Hermitcraft VII 896 I've Got All The Diamonds!

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Episode fifteen! In this one we round up all the diamonds in order to make a big purchase in the shopping district!
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  • 21:42 Why did he take so much damage?

    Tyler RosierTyler RosierVor Tag
  • 7:15 I’m hearing ijevin’s timelapse music xD

    Noah karlssonNoah karlssonVor 6 Tage
  • you should rename all your shulker boxes to _________ Stinger box

    Mary Jo DennisonMary Jo DennisonVor 11 Tage
  • 21:42?? why does he take so much damage?

    Will LaveyWill LaveyVor 12 Tage
  • What happened at around 21:40, when Xisuma lost a bunch of health?

    Jacob RedstoneJacob RedstoneVor 14 Tage
  • At 21:42 X lost half of his health instantly and I'm so confused. If someone could explain what happened that would be great :)

    Cody OlsonCody OlsonVor 15 Tage
  • Why did he take so much damage here? 21:41

    Cooper KonarskiCooper KonarskiVor 19 Tage
  • Is nobody gonna mention 21:41 when he takes 5.5 hearts of damage for walking up a set of stairs?

    Eric DuenserEric DuenserVor 20 Tage
  • I wanna see what iskall will say to you selling diorite

    WavezWavezVor 21 Tag
  • X, your voice is slowly growing higher... I don't know why

    D.O.T.D.O.T.Vor 28 Tage
  • 22:04 who else raged cause he used a shovel

    little snakelittle snakeVor 28 Tage
  • 20:40 he left one block xd

    jota sietesietejota sietesieteVor Monat
  • 17:46 song?

    JoeJoeVor Monat
  • I feel like x was replaced with evil x this episode when he took down the diamond pile

    Downhour ProductionsDownhour ProductionsVor Monat
  • Does the biome/ altitude effect spawn rates for an iron farm? I know that the golem has to fall a certain distance so the villagers don’t get “depressed” from witnessing golems die.

    Mutant McNuggetsMutant McNuggetsVor Monat
  • t a x i ng t i m e

    GlazeBlazeGGGlazeBlazeGGVor Monat
  • Xisuma...you should give ilmango an invitation to join the hermitcraft server....

    Thirdie SANThirdie SANVor Monat
  • Slimey kisses!

    FozzenFozzenVor Monat
  • 7:38 I literally just figured that out for my Villager Zombification Hall's rail system

    Devin LayeDevin LayeVor Monat
  • Why did you lose so much health suddenly at 21:44 ?

    AndrewAndrewVor Monat
  • You missed your chance of putting "on your left" for that sign.

    NaujQFNaujQFVor Monat
  • Xisuma the point of having the diamonds there was so it was centered on the island. Now that you've moved it, Hermits will have to go out of their way to pay for more land. This is inconvenient and unfair to the other Hermits. You should've made sure it was okay with the Hermits first because that's kind of abusing your power.

    Seth AllredSeth AllredVor Monat
  • I think you should use all the diamond blocks to make a lot of beacon's bases and place them all over the mushroom Island to cover all the Island with beacon effects like regeneration

    sambald 03sambald 03Vor Monat
  • Maybe you can work out a deal with Grian. He already has a shop for grindy blocks.

    Da BanananananaDa BanananananaVor Monat
  • Xisuma: Wow this is a lot of diamonds blocks! Most of the viewers knowing that 1 quarter of diamonds blocks are scars

    iTs NyTeTiMeiTs NyTeTiMeVor Monat
  • 21:42 Xisuma causally takes 11 damage while waking up stairs.

    ZarnoxZarnoxVor Monat
  • Why did you lose health 21:40 - 21:46

    Daniel MartinezDaniel MartinezVor Monat
  • well that's 28 and a half stacks of diamonds right there

    TheDragoBoyTheDragoBoyVor Monat
  • Missed Opportunity to call the axe a Buzz Saw. Not a buzz saw I know, but it does fit the naming theme.

    Polaris RavenPolaris RavenVor Monat
  • I just thought.... what if..... the whole hermitcraft server had a crazy craft server they played?

    Mod_Dude KVMod_Dude KVVor Monat
  • You deserve the karma in future episodes....it was there for a reason and you moved it...no pitty from me whatsoever

    BlackAssassin913BlackAssassin913Vor Monat
  • Thanks youtube for Unsubbing me.... :/

    FrozenFLFrozenFLVor Monat
  • Xisuma have big stonk

    Safwan and SabrinaSafwan and SabrinaVor Monat

    Ben De GabrielBen De GabrielVor Monat
  • How did you make the chest grid/menu thing dark grey

    Darth- bananaDarth- bananaVor Monat
  • Does anyone know what music xisuma uses in his time lapses?

    LoopylaserladLoopylaserladVor Monat
  • Pause at 21:37 and you will see false, then look at xisuma’s health

    AmberHarpoon MinecraftAmberHarpoon MinecraftVor Monat
  • I know everyone already said it but the podium should remain in the same place

    Mike HawkMike HawkVor Monat
  • Make a iron shop

    joshua marcetajoshua marcetaVor Monat
  • shoulda made the title "i've got all the hoppers"

    CG SzeCG SzeVor Monat
  • "A diamond is a hermits best friend" I think that's how the saying goes.

    I. Can't. Breathe.I. Can't. Breathe.Vor Monat
  • X: this will be cool at night time Bdubs :D

    Aaron JamesAaron JamesVor Monat
  • Impulses farm is going to be partly destroyed cause he forgot xisuma is resetting the nether for the update

    Janos CastroJanos CastroVor Monat
  • Diamond: *breaks Xisuma behind it: Muselk: WHATS GOING ON GUYS

    5RW 18195RW 1819Vor Monat
  • Lmao he really just relocated everyone’s hard earned diamonds for his own benefit without asking others 💀🗿🗿

    Whacko OtakuWhacko OtakuVor Monat
  • X AT 1:43 YOU LEFT DIAMONDS IN THE HOLE AT THE BACK, watch the float up

    NotHereNotHereVor Monat
  • 1:19 is that a sick iJevin head?

    Tiger Eye DesignsTiger Eye DesignsVor Monat
  • It looks like Avengers Tower... Looks great! (The Main tower's roof I mean...)

    Gabriel EnriquezGabriel EnriquezVor Monat
  • Iskall is going to buy all of the diorite to burn it

    Jocelyn ChapdelaineJocelyn ChapdelaineVor Monat
  • How does Xisuma get hurt at 21:42 ? Its a lot of damage and mystifying me

    Ammon KunzlerAmmon KunzlerVor Monat
  • can you realise the creative backup? i whant to know your bee farm

    Edvin ThorenEdvin ThorenVor Monat
  • Wait is he on episode 896? Am I reading this wrong?

    christian marinchristian marinVor Monat
  • When you get enough diamond you can make the double beacon.

    Ed EitelmanEd EitelmanVor Monat
  • It seems kind of rude to destroy what iskall made. It would look cooler having a giant pillar of diamonds anyway

    Baker RickyBaker RickyVor Monat
    • *What everyone made

      DragonixDragonixVor Monat
  • Did no one notice him take half of his health at 21:43? He was full health...then bam instantly to half

    DerpingRedFishDerpingRedFishVor Monat
  • Wattles should join hermitcraft in season 8. Great guy, please check him @xisumavoid. Wattles does really good content and I think he'll really fit in the community.

    Ocean ManOcean ManVor Monat
  • Rather than H i think you should make an X.

    CelticShadowCelticShadowVor Monat

    Peter MacGregorPeter MacGregorVor Monat
  • Xisuma doing a non-complicated squid farm to get black dye Impulse doing a wither roses farm with a wither and endermans to get black dye

    JM3800JM3800Vor Monat

    Peter GriffinPeter GriffinVor Monat
  • How did you not think moving the podium was a bad idea

    Zach MaloneyZach MaloneyVor Monat
  • Put. The podium. Back.

    Zach MaloneyZach MaloneyVor Monat
  • I think when 1.16 rolls around, you should tell everyone so they can take stuff they want out of the Nether and put it in the Overworld, then you can reset it. That way no one will be sad if they lose something the wanted.

    Over VOver VVor Monat
  • U should help grian kill a dragon

    Stavvy109 2Stavvy109 2Vor Monat
  • That should be in the middle please dont be greedy

    Jack McNameeJack McNameeVor Monat
  • First, not!

    Alienated Fob1Alienated Fob1Vor Monat
  • you should sort out the flowers into compsters for passive bonemeal production

    Julien KlockowJulien KlockowVor Monat
  • Was someone trying to kill you at the end of the episode? 😅

    Dingo JoDingo JoVor Monat
  • Grian and Xisuma should do an episode called the birds and the bees

    Your Average Piano DudeYour Average Piano DudeVor Monat
  • 21:42 wait what

    Sawyer BoekeSawyer BoekeVor Monat
Hermitcraft VII 896 I've Got All The Diamonds!