Gutfeld: The game has changed and we have Trump to thank

The Democrat candidates can't stack up to President Trump on the debate stage. #FoxNews

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  • Hobo Kelly wants his glasses back.

    matthew kittymatthew kittyVor 18 Tage
  • Good Show

    iga boaiga boaVor 24 Tage
  • Trump 2020

    ladyjillian12ladyjillian12Vor 26 Tage
  • Hey billionaires.. why ARENT you out there helping those homeless on the streets???

    Lu LarsenLu LarsenVor 28 Tage

    Lu LarsenLu LarsenVor 28 Tage
  • Come on, Bernie is a capitalist masquerading as a socialist. That is for himself anyway. He doesn't care about anyone else. He sees how the leaders of communist countries are getting rich on the suffering of others so he thought it was a good way toi make lots of money. Well let’s face it he would be like every other dictator in socialist/communist countries. He gets paid a fortune and makes millions while everyone else is scrounging for food out on the streets. I have never seen a poor dictator yet, have you? I bet Kim Jong Un gets paid millions unlike everyone else who struggles under his deranged leadership. Look at the USSR when it was around. The leaders made a fotune while the everyday people wqere starving. That goes for every socialist/communist country. BERNIE would be just like that. Now what does USSR Stand for. Oh that's right United Soviet SOCIALIST Republic. Socialist is in the name of most communist parties around the world. So voting Bernie is voting for communism.

    Henry WebsterHenry WebsterVor 29 Tage
  • 1:27 hasn't Joe Biden gotten in trouble for his own "stop and frisk" encounters?

    Otto BaronOtto BaronVor 29 Tage
  • Duckman is involved.. I have games shame!

    Chris TatroChris TatroVor Monat
    • That's 20 y's and answers... I'm f. Board

      Chris TatroChris TatroVor Monat
  • Why are comments turned off on your more recent videos? Or is it just me?

    ge -ge -Vor Monat
  • Democrats are cannibal type of politicians m

    Marilyn DargisMarilyn DargisVor Monat
  • *Trump is hilarious!*

    LibertyMatrixLibertyMatrixVor Monat
  • Warren raises her hand as a middle schooler. Lol

    abc123 *abc123 *Vor Monat
  • 0:24 Trump is such a funny guy that's why I think he's going to win again the left has lost their sense of humor. 1:25 Plz stop Warren I can only like Bloomberg so much.

    John GaltJohn GaltVor Monat
  • The latest from Trumps Department of Winning...Brand new record set! The DOW dropped 1,191 one day. And no worries about the Coronavirus, Donald tells us it will go away by itself in April..And he knows science...he had this Uncle you see.... But Oh look! Beads.....

    waiotahi52waiotahi52Vor Monat
    • WHY don't the democrats PUT on their superman outfits and go do something besides CRY??

      Resident EvilResident EvilVor Monat
  • To all people: go and buy toaletpaper, cans of food, macaronis, flour, condensed milk etc...when the alarm comes it will be too late and the shelves will be empty! Go and proviant NOW!

    A AntonsonA AntonsonVor Monat
  • A horrifying terror on the greatest journalist of our time, Julian Assange, is led by Clinton machine. Trump can forever enter the history by helping Assange !!

    Boris PetrovBoris PetrovVor Monat
  • Scalped by a fake indian.

    Kaiter EnlessKaiter EnlessVor Monat
  • Gutfield is a digusting man.

    Debra de RoosDebra de RoosVor Monat
  • Best show yet! Gutfeld

    ghosttrain2066ghosttrain2066Vor Monat
  • Allowed to? Did she just inadvertently admit to Democrat election interference?

    Dustin BrandelDustin BrandelVor Monat
  • They already accepted they loose the presidential race.And finally they bow.

    joaquin marianojoaquin marianoVor Monat
  • The Democrats Running for President are a Disaster. Warren playing the Victim card is getting old - Being a Senator is so Bad of a Job to Get - Seriously.

    ftecconnftecconnVor Monat
  • Jan Brady Good one... Russia Russia Russia!

    sjw-killersjw-killerVor Monat
  • Stop and Frisk saved thousands of lives but the democrats are angry about it, should tell you everything you need to know about them.

    evoljellyfish 00evoljellyfish 00Vor Monat
  • WOW ............gutfeld just said the B word, MARK MY WORDS, there will be consequences for that.

    evoljellyfish 00evoljellyfish 00Vor Monat
  • Those Dem's have no " FUN" in their hearts and look like they just want to punish EVERYONE!

    William DixonWilliam DixonVor Monat
  • "Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!" LOL so awesome

    Bridget StuartBridget StuartVor Monat
  • Whenever the Democrats have a debate, President Trump wins every time!

    Diana KlienDiana KlienVor Monat
  • Vote2RED! REMOVE EVERY DEMONRAT! Remove all terr@rists/leftist/anti-American/communists from my government and country!

    The OneThe OneVor Monat
  • "Poltergeist screeching" That's an interesting comparison and I'd say it's very accurate.

    Daemon WolfDaemon WolfVor Monat
  • Trump is the people’s president.

    Alpha ChaserAlpha ChaserVor Monat
  • Trump 2020

    VinceVinceVor Monat
  • This made me feel better and laugh. Thank you. And yet still informative.

    chelsea beleharchelsea beleharVor Monat
  • Bernie, don't lecture me about homelessness when you have two residences and a summer camp. How about you open up 'Camp Give-It-All-Away' and let some of the homeless crash there? And poor Mini-Mike. Terrible businessman. Normally you only have to pay a few hundred bucks to be humiliated and dominated by a woman...

    Robert VantineRobert VantineVor Monat

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • Debt highest since World War 2, record # of farmer's claiming bankruptcy, farmer's losing their farms, trucker's losing their careers, nobody has taxed u more then Donald J TChump, largest wealth gap in American history, due to Republicans 2017 tax scam on the American people, 30 of the top companies not paying any taxes while u and I pay 33%, all bcuz of the corrupt Republicans sleeping with the special interests and lobbyists, coal, NRA, pharmacy, insurance companies, were earning less now then we were in the 1980's, Republicans exposed as anti constitution, anti rule of law, liars, cheaters, as they suppress our voting right's, limit our wages, DON'T ever, NEVER trust a Republican. Chump's speech tonight will be all lies, the biggest pathological liar in World history, a crook, a con man, who set up a fake University, then him and his family pocketed, wait 4 it, ur money, he set up a fake military foundation for vets, then wait 4 it, pocketed the money, and u thought another corrupt, rich Republican was going to help u? HA HA HA

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • Today is the two year anniversary of the Republicans tax scam on the American people and as with Reagan's trickle down economics and Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, the Conservatives lies have been exposed again, here's just a few of the whopper's they told when they were passing it. Trump and the wealthy wouldn't see an increase in their wages, but yet 83% of the tax scam went to the top 1% of the rich, while everyone else got an average of, WAIT 4 IT, $28??? Yes, Republicans took ur money and instead of rebuilding our D- infrastructure, pocketed it and gave it to their wealthy special interest and lobbyist friends, so they could make their share holder's wealthier, beyond their wildest dreams and control ur life even more with their radical right socialist agenda. The Republicans tax scam of 2017 blew a $2 trillion dollar hole in the budget, who they claim to be fiscally conservative and complained 24/7 under Obama, the corrupt Republican administration is now set to double the debt that Obama had, but now not one word out of the right wing media? Trump said everyone would get a $4000-$9000 increase in their paycheck, ANOTHER BIG LIE. Americans will never learn, WHEN U VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN, U R VOTING TO MAKE THE RICH, WEALTHIER, AND EVERYONE ELSE, POORER! THOSE R THE FACTS!!! IT HAPPENED UNDER REAGAN, WHO STARTED THE LARGEST WEALTH GAP IN AMERICA WHICH CONTINUES TODAY, AND HAPPENED UNDER BUSH AND NOW TRUMP. r tr ying to clean up their mess, BUT WAIT 4 IT, they want to give more money to themselves and their wealthy friends, yes the GOP ignored the middle class and committed fraud on the American people, THERE WERE DOZENS OF DEMOCRATS AMENDMENTS THAT WOULD HAVE BENEFITED AVERAGE EVERYDAY AMERICANS, THE MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR, BUT THE REPUBLICANS VOTED AGAINST EVERYONE OF THEM, SO THEY COULD MAKE THEMSELVES AND THEIR WEALTHY DONORS, RICHER. People's tax refunds r down at least 6%, bonuses paid to worker's are down, State's don't h ave the money to run their schools, hospitals, airports, police and fire departments, it goes on and on and on, the GOP corruption is way beyond what Richard Nixon dreamed of. WAIT4IT, CAN U BELIEVE THE CORRUPT REPUBLICANS ALL OF A SUDDEN, BELIEVE IN BIG GOVERNMENT? YES THAT'S RIGHT, THEY DID ALL THEY COULD TO MAKE THE WEALTHY TAKE UR MONEY AND RUN, INTERFERE WITH WOMEN'S RIGHT'S, INTERFERE WITH INTERNET RIGHTS TO BENEFIT CORPORATE AMERICA AT THE EXPENSE OF USER'S, YES, THAT'S RIGHT, THE GOP DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT UNTIL IT'S TIME TO RIP OFF THE MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR! IF YOUR NOT A SOCIALIST, DON'T: USE GOVERNMENT ROADS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS, AIRPORTS, SCHOOLS, PARKS DONALD J TRUMP, YOUR FIRED!!! YOUR IMPEACHED YOU CROOK!!!

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • The 1st three years Obama cleaned TChump's clock on job creation... The stock market went up 12k points under Obama, Trump, NOT so much Obamacare was a Republican idea, The Heritage foundation, implemented by a Republican, Mitt Romney, ut the corrupt right wing, lying, hypocrite radical socialists, have changed their tune.

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • I told u Republicans were plotting and planning their next move, at the tune of $100 billion dollars campaign pact, in addition to the $2 trillion dollar 2017 tax scam on the American people, yes you've been lied to again, every hour, of every day, by the time TChump and the corrupt Republicans r done with u, u will b lucky to have the short on ur back! Yes, instead of owning ur own home w/a white picket fence, families r now working three and four jobs, have less then $500 dollars saved up, can't afford to fix their car, go to the doctor, buy their insulin, all bciz of Republicans tax cuts for the wealthy, corruption dealt to Americans for decades. Republicans, puppet's of Russia and lobbyists.

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • The corrupt Republicans won't demand an audit at the Pentagon, wasting trillions of tax payer $$$. The last 4 Republican POTUS's record:Reagan...Started the largest wealth gap in America, which continues today, "trickle down Reaganomics of the 1980's", never trickled down, and the rich got richer, and everyone else suffered. Bush 41.....1000 points of light??? Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy. Bush 43...Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy, unpaid prescription drug plan, wasted trillions of tax payer $$$ on illegal wars. TChump...Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy, took health care away from 30 million Americans...MOST corrupt POTUS in history!!! Yes, we all knew, except the Republicans, that Trump and his crony wealthy friends, were going to give to the wealthy and take from everyone else, after their 2017 tax scam on the American people, they now want to cut trillions for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, yes, u heard right, cut ur health care, cur ur retirement, and where did the money go to, wair4it, TChump's wealthy friends, the top 83% of the wealthiest Americans, will Republican voter's, NEVER wake up? You only need a 3rd grade education to understand this? TChump claimed he wasn't going to golf, wait4it, u guessed wrong, he's golf 10x what Obama has, he's wasted 50x on security and bogus trips, then what Obama did, TChump claimed NO executive orders/ he's signed 3x what Obama has, every word out of this clowns mouth, is a LIE! He claimed affordable health care for all, low premiums and deductibles, a LIE, he's taken away health care from 30 million people, said he was "The Law & Order POTUS", he's more corrupt then all POTUS's combined, claimed "Mexico will pay for the wall", Americans r stuck with the bill, another tax increase, one of dozens by the party that claims 2b lowering taxes? Republicans for decades, claimed 2b the "party of jobs and families", research shows, wait4it, ANOTHER lie, Democrats have created 2x the # of jibs, in 8 less years, going back, wait4it, 5 decades, yes, the GOP has been lying to u for more then 50 years! ALL u have to do is google, "Jobs Created By President", add them up, and yes, u get facts and truths, the GOP won't talk about. And the biggest lie to date, the GOP claimed 2b the party of "rule of law and the constitution", but their so afraid of TChump 2b primaried, they have completely abandoned both. Yes, the Republicans have been exposed of all this and now they r known as racists, by gerrymandering to cheat the electoral college, courts in Texas, North Carolina and Virginia have opined on, but the corrupt right wing Supreme Court, have abandoned the same principles, ALL these republican crooks MUST b removed! The radical right socialist, will say, do and lie about anything to control ur life, with their special interests, lobbyists and wealthy friends, these crooks makeRichard Nixon, look like a choir boy... Her's another one, 'We have the cleanest air and water", ANOTHER lie, he just cut the EPA by 25%? The GOP couldn't find the truth, if it were on the end of their nose...their in bed with the NRA, fossil fuel, insurance and drug companies, protect pre-existing conditions, ANOTHER lie, Repeal & Replace, ANOTHER lie, Republicans CAN'T seem to find the truth, on anything? When u lie down with dogs, u get up with fleas!!! Is the sky blue or green? Is the grass green or red? Does the sun rise in the east or west? The top 1% has grown $3.5 trillion dollars, while u and I r earning less then we were in the 1980's? The corrupt Republicans will not raise ur wages with a Federal minimum wage increase, to keep up with inflation, food and rent costs r out of hand.

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • Republican crooks and con men, such as Moscow Mitch, refuse to protect our national security our free and fair elections, and they refuse to sanction Russia for meddling in our 2016 elections, these radical right socialist r corrupt ay beyond what Richard Nixon, every dreamed of. Impeach and remove them in November!!! TChump and his corrupt administration have NO plan to deal with the corona virus, Federal agencies have been so hollowed out, there's very little money to deal with it, yes the GOP puppets of the wealthy have taken all ur money and given it to their wealthy friends and the military and a feckless wall, Mexico was supposed to pay for. The person in charge of the office to handle the health emergency, wait4it, another tv personality that knows nothing about viruses, Ken Cucchinelli. As Republican continue to lie every day, they also continue to sell junk insurance plans that cover nothing, just as b4 Obamacare, u pay high premiums, deductibles and co-pays and it doesn't cover anything, dangerous incompetence. Yes, farmer's continue to claim bankruptcy and lose their farms, trucker's continue to lose their jobs, all bcuz of TChump and his failed tariff policies, all this as our roads and bridges continue to erode bcuz Republicans won't fund infrastructure. TChump an his corrupt cronies r giving sweet heart deals to wealthy contractors while closing out everyone else. TChump is taking people's properties on the Mexico border, cutting i 1/2 their ranches and farms,

    Me KingMe KingVor Monat
  • I am so looking forward to Trump vs Bernie debate, dems deserve to lose for again having a crappy candidate

    jane beerverhausenjane beerverhausenVor Monat
  • You guys are exposing your corruption

    Cheryl ConroyCheryl ConroyVor Monat
  • He is real, President Trump

    Cheryl ConroyCheryl ConroyVor Monat
  • LMAO!!!!!

    Nadine BarriosNadine BarriosVor Monat
  • You got it, Bud! _TRUMP Trash_ Heathen shall reside in _HELL._ Then, They shall accuse _SATAN_ of being "Deep State"! While the _Noble,_ shall be forever rid of the "Infestation"!

    D* R*D* R*Vor Monat
  • Trump took Unity out of America...

    Robert MitchellRobert MitchellVor Monat
  • Greg Rocks!

    Brian WilsonBrian WilsonVor Monat
  • Capitalism has stopped working if it ever worked at all it creates filthy rich and destitute the Scandinavian countries are beating what used to be the greatest country on earth time to look at Democratic socialism and if your so against Socialism you don't need to have medicare, medicaid, or your Social Security

    kenneth petrikenneth petriVor Monat
  • You'll never find a girlfriend at a Bernie, Warren, Biden or at any Dem rallies. Because they're REEEE'ing misogyny.

    It's Spagett!It's Spagett!Vor Monat
  • You can't help but laugh when Trump does the "I can't breath!!"

    Jpriest13Jpriest13Vor Monat
  • The game has changed. Fascism comes to America . And you have Putin and his puppet DJT to thank.

    stable geniusstable geniusVor Monat
  • Biden is a nobody Pure ignorance

    C PC PVor Monat
  • Democrat credo i'll give you everything you wan't and someone else will pay for it. Republican credo personal responsibility, where can we cut back on spending and make smarter purchases. the election children vs adults

    R V AR V AVor Monat
  • vote for TULSI. Bernie for V.P.

    big Cahunabig CahunaVor Monat
  • Of all the schmucks on Fox, you're the biggest putz!

    Irv RosenthalIrv RosenthalVor Monat
  • One need to ask themselves why are all the little dogs attacking Bloomberg? He's a much bigger threat than most think and they're scared of him .

    TheLJ5263TheLJ5263Vor Monat
  • Warren had lifts in her healed shoes! Lol

    abc123 *abc123 *Vor Monat
  • Match maker and still flirting!!!.....

    abc123 *abc123 *Vor Monat
  • go...Bernie...go i believe .The winds of change .... without fear of happiness.

    gilmcostagilmcostaVor Monat
  • Fox if you want superpowers check out Wim Hof

    PineapplaplatypotamusPineapplaplatypotamusVor Monat
  • im sorry but pete was right to question amy ,or was going to,probley about her immergration policy and what she has done,but she saw it comeing and cut him off flicking it back on pete with a accusation like a true politian,pete should have been prepaired for it but stood there like a wet blanket hit him

    gamergirl 5317gamergirl 5317Vor Monat
  • Gutpuke is a joke and should go back to sucking Trump's pole to keep quiet

    Gary DimaggioGary DimaggioVor Monat
  • Democrats anti-American freaks of nature

    Len SmithLen SmithVor Monat
  • Well Mike Bloomberg is right you anti-American liberal women are butt ugly

    Len SmithLen SmithVor Monat
  • "The truth is the truth" - Bernie Sanders "Truth isn't truth" - Trump's criminal lawyer

    Troll WatchTroll WatchVor Monat
  • Bloomberg needs to go back to the Republican party. If he can't relise how bad the democrats are and don't want him. Better of running 2024 under Republican keeping Trump's policy

    James HaginJames HaginVor Monat
  • Warren. , always lying ! Dems. Party. Of. Doom. &. Failure. !

    Johnny GeeJohnny GeeVor Monat
  • Rosie O'Donnell. Hahahhahaaaaaaaa Gutfeld delivers. I think its FOWL. LOL

    Billy BloggsBilly BloggsVor Monat
Gutfeld: The game has changed and we have Trump to thank