• i love how when josh plan work and crainer act like he did something

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  • Over confidence

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  • Pls do penneiwise next🥺🙏🏼

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  • You just do Anabelle from the scary story!

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  • I love the way Crainer started his round.

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  • Where's crainer hes dead JOSH

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  • 4:50

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  • yes

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  • mi. nam. is. Breeze. and. i. love. you. and. jelly. sucs.

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  • I thought they forget what they said in the last one

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  • it was my bday on 20 oct

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  • Lkkkkj

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  • My name is Jason

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  • Omg

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  • Aayan

    we are so bad studiowe are so bad studioVor 18 Tage
  • Aayan

    we are so bad studiowe are so bad studioVor 18 Tage
    • Ueurhhdje

      we are so bad studiowe are so bad studioVor 18 Tage
  • jason is my dad btw

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  • Josh: "Come to Jason" Me: "jAsOn deRuLo"

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  • Do more scary things please

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  • Bruh he is looking ke mrbeast like when he uploads our days get better duh 🙄

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  • Sonic.exe

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  • What else do you have in your butt? Plenty!

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  • You should do Freddy Krueger

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  • micheal mhiers is beter dan jason fohes

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  • Hide and seek

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  • Can you try to do mophe jasen

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  • Me when I forget about Slogo for 4 months and I have to catch up on 7738384746737373 uploads

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  • Why did i not like this is a good video

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  • my name is jason

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  • "Your're such a uh- uh butt-face" I can't lol

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  • You should do the undertaker creepy and scary so he can tombstone piled river you and choke slam you😀

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  • SLOG0

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  • I love josh said i have some on my but

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  • Dam I remember when slogo had 600k subs now look at him

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  • Pause at 1:45 top left jelly is running away lol

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  • Revenge for being mean to jelly

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  • T so bad is a badman

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  • Iu

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  • You smell worse than Jason

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  • 853103rd view lol

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  • 2:24 "ok where Crainer" 2:17 Crainer dead

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  • You should do a Freddy Krueger edition.

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  • Michael Meyers next?

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  • Hey slogo, u should do a mod but with sans hide in seek. The hiders have cameras though, tell jelly and crainer

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  • Did anyone else realize that the map is from origins Olympus

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  • Do it with michal myers from halloween

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  • They shoulda played the Friday the 13th game ngl

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  • Yes we do it all in a day and a green and green is a little too long to be o wiwiehddhydyxyxyahahshsydbrn

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  • this is my first time slogo saying "DUDE!"

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    • I've heard it abit

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  • yes!

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  • Do it with Michael Myers

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  • Slogo Where are you Cramer no where. Also slogo come to Jason

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  • 4:12 nommy nommy nom had me dying the way crainer said it

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  • Jelly has the most subs in you team

  • Fhyfhtfg🤐

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  • Do it with ghost fsce

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  • Am I the only one that wants Friday the 13th game back?

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  • A Jason movie hasn't been made since like 2009

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  • Where my ghost cult at let's make them do ghost face

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  • On Halloween they should play horror games in VR

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  • (sugestion for slogo) hide and seek but the seeker is sonic.exe

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  • Lol

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  • Next Friday 13th is May 2022

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  • You should do Friday the 13th in hunters vs speedrunners.

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  • Nice

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  • Gg

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  • Lol

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