Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd’s Top 10 NFL teams after Week 7 | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd's ten best teams in the NFL. Find out which squad he thinks is the best in the league after Week 7
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About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd’s Top 10 NFL teams after Week 7 | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  • Who is your No.1 pick after Week 7?

    The Herd with Colin CowherdThe Herd with Colin CowherdVor Monat

      Chakradhar PothapuChakradhar PothapuVor Monat
    • Steelers

      Dom EspositoDom EspositoVor Monat
    • The only undefeated team.

      Gary ShookGary ShookVor Monat
    • Does anybody know how to build beds for hospitals and outdoor hospital facilities? And how would one get the word out? Also can people contact the hospitals to get tested and help them out?

      William RicksWilliam RicksVor Monat
    • TB + AB +TB =SB

      John HainesJohn HainesVor Monat
  • Pittsburgh: starts 4-0 Everyone: "but they havnt played anyone good" Pittsburgh: beats good teams for 7-0 Colin: but Pittsburgh hasn't blown anyone out really. Put em at 3.

    Anthony VAnthony VVor 29 Tage
  • The Saints beat Tamp and not even on this list 😂

    kyle gonsoulinkyle gonsoulinVor Monat
  • They sleep on breesus and the saints...just wait till they beat the buccs again

    Tyler BaconTyler BaconVor Monat
  • If the Steelers aren’t number 1 this week on his list we all need to stop watching his show. Everything hinges on Steelers being number one from Colin

    Stone SuderStone SuderVor Monat
  • Cardinals beat the niners week 1 with a fully healthy defense. Only injuries were at receiver. Also like damn, how are the cardinals supposed to get credit. He kept saying how bad the Seahawks defense is. THE CARDINALS HAD TO PLAY THEIR OFFENSE TOO, Which coming into last week was the best. Give them credit man, I thought 2 back to back prime time wins was enough. Now we gonna disappear the rest of the year until the playoffs, and then everyone will be like “hOw DiD tHeY gEt HeRe”

    Daniel BarnettDaniel BarnettVor Monat
  • 3-3 niners rank 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tim SlaymakerTim SlaymakerVor Monat
  • why are you running

  • It’s like Christmas morning when I hear sports talk shows finally giving Tampa some respect!! 🏴‍☠️

    Brandon StephensBrandon StephensVor Monat
  • people just don’t understand quarterbacks can’t do much without a good o-line, lamar lost a lot of good players from the o line so he hasn’t been having the best coverage in the start of the season

    Dmoney ProductionsDmoney ProductionsVor Monat
  • Imma be honest. I hear Colin bashing the Browns seemingly every week now. Before I didn’t notice because well, you know, it’s the Browns. Lol. But the Browns are 5-2 and he’s still bashing them every week. I think someone has a Vendetta against the Browns...

    Why We Love FilmWhy We Love FilmVor Monat
  • Tampa??????? WOW

    jake9508jake9508Vor Monat
  • didnt Tampa loose to the Bears just saying

    Nell mNell mVor Monat
  • If russ keeps going, he can break the all time TD record. We have a tough Month now but after that we play the eagels the giants the football team and the jets so he could possibly throw for 3+ Td‘s in those games!

    Migo 2BryantMigo 2BryantVor Monat
  • As a niner fan, I don’t think that we’re better than eveyryone in our division at the current moment, or even green bay. Yes we are managing to win with our injuries however we haven’t beat the cardinals, beat the rams by a score, and haven’t faced seattle yet. If later in the year we do manage to beat each of these teams later in the season then maybe we can make it higher in ranking.

    DynamoDynamoVor Monat
  • either colin had to much coffee in him or he just missed, the buc over kc and steelers ( really) buddy watch this sunday and see upsets

    Nicholas DespotopoulosNicholas DespotopoulosVor Monat
  • "Fastest LB core" like the 49ers don't have 3 of the best coverage LB's in the league that are all blazers

    BushLeagueSports RadioBushLeagueSports RadioVor Monat
  • The niners? Really Colin? They need to be off this list along with the cardinals. Bills are a top ten team without a doubt.

    Liam DanielLiam DanielVor Monat
  • How did Seattle go from 1st to 8th?!?! 3 picks by Russ and they still could've won. I could see 5 or 6, 8 is a HUGE drop.

    Noelle DiscoversNoelle DiscoversVor Monat
  • Lmao, Colin on Tom's jock YET AGAIN...what else is new??

    Vic VegaVic VegaVor Monat
  • AZ Cardinals beat both the Seattle and SF. And beat the 49ers in SF!! This list has very shaky logic.

    LandoFettLandoFettVor Monat
  • 49ers at 6 but no Bills???

    Justin WoodJustin WoodVor Monat
  • Rams start the first drive hot but slow down till the 2nd half

    Barack ObamaBarack ObamaVor Monat
  • The biggest disservice and disrespect done to any player in NFL history By FAR is year after year refusing to get Aaron Rodgers the WR talent he deserves!!!

    Sean GSean GVor Monat
  • How Tampa number 1, they lost to 2 teams not in the top ten... I still don't think they are winning their own division

    Jack MckeownJack MckeownVor Monat
  • Bucs are not the best team in football 😐

    Amari Tann-WilsonAmari Tann-WilsonVor Monat
  • How are the 49ers higher than the packers lol

    Nicholas BrownNicholas BrownVor Monat
  • Colin “that’s a Vegas number” Coherd

    Andrew FrybargerAndrew FrybargerVor Monat
  • Calling you serious you take the Seahawks from like 1 to 8 after 1 Los are you joking

    John jonesJohn jonesVor Monat
  • So Tennessee was number one last week and didn't make the list this time

    Louis IngallsLouis IngallsVor Monat
  • Everyone really forgot about Tampa losing to the Bears fast

    Drew JohnsonDrew JohnsonVor Monat
  • this guy has lost all creditability with this week 10 ten

    David DukesDavid DukesVor Monat
  • No saints?? You crazy.

    Gregory KanehlGregory KanehlVor Monat
  • Wait.... The Browns didnt make the list? Baker Hater

    Matthew CroweMatthew CroweVor Monat
  • So the browns just don’t exist?

    Tushar KumarTushar KumarVor Monat
  • Love me some Houston Oilers!

    One Issue VoterOne Issue VoterVor Monat
  • I am a HUGE GB fan but without a piece on defense or another receiver, we are not top 4. I do believe that the bus is hurting people like Seattle and GB, but we will see a the 49ers in 2 weeks

    Sean StewartSean StewartVor Monat
  • yall need to quit giving this women clout. How could you be a football analyst and never played?? /:

    Makell SeemsMakell SeemsVor Monat
  • This list is trash.

    Seriously BlackSeriously BlackVor Monat
  • I’ll make you all a deal. When my beloved buccaneers beat the saints, I’ll be convinced that we’re the best team in the league. Until then I’m not sure we’re number one, because the chiefs, and ravens are really good. But if we can beat the saints in two weeks I think the buccaneers will be locked in and will be in the control seat down the road in the nfc south standings, and in the conference standings come playoff time.

    Martin Elliot EdwardsMartin Elliot EdwardsVor Monat
  • Cowherd you seen the Steelers without Big Ben last year right?

    Brandon JonesBrandon JonesVor Monat
  • The fact the Steelers aren’t at 1 is disrespectful. The buccs will probably jump over the Steelers once the Steelers lose but when the Steelers Have wins against Titans and browns and are 6-0. To say their not the best team in the NFL is wrong

    Micheal HornetsMicheal HornetsVor Monat
    • The only legit win the Steelers have is over the Titans and that was by a lucky missed field goal everyone else is trash. The Bucs blew out both the packers and the Raiders.

      Poetic RebelzPoetic RebelzVor Monat
    • I think you are getting caught up in those wins. The fact that the Buccaneers are doing what they're doing with multiple injured top people is what he saying. Then they're getting Antonio Brown on top of it. Plus, they have the number one defense.

      joshuaISjoshuaISVor Monat
  • Every team in the NFC West is in his top 10 but none are in is top 5... Let that sink in...

    BTC Front DeskBTC Front DeskVor Monat
  • Finally some love for the Arizona Cardinals!!!!

    Veleno XDVeleno XDVor Monat
  • Disrespect the Seahawks smh.

    Rowan HicksRowan HicksVor Monat
  • Joy 😍

  • KC #1

    The Amazingly RandyThe Amazingly RandyVor Monat
  • You know the Cardinals lost 2 of their games because they didnt have Budda if we had him those 2 weeks we would be 7-0

    You Satisfied YetYou Satisfied YetVor Monat
  • I wouldn't put the 49ers so high but I'll take it for a week.

    SmallLab129SmallLab129Vor Monat
  • Bucs first 😂😂😂 thanks I needed a good laugh

    Tyler’s CardsTyler’s CardsVor Monat
  • No saints 🤔

    devante johndondevante johndonVor Monat
  • Thank you for actually putting the Cardinals in this list; the rest of the world doesn't have the respect to even do that much. I can understand the skepticism, we'll show up, don't worry.

    Qynn MarbleQynn MarbleVor Monat
  • I think lamar is one hit away from being rg3... The dude can't throw when u know that's what's comming

    shane Nicholasshane NicholasVor Monat
  • I don't see how you have the 49ers over Seattle, or anyone else in that division, but otherwise, okay.

    Kyle FrameKyle FrameVor Monat
  • Cardinals beat the 49s and the Seahawks yet still behind both teams? 49s ranked higher than all NFCW teams while being in last place in the division? Just a trash take by Colin

    Andrew MarinoAndrew MarinoVor Monat
  • So no nfc east team...I lold writing that

    Abdul UmerAbdul UmerVor Monat
  • Anyone going to talk about how the Baltimore ravens arent here?? No... cool

    Jordan CottrellJordan CottrellVor Monat
    • They're #4

      Anthony AndersonAnthony AndersonVor Monat
  • Don't sleep on the Steelers

    KennyRooksKennyRooksVor Monat
  • Fastest in years? The Falcons line backers all 3 run a 4.3 40. And you can’t run on them. Stop it

    falconfan1990falconfan1990Vor Monat
  • “Don’t know if it will work against a Tennessee” when the Steelers literally just beat Tennessee.

    Anthony CiancioAnthony CiancioVor Monat
    • God himself had to come down and help the Steelers win. That win doesn't mean much

      crossline zerocrossline zeroVor Monat
  • Glad Colin is the only smart one and realize that the cardinals got a lucky win

    Fabian SanchezFabian SanchezVor Monat
  • Tampa is looking scary good

    lamakicker69lamakicker69Vor Monat
  • Must have a new sound guy. A bit more compression.

    Trail BlazersTrail BlazersVor Monat
  • Bucs at 1 is ridiculous. That sacreams "What have you done for me lately." They beat the Raiders and he acts like they are going all the way.

    Zero F?cks GivenZero F?cks GivenVor Monat
  • I’m sorry Colin, but Brady is not going to date you

    Broseph HBroseph HVor Monat
  • 49ers- last in their division, yet ranked ahead of the other NFC West teams and Green Bay. BRUH!

    Marvel AntonioMarvel AntonioVor Monat
  • Saints are better than the Bills, 49ers, and Rams

    Blake SpadaroBlake SpadaroVor Monat
  • Saints are Top 10 stop it Collin

    Blake SpadaroBlake SpadaroVor Monat
  • I would trade 49ers for Saint. I hate the Saints but they are playing good football without their top 2 receivers!

    mailliw someonemailliw someoneVor Monat
  • The 49ers are not better than the Seahawks

    NBAFastbreak15NBAFastbreak15Vor Monat
Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd’s Top 10 NFL teams after Week 7 | THE HERD