I DARE YOU CHALLENGE! || Ultimate Pranks and Challenge Wars by 123 GO! GOLD

Be careful - this extremely long nails challenge can be terribly funny!
Check out how Kevin struggles with epic challenges, how he survives funny food challenge and wears fake long nails for 24 hours😱!
Giant sumo suit challenge can make your day really awesome or totally ruin your date!
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00:29 Wearing long nails for 24 hours challenge
01:51 Funny I dare you challenge
03:36 Bite lick or nothing food challenge
05:06 Yummy cake food struggles
06:37 Bite lick or nothing challenge with your favorite food
08:03 Wearing giant sumo suit for 24 hours
09:52 Funny bloopers
Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com/
Stock materials: www.depositphotos.com www.shutterstock.com

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I DARE YOU CHALLENGE! || Ultimate Pranks and Challenge Wars by 123 GO! GOLD