German Rap // Deutscher Rap 2016

Sup, just a quick compilation of German rap.
Video about Underground rap coming out soon!!
Playlist will be added

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  • The pistol fingers are strong with one...

    Ulfgar HallgrímssonUlfgar HallgrímssonVor 3 Monate
  • 1:30 😂😂

    The DenizThe DenizVor 6 Monate
  • 6:17 what's the song name people ?

    obeyda nedjaiobeyda nedjaiVor 7 Monate
  • 1000

    Aynur MirzeyevaAynur MirzeyevaVor 7 Monate
  • 1000th comment

    Bilson StudiosBilson StudiosVor 9 Monate
  • Push that Sound Amerikans thats German Style

    Steveo SpSteveo SpVor year
  • Are they all Turkish?

    Ramiro EstevezRamiro EstevezVor year
  • Z

    edcarte edcarteedcarte edcarteVor year
  • الحاج الزواريالحاج الزواريVor year
  • the system all of us are everything lol

    Amachetay CyboAmachetay CyboVor year
  • 1:02 what’s the song name?

    Lily LilyLily LilyVor year
  • This is dope

    Shahab EdalatianShahab EdalatianVor year
  • What is at 1:02 ? Please

    MellaMellaVor year
  • 1.23 was ist das?хорошая подборка найс.

    Даанал ЛюбительДаанал ЛюбительVor year
  • Bildiğin nah çekti amk

    Berkant ÖksüzBerkant ÖksüzVor year
  • I'm from Germany

    five finger filletfive finger filletVor year
  • 2:24 German Eminem

    Phoenix KinghornPhoenix KinghornVor year
  • I love this! 🔥❤️

    Shani KarjalainenShani KarjalainenVor year
  • Wie hiesst den Musik Bushido

    Deutsch rap1Deutsch rap1Vor year
  • хуйня..

    Ivan DragoIvan DragoVor year
  • German rap is lit!

    Anton RingvallAnton RingvallVor year
  • i dont speak chinese :( pls do english version

    Little pump 69Little pump 69Vor year
    • Chinese? I hope this is a Joke ...😂

      the snailthe snailVor 4 Monate
  • Eko fresh,Kool Savas,Kollegah,Bushido (naja)

    Him ParkHim ParkVor 2 years
  • Wow Amazing, love it !

    r a p d o p er a p d o p eVor 2 years
  • german rap is so family friendly greek rap is the best

    Gamer fanGamer fanVor 2 years
  • ver goptlinoch

    Brandon PoirierBrandon PoirierVor 2 years
  • ich nfom

    Brandon PoirierBrandon PoirierVor 2 years
  • That third guy reminded me of R.A

    Dark AngelDark AngelVor 2 years
  • I only feel bad cuz are nota actually germans Who are doing this but slavs and other mixed cunts

    andre huppandre huppVor 2 years
  • I have no idea what there saying but I like the beat

    Anti vax MomAnti vax MomVor 2 years
  • ein Lied mit dem Titel

    Dark JekDark JekVor 2 years
  • 1:30 osmanlı hareketi :D

    JokerJokerVor 2 years
  • 2:57???

    Badass AnonymBadass AnonymVor 2 years
  • Great !!!!!

    RotheR xdRotheR xdVor 2 years
  • wie heist der 1ste song

    OnlyJanYTOnlyJanYTVor 2 years
  • If you want to listen to german rap besides the usual "gangstar-aim-the-greatest-cause-ive-got a-gun-stuff" you HAVE to liste to Curse an Kilez More ....

    Doc KotogaDoc KotogaVor 2 years
  • 187

    Лирой СолдиерЛирой СолдиерVor 2 years
  • Komisch, 75% deutsch rap ist Türkische Singer!!!

    Jaromir SchwerdtJaromir SchwerdtVor 2 years
  • name of the song in 2:45?

    Fran CasalFran CasalVor 2 years
  • Spieleliste?

    L MarostenmakiL MarostenmakiVor 2 years
  • Who is at 1 minute 5 secs

    L MarostenmakiL MarostenmakiVor 2 years
    • Bitte, hilfe?

      L MarostenmakiL MarostenmakiVor 2 years
  • when my friend asked me what kind of songs i listen i answered " now i listen German rap, it`s so cool" but she wondered and told me " who is in German rap most well-known? i have never heard of it" as i know German rappers are so weird some of them are not even from Germany. they are from different countries and have different origin. so, you guys can you tell me the native German rapper who is very well-known who is legend?

    Khatia KhvichavaKhatia KhvichavaVor 2 years
    • Bonez MC, GZUZ, Kollegah, RAF Camora (ok he's technically austrian, but still fits your demands) those are all very big german rappers who sell a lot. However: Most of german rap is done by migrants, that's because Hip Hop is originating from the lower class and from the ghettos and these are mostly populated by migrants whereas Native germans are usually found in the middle and high class of society and haven't lived the "street life" that Hip Hop is inspired from. It's the same as in the USA where 90% of Hip Hop is also not coming from the white american folk.

      YannikYannikVor 2 years
  • Germany is being ruined by these kinds of Immigrants.

    Leo the German SheperdLeo the German SheperdVor 2 years
  • great mix! what is the name of the rap in 1:00?

    KatibKatibVor 2 years
  • Ich libe deutsch rap 😊😊😊👏👏👏

    Bejamin schniederBejamin schniederVor 2 years
  • Alter, wenn man von Kolle mal absieht, gibt es so viele geilere und vor allem BESSERE Rapper, und außerdem sind die meisten Rapper in der Liste einfach nur lächerliche Wannabe-Gangster... Meine Fresse... Um nur ein paar Beispiele für gute Rapper zu nennen: Kollegah, Farid bang, Kool Savas, Azad, Samy Deluxe, fast alle von Selfmade, einige aus Banger Musik, Alligatoah (wenn man ihn zu den Rapper zählt), Sun Diego, und aucj ganz Ok sind Leute wie Sido, 187, Bushido. Und es gibt noch einige geile Rapper mehr...

    Depressed HippieDepressed HippieVor 2 years
  • Das ist Leben

    Kitty RKitty RVor 2 years
  • Ich bin still pissed that ich don't know Deutsch

  • lmao I'm German look up funny Germany rap called apfebt

    Denisa AlimanovicDenisa AlimanovicVor 2 years
  • Es fehlen Mosh36, bonezmc,lx , sa4, kiz, azet, capital...

    zillimasterzillimasterVor 2 years
  • Nein nein nein

    Luke EichtenLuke EichtenVor 2 years
  • 187 ist whack as fuck

    daniel bicepsdaniel bicepsVor 2 years
  • bruh German rap is fucking lit AF

    DÄnDÄnVor 2 years
  • тачки у вас заебись! а рэп говно!

    Максим ТуркинМаксим ТуркинVor 2 years
  • it's so nice to show us rap song but not the name of the song

    Nathan kakarothNathan kakarothVor 2 years
    • Nathan kakaroth somebody posted the songlist in the comments

      Young PappyYoung PappyVor 2 years
  • Wer ist das 5:38?

    Wladislav MaifatWladislav MaifatVor 2 years
    • Vladislav Maifat amk noch nie 187 gehört?

      Young PappyYoung PappyVor 2 years
  • musste so lachen als du Timatic gezeigt hast :''''D

    MaxMaxVor 2 years
  • where is fler, i heard he is a very good Rapper

    GoodMusicTvGoodMusicTvVor 2 years
    • 2:57

      realKKonarealKKonaVor 2 years
  • 3:50 Wer ist das?

    ՔՔ Anubis ՔՔՔՔ Anubis ՔՔVor 2 years
    • Thanks, have already found

      ՔՔ Anubis ՔՔՔՔ Anubis ՔՔVor 2 years
    • White Lion oh alright ^^ you're welcome. the song is called "ich bin ein berliner" btw

      TheReav3nTheReav3nVor 2 years
    • und ja, danke

      ՔՔ Anubis ՔՔՔՔ Anubis ՔՔVor 2 years
    • Ich bin kein Deutscher, und daher nicht wissen, ich mochte einfach den Song

      ՔՔ Anubis ՔՔՔՔ Anubis ՔՔVor 2 years
    • Dein ernst? Ufo361 Dikka

      TheReav3nTheReav3nVor 2 years
  • the first song name pls guys :)

    Simaxas MTBSimaxas MTBVor 2 years
    • thanks dude,you're awesome :)

      Simaxas MTBSimaxas MTBVor 2 years
    • Simaxas MTB Ak Ausserkontrolle - 2 Minuten

      AllWhatYouWantAllWhatYouWantVor 2 years
  • Timatic dabei Nice

    El TaroEl TaroVor 2 years
  • ahhahahahahhahahaha this is very very stupid

    lakisa 99lakisa 99Vor 2 years
    • stfu

      miyu ramiyu raVor 2 years
  • 3:20 whois it?

    Javohir TadjibayevJavohir TadjibayevVor 2 years
    • Javohir Tadjibayev nimo

      DONcarloDONcarloVor 2 years
  • Fard sounds like he has a mad accent and sone sick flows, where's he from?

    GuinnessGuinnessVor 2 years
    • sinnedciti he is from iran

      Young PappyYoung PappyVor 2 years
  • alter als ob du farid nicht zeigst!?

    Alex GoetheAlex GoetheVor 2 years
  • 05:10 in goodfellas kriegt niemand nen basy in die fresse..

    TiagoTiagoVor 2 years
  • 1:31/ 2:33/ 3:27/ 6:06/ 6;18 help one more time

    Khatia KhvichavaKhatia KhvichavaVor 2 years
    • Are you sure? I have listened nulkommaneun but i dont remember such tone

      Khatia KhvichavaKhatia KhvichavaVor 2 years
    • Khatia Khvichava 1:25 = SSIO - Nullkommaneun 😉

      Biker BuddiesBiker BuddiesVor 2 years
    • can you tell me what is the background song 1:25?

      Khatia KhvichavaKhatia KhvichavaVor 2 years
    • thank you so much.

      Khatia KhvichavaKhatia KhvichavaVor 2 years
    • Khatia Khvichava 1:31 = chefket - rap & Soul remix 2:33 = Kalim - Stadtrundfahrt 3:27 = Nimo - Lass mich wissen 6:06 = KC Rebell - Auge 6:18 = cashisclay - dreiteiler 👍🏻 Greetings from Germany 😉

      Biker BuddiesBiker BuddiesVor 2 years
  • where is Luciano?

    Lennart M.Lennart M.Vor 2 years
    • Lennart M. Alter das wollt ich auch schreiben 😂

      TiagoTiagoVor 2 years
  • da fehlt ganz banger Musik ausser kc halt

    Rap map falanRap map falanVor 2 years
  • good video(sorry for my bad japanese)

    Young PappyYoung PappyVor 2 years
    • Young Pappy banana for scale

      VanRibbeckVanRibbeckVor 2 years
German Rap // Deutscher Rap 2016