I Made The World's Biggest Cup Of Ramen - Challenge

We made the world's biggest cup of ramen noodles and ruined a hot tub in the process lol 🍜😤 cHaLLeNgE AcCEpTeD
Huge thanks to Clearwater Spas for helping us out with the hot tub!
Check them out if you're in CO! 😤🙏: www.coshottubs.com/
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If you read this you automatically have to do the rest of the pushups that I didn't do in the last video (oops)

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  • We took a week away from uploading to try and catch up on some videos. I SO appreciate y’all understanding and am excited for what’s to come! I’m trying to look at this with a long term mindset in order to get a team behind making videos and really turn this into a long term thing where we can put out more interesting and entertaining content every week (and perhaps even more than that). Sometimes it’ll be two steps backwards before we can take one step forward, but I can guarantee that as long as God has me making DE-visions videos I’ll never stop trying to make them the absolute best that they can be. I love you all. (And to the OGs, I want the video with Caleb’s tattoo in it to come out soon, just trying to find the best way to release it since we have such a new audience that doesn’t know us super well yet, stay tuned! :D)

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    • @Zealous Keep up the effort. The house hide & seek was GREAT!!! Praying for you to do well, and have the best ideas. Be the light you were made to be!!! You're amazing!! It's the goodness shining through you!!! Focus on GOD & GOOD stuff. Have FUN!!! 💪😎🙂👍

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  • DE-visions told me this was inappropriate for some viewers and asked if I wanted to continue

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  • "I woulda been fired if I didnt" "Thats right!"

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I Made The World's Biggest Cup Of Ramen - Challenge