How Many Holes Does a Human Have?

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Special thanks to @Chubbyemu and Evelyn Lamb ( for answering my questions about the body and holes, respectively.
wardrobe by:
An article from Evelyn about holes:
the philosophy of holes:
Coffee mug + doughnut sculptures and video from @Henry Segerman :
sun footage:
anatomy of the nasal cavity:
Supernumerary Puncta:
accessory ostium:
3D visual effects: Eric Langlay
Toilet scene effects: me and Jake Roper and Eric Langlay
music: Jake Chudnow and Audio Network
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  • 10:02 he went full Ricky Berwick

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  • Jesus Christ,Be Like HOLY SHIT

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  • One too many...Yes, I'm referring to the one just below the nose.

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  • Peed on a donut in tolid water then eat it

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  • This knowledge exists. And yet we still don't live on mars

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  • yuck

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  • A perforated eardrum would increase the total, too.

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  • I knew I was holy

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  • A fun thing to think about for the comment section: if you gleu a straw to its end then how many holes does it have 1, 2 or someting entirely diferent?

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  • Yeah, flow with the scooch!

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  • stop asking me questions if you are gonna answer it anyways

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  • Imagine studiying alot of comolicated math and make it into a video just to make 1 pun at the end of the video. Great job Micheal!!

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  • The number of "hole" innuendos that could be made from this makes my head explode...which adds at least 4 more holes to it.

    Justin NewmanJustin NewmanVor 10 Stunden
  • The first 30 seconds were the strangest 30 seconds of video footage ive ever seen.

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  • WHY omg, that wet doughnut :(

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    • I am visibly disturbed now

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  • I am now mentally scarred how he ate that wet donut

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  • Watching this video for a friend

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  • this is just symantics... the english language has too many faults. but its up to perception. a plate is rounded, but if its not broken it probably wont be reffered to as having a hole. reffering to something as having a hole in the english language eludes to it being broken. because noone says theres a hole in my car, when reffering to the exhaust pipe. taking things literally is a bad idea.

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  • 10:02 Wow that’s hot

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  • 12:19 I was being way too creative here: So what I thought was: So, there has to be something to get the shape on, right? So You slide it over to the end of the pole, then you flip it around then put the one that was on the bottom before onto the stick. After that, you slide the shape back and it looks like that.

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  • Isn’t PP and Vag holes included in the through holes?

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  • How to make someone question the philosophical existence of holes

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  • under micheals definition, an ingrown hair would probably count as a piercing(depending on how many times it enters and exits the follicle).

    BlasterfreundBlasterfreundVor 16 Stunden
  • who knew there was a scientific answer to does a straw have one or two holes. fucking love you michael.

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  • These are thoughts that haunt u at night

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  • Why

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  • Can we just have an F for the people who thought they never had holes

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  • 0:12 Don't hurt me!

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  • Vsauce, "not all holes are equal" literally thought he was going to get his placard out and protest for equal holes 😂

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  • Theory: Humans are pants spiders

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  • Holes don’t exist 😂

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  • I only know three of the holes

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  • Holes are the presence of nothing Edit: presence of nothing in between somethimg

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  • Maybe black holes don't even exist there's a hole in that tube

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How Many Holes Does a Human Have?