I'm a San Francisco Giant (Official Video) -@INSAIN415

( 4159909899 for booking )Artist Insain " Raps this San Francisco anthem for the SF Giants organization .. PLEASE SHARE If Your a Fan of the San Francisco giants as the song includes history past and present , and don't forget to listen for the song at Home Games!!
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Remix to "End Of My Journey - John Dreamer"
VideoEdited By Insain Filmed by Sammy Wong Check his channel out also (Sawo415 )

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  • Memories...thanks for the song bro. Pops used to take me to the nose bleeds at Candle Stick. He’s gone now but I’ll always remember those days.

    TheDonDaDa707TheDonDaDa707Vor 5 Monate
  • Yeah Go GIANTS 2010,2012,2014

    Eric Hendrickson61866Eric Hendrickson61866Vor 7 Monate
  • Still listening. GO GIANTS

    Maria HernandezMaria HernandezVor 7 Monate
  • How many likes can I get if ur Listening to this in 2019??⚾️🌉 SF GIANTS 4 Life!!

    Joe GranadosJoe GranadosVor 8 Monate

    Eric HendricksonEric HendricksonVor 9 Monate

    Eric HendricksonEric HendricksonVor 9 Monate
  • Best team in History go Giants and 9ers for life.

    70ccbigdog70ccbigdogVor 9 Monate
  • awesome video go San Francisco Giants baseball team.

    Shimon KindredShimon KindredVor 9 Monate
  • Insain415 im with you Brother im a SF Giant forever,BIG ERIC

    Eric HendricksonEric HendricksonVor 10 Monate
  • I Remember Joe Morgans 3 run Homerun on oct 3rd 1982, off of Dodgers pitcher terry foster , Brian Johnsons HomeRun off LA in 97

    Eric HendricksonEric HendricksonVor 10 Monate
  • awesome music video and awesome song go giants

    Shimon KindredShimon KindredVor year
  • awesome music video go San Francisco Giants.

    Shimon KindredShimon KindredVor year
  • awesome video to get pump up for San Francisco giants baseball games.

    Shimon KindredShimon KindredVor year
  • Sounds like he sayin' im a steeler fan.

  • Anyone still here?

    madtortugamadtortugaVor year
    • @Joronomo Lets go GIANTS!

      madtortugamadtortugaVor year
    • madtortuga YEEEE SF ALL DAY WIN OR LOSE

      JoronomoJoronomoVor year
  • de-visions.com/detail/video-Q-kDhiBg950.html Dodger Blue we're taking over at&t park

  • awesome video and song the San Francisco giants Wil go back to post season next season

    Shimon KindredShimon KindredVor year
  • I'm a raider , but also a giant and a warrior!

  • Born n die a frisco giant

    Mr swishaDankMr swishaDankVor year
  • Gud Luck From EIRE

    Nunquam Non ParatusNunquam Non ParatusVor 2 years
  • ⚾️👏👏

    웨스트웨스트Vor 2 years
  • Still a fan!!

    Julian LopezJulian LopezVor 2 years
  • I love this song.

    Juliana VelaJuliana VelaVor 2 years
  • Me and my dad were at Matt Cain's perfect game

    Andrew PrucykAndrew PrucykVor 3 years
  • Most Liberal City In The USA

    Eric SchusterEric SchusterVor 3 years
  • N

    Julio PerezJulio PerezVor 3 years
  • Is this on iTunes?

    Diabo LoucoDiabo LoucoVor 3 years
  • we #beatLA today on to #beatNYM got this great sound to listen to thanks!

    Debbie McVeganDebbie McVeganVor 3 years
  • sorry, the Giants where never the seals

    Bruce SierraBruce SierraVor 3 years
  • yo bro

    R. R. RubinR. R. RubinVor 3 years
  • I love this song

    CarterOnXboxCarterOnXboxVor 3 years
    • ShOtXtreme

      Steven BancroftSteven BancroftVor 2 years
  • thats right a real giant fan 👍

    Lossii BurnsLossii BurnsVor 3 years
  • black and orange for life!slapper bruh (415)

    NOR CALNOR CALVor 3 years
  • im with you Brother I Reme.mber to

    Eric HendricksonEric HendricksonVor 3 years
  • This is amazing! Go Giants!

    William JangWilliam JangVor 3 years
  • Happy New Year!! 2016 !

    FriscogalSF49FriscogalSF49Vor 4 years
  • this is dope. my new favorite song

    nate jonesnate jonesVor 4 years
  • sanfransico rocks for life i am a giant and i am from new south wales

  • Outstanding and Fresh. From '65. You're keeping it real. I'd buy you a few beers on GP. Win or lose I'm an SF Giant! Anybody else want to step up?

    Robert LaneRobert LaneVor 4 years
  • Just another SF Giants fan in Dodger Century SF 4 Life love the song

    Ryan JohnsonRyan JohnsonVor 4 years
  • Gonna miss Morse too. Big bat, big loss.

    Robbie EvansRobbie EvansVor 5 years
  • Yeah that's what I'm talking about! GO GIANTS!

    Christopher MadriagaChristopher MadriagaVor 5 years
    • All about the Oakland Athletics

      Perfect dude ExstreamPerfect dude ExstreamVor 4 Monate
  • I fucks with this good shit

    E jE jVor 5 years
  • Amazing song!!! I really like how you included both past and present time, this song was so amazing that I kept watching the song over and over!!! Great job!!!

    Julian EvansJulian EvansVor 5 years
  • This is dope! Go Giants!!!!

    Acey Da SpacemanAcey Da SpacemanVor 5 years
  • Love this song!!! Still get chills watching videos from 2010...2012....2014..fucking awesome!!

    Ordnance CorpsOrdnance CorpsVor 5 years
    • fuck ya hell ya follow me in ig twitter face book INSAIN415

      Chris stylesChris stylesVor 5 years
  • I'm exactly like him

    Paul KennaPaul KennaVor 5 years
  • This is a great song. Thank you!

    Mr. McGMr. McGVor 5 years
  • I love this video and song. Thank you, keep it real Question? Giants win 3 world series, and still no respect WHY? What the hell do they need to do to get some respect

    Chris SteckleinChris SteckleinVor 5 years
  • Nice song man. But do that hat a favor and take the stickers off of it. Thanks

    Patrick AndersonPatrick AndersonVor 5 years
  • good stuff

    Geraldine ShouseGeraldine ShouseVor 5 years
  • Im with ya on those lean years.. I was still a fan too. SF DYNASTY!!!

    2StealthGTi2StealthGTiVor 5 years
  • This song is awesome! The SF Giants 2010, 2012 and now 2014 World Series Champs! GO GIANTS!!!! YES! YES! YES!

    coolsteve1985coolsteve1985Vor 5 years
  • I remember seeing you guys record this during Game 3. I'm in it at 2:12

    JackMasterAndrewJackMasterAndrewVor 5 years
    • that's bad ass...im in it at 2:37 and 2:39 in my ring hat and world series tattoo on my stomach

      Ed SandovalEd SandovalVor 4 years
  • Adam DoctoleroAdam DoctoleroVor 5 years
  • Great beat and flow! Nice work bro! GO GIANTS!

    Ollie TOllie TVor 5 years
  • I love this....I AM a San Francisco Giant!

    Kelly KremerKelly KremerVor 5 years
  • This song is stuck in my head all day THANKS A LOT. Seriously though, great job!! The video takes the song to a whole other level. A+

    Marie T.Marie T.Vor 5 years

      Chris stylesChris stylesVor 5 years
  • Request the single on the #1 independent radio show, Da MaddHouze, stream live daily 9-11am Mon-Fri on KCSF Radio.... repine world wide for all independent artists

    Luis MendezLuis MendezVor 5 years
  • Hey look...its me in my ring hat and my world series stomach tattoo

    Ed SandovalEd SandovalVor 5 years
  • There's been a few Giants anthems around this year but this one is by far the best.

    Kaitlyn GKaitlyn GVor 5 years
    • i love u for that!!!

      GameInfliktedTVGameInfliktedTVVor 5 years
  • This was on point...great job!

    JesusChristmyKingJesusChristmyKingVor 5 years
    • THanks Alot

      GameInfliktedTVGameInfliktedTVVor 5 years
    • My dude!!!

      GameInfliktedTVGameInfliktedTVVor 5 years
  • Love it bro me and the family wake up to it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

    James HallJames HallVor 5 years
    • james your the MF MAN!!!

      GameInfliktedTVGameInfliktedTVVor 5 years
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I'm a San Francisco Giant (Official Video) -@INSAIN415