game... (he has aimbot)
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I spectated a player who killed 2 RENEGADE RAIDERS in one game... (he has aimbot) This kid has aimbot in Fortnite when he killed 2 renegade raiders in Fortnite duos...
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  • And he doest have a aimbot

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  • Same it’s such a dumb thing to do 1v1 be bot

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  • amazing how he started missing after the friend request then picked up the game again til the end, funny enough he stood still as his 'luck' changed lol Looks suspect but hes probably a real good player and innocent.

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  • Fake

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  • I actually got banned the day after I watched the video for not liking and subbing :')

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  • He had aimbot bc when he used the new smg it followed the enemy player when he wasnt aiming at him i could be wrong comment opinions please but the time was: 5:40

    Epic.Gamer213Epic.Gamer213Vor 6 Monate
  • Did you notice formulas rolex he’s iced out

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  • i think you have aimbot formula

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    • Jk I have all rare skins my highest kill game 42

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  • Uh, I have no skins?

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  • Don't forget he also killed a a skull tripped I think it was the rare ome

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I spectated a player who killed 2 RENEGADE RAIDERS in one game... (he has aimbot)