Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show


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  • I didn't even watch the show, but that video was enjoyable.

    SpiderHGSpiderHGVor 18 Minuten
  • Good writing in Game of Cucks was pretty rare after season 1, though Jaime's arc was pretty stellar up to a point.

    RunsWithBearsRunsWithBearsVor 20 Minuten
  • wait wait wait wait.... they wrote wolverine orgins. everything makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin AdamsJustin AdamsVor 30 Minuten
  • While you are absolutely correct that Dany's heel turn was abrupt and poorly paced, you are also totally wrong about Dany being the main villain coming out of left field. It WAS foreshadowed. Hell, people have been saying it since Season 1 after her reaction to Varys' death. The later seasons showed she was going to go Mad Queen, it's just D&D are idiots and did it at such a break neck speed that we suffered whiplash.

    ilovewobbuffetilovewobbuffetVor 43 Minuten
  • How to ruin a great show, simply... let Weiss and Benioff run it. D & D should have waited for the book series to be completed even if it took 20 years. The fact that they didn't, and they ran out of book material proves they have 0 imagination. Note how old Marten is? Think he'll even get the rest of the books finished?

    lifeishooeylifeishooeyVor 46 Minuten
  • 32:15 -32:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh shit here we go again

    Fabio GonzalezFabio GonzalezVor Stunde
  • I totally agree with you on the surrounding bells. If Cersei had wanted to keep on fighting, Daenerys destroying the city would have made more sense. Probably they wanted to show How much she had gone mad to justify her death... Also Bran, I got disappointed that as you say he had acquired such powers and potential but it did nothing with it, just moving around and making people uncomfortable 😅 and they just used him to bring the night king closer... (?!) I also got this feeling like between all the past seasons and this one there was no connection no more. I found Tyrion very weak, as well as Jon Snow, even though he never was before. And the fact that he's a targaryan didn't have any effect at all, as you say, it just made Daenerys mad at him.. Then at the battle the zombie dragon didn't attack (?) and Daenerys did kinda nothing with fire against them (?) Then, to be honest I liked the way Arya killed the night king, and I don't think that the ending with all the siblings starks (w/ Jon too) taking "a part of the world" is so bad. But I agree on the fact that for a great show, it wasn't such a well written and epic ending. I expected more, as everybody else I guess Anyway, I'm going to watch it again and see if I'll appreciate it more ✌

    Virgy PigeonVirgy PigeonVor Stunde
  • 21:23 dumb dumb juice now i die twice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this review its better than all ending episodes

    Fabio GonzalezFabio GonzalezVor Stunde
  • 18:43 and then she just turn intk fucking lex luthor i dieeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭

    Fabio GonzalezFabio GonzalezVor Stunde
  • One more thing, Jaime could have revealed why he killed the Mad King when Daenerys summoned him in the Great Hall of Winterfell, atleast he can explain and maybe made Dany and the rest of the people watching realize that Jaime did what is right. For me, if this show really ended like this (thou it sucks bad), Gendry should have been the King.

    Ser Claws, Knight of the Catnip and Hater of Doges!Ser Claws, Knight of the Catnip and Hater of Doges!Vor Stunde
  • To be honest though... Sansa did the sebsible thing by revealing Jon's secret. The whole situation was beneficial to her. She didn't like Dany, and knew that she wouldn't let the North be independent. But, having Jon who ,let's be honest here, would probably not make for the best king, she would probably get exactly what she wanted. I see a lot of people getting mad about that, but it was a calculated decision. It was Jon's fault for reaveling this secret abd then assume Sansa will not tell anyone despite it benefiting her greately.

    ZundelZundelVor 2 Stunden
  • And what happened to Nymeria?!

    Aidan SolomonAidan SolomonVor 2 Stunden
  • I actually like the original fma quite a bit lol

    kefkapalazzo1kefkapalazzo1Vor 2 Stunden
  • I thought I watched this already, but that grrm laugh confirms it. That shit is hilarious

    kefkapalazzo1kefkapalazzo1Vor 2 Stunden
  • And what about the stallion who will mount the world? That huge prophecy? Wtf it went?disappeared... Damn...winter is coming, winter comes and it's boring, jon is a targarian!! Omg! Nope, nothing happens, daeneris is the rightful heir! We watched her fight and struggle for many years!...No throne for her but a knife instead...cercei! Show us how that witch will pay her evil crimes! Gets killed by some bricks :( ...ok ok now let's see who will sit on the throne! Wow the most uninteresting character of all.... I don t even believe what i witnessed here, this is a disaster...! They did nt finished the jackass and the honeycomb joke... 😭😭😭😁😁😁

    Tommy TheNiceTommy TheNiceVor 3 Stunden
  • Amazing that two television writers could deviate so much from the author's books. I didn't realize that they ran out of his books and just started making up their own story..., but it shows, most def. So many convoluted things happening in the last couple of episodes, the last being the pinnacle of silliness....

    greenbeagle13greenbeagle13Vor 3 Stunden
  • A song of ice and fire should’ve been an animated series with each season being based on each book, and like 10 1 hour long eps. Like seriously, if Naruto, dragon ball, one piece and bleach can do it, so can a song of ice and fire

    tgiacin435tgiacin435Vor 3 Stunden
  • I have a video idea for you that’s even more ambitious then that review of marvel movies. Review and analysis of every episode of game of thrones LIGHTING ROUND

    American Red1917American Red1917Vor 4 Stunden
  • Game of thrones Brotherhood Ouchhhhh

  • What... the obvious theft of setting Cleganebowl on crumbling stairs from the original Highlander film wasn't obvious?!?

    Shawn LucasShawn LucasVor 5 Stunden
  • I expected tonnes of spoilers for got and asoiaf and didn't bother much as I've gone through both multiple times. What I never expected was a huge star trek spoiler which I'm currently going through. Great analysis though.

    Ashwin MisraAshwin MisraVor 6 Stunden

    Tech LabGRTech LabGRVor 7 Stunden
  • It sucks not you

    Johnny RobleJohnny RobleVor 8 Stunden
  • Got damn they really fucked my queen this season ffs

    VaNiSh x LeGiTVaNiSh x LeGiTVor 8 Stunden
  • Let’s be honest.... they really subverted expectations with this piss poor season lmao

    VaNiSh x LeGiTVaNiSh x LeGiTVor 8 Stunden
  • Thumps up if you noticed Wandering Ghosts from Symphony of the Night playing in the background!

    BBͤOͨBͨJͪSͥBBͤOͨBͨJͪSͥVor 8 Stunden
  • Great great show ..I invested years of my life watching this and bonding with the characters and their journey arcs ...the final season was without doubt very disappointing ..VERY . It's like when I was a kid in primary school writing a story with real enthusiasm in English ...scribbling away with gusto and ideas flowing from my mind on to the paper smoothly and easily ....and then page 12 (a lot for a kid ) and nearing the end of the lesson and with my hand aching from my monumental effort of getting all the words on paper ...what to do ?what to do ? ..the story only half written. The characters in my story only just beginning to flourish and come alive on the page ...I did what many kids do ...I cut it short in order to complete my task within lesson time and save my aching hand more pain ...I compromised my work and the characters that were alive and not fully formed on the pages I had written ...and I ended it quickly and mercilessly with the now infamous and I am sure many of you will recognise and Identify with ...the line "then I woke up and it was all a dream " that was my 9 year old self get out of jail free card played many of you recognise your own 9 year old self doing the very same thing .....that my fellow Game Of Thrones Fans exactly what the writers D& D did to this show it's undeniable and that's why it is so disappointing .

    Shad owShad owVor 9 Stunden
  • After jorah dies, dany become so vulnerable and unloved.

    Salma NurSalma NurVor 9 Stunden
  • Dude, Lost's finale sucked ever worse.

    John EdwardJohn EdwardVor 9 Stunden
  • You're right about a lot, but Jesus fucking Christ, you are a massive tool. Creative people are smart, critics think they are.

    John EdwardJohn EdwardVor 9 Stunden
  • It’s such a disappointment because up until Season 6, the show was absolutely fantastic. Even the end of Season 6 was pretty kickass, minus a few flaws; it also felt like the beginning of the end of something amazing. Then it just got all weird and went haywire. I agree that it doesn’t feel like the show ended. It was all anticlimactic and generic, and the writers really started showing their inability to complete George RR Martin’s vision. Even if another series were to be launched based on a Song of Ice and Fire, I would still be disappointed by the wasted talent of such great actors. Their characters were all so well-acted and well-written prior to the end. I think this is the most disappointing part.

    Evin HendryEvin HendryVor 9 Stunden
  • lmao at bran sitting around doing nothing except make everyone feel bad

    robert johnsonrobert johnsonVor 10 Stunden
  • Blame the magical 3 eyes raven and his mind control/omnipresent and omniscient powers, for all we know, he is the next enemy.

    anonymous confessionsanonymous confessionsVor 10 Stunden
  • Make a review of Godzilla king of the monsters

    ZachPlaysAllDay- ZPADZachPlaysAllDay- ZPADVor 11 Stunden
  • Sansa was the MVP of season 8 she's the only one who made any sort of sense and rightfully deserved to be Queen of the North. Jon and Daenerys had probably the worst relationship I've ever seen on TV they have zero chemistry and there is no motivation for Jon to be with her it would make much more sense if he was with her out of obligation ( married her back in season 7) also am I the only one who thought Gendry should've been king? Or just have 7 separate kingdoms and not one king. Also Tyrion becoming The Hand at the end was a fitting end since he has to clean up the mess he made

    Athena JaxonAthena JaxonVor 11 Stunden

    Stacks The Box Breaker Beat BoxerStacks The Box Breaker Beat BoxerVor 13 Stunden
  • I take a lot of flack but I loved lost and the way it ended

    Scott FitzpatrickScott FitzpatrickVor 13 Stunden
  • I'm glad this video was long. Friedman-benioff Benioff made the Night King the same as he did Deadpool in WOLVERINE:X-MEN ORIGINS with his mouth Super Glued so he could die in Silence!

    Van A. JohnsonVan A. JohnsonVor 15 Stunden
  • Brilliant take on this. I completely agree with it.

    Tired of FoolsTired of FoolsVor 15 Stunden
  • I'm sorry but there was plenty material for those two Doo Doo heads to adapt but they decided not to do that before they were on there own. So they suck they wrote and killed by them instead of writing a decent show. Barriston,Stannis,Doran Martell,Dorne, fucked Sand Snakes and shitty writers (they killed themselves). Good Luck Star Wars franchise these Clowns are coming in on a Express train to Dr. Terrors House of Horrors in the Tales of the Crypt writing School.

    Van A. JohnsonVan A. JohnsonVor 16 Stunden
  • I'm one of the only people who likes the end of got

    1eggyolk1eggyolkVor 16 Stunden
  • D & D butchered their own masterpiece

    MacGMacGVor 16 Stunden
  • Brienne of Tarth was tall as a house and dumm like any other bitch that thought she could change the nature of the man.

    Nemo7The7Pirate7Nemo7The7Pirate7Vor 17 Stunden
  • I'm fairly certain that the Night King represents climate change, or really any cataclysmic event that could end up wiping out humanity, including the process of entropy, which would certainly kill us if the sun died (winter, it was always coming lol), meaning the Night King represents little more than the cause of the disaster, meaning he was inevitably going to be defeated or destroy Westeros, either to represent the theme that humanity (and perhaps life itself) will always find a way to survive despite the universe's indifference to life itself for the former, or the theme that perhaps nihilism is the true law of the universe and everyone is doomed, or even further show the world what can happen if they don't set aside their differences and work together to solve such apocalyptic circumstances for the latter. I'm personally fine with how it turned out because sometimes big problems like that can in fact be solved by tiny strokes of luck, such as a trained assassin getting the jump on an ice-powered necromancer, or a star lightyears away steering a comet just out of the path of the Earth. That said, the way the Night King went out was up to interpretation just enough that I personally thought it was pretty artsy fartsy, and even a little neat.

    introXversionintroXversionVor 17 Stunden
  • Your favorite character is a bitch I can't stand her.

    BatwomanBatwomanVor 17 Stunden
  • Agreed with everything you said up until "Wasn't able to read more than the first book". Lost all respect, mate. You think the first seasons are good? The books are a masterpiece. You're missing out.

    Kristine BellamyKristine BellamyVor 18 Stunden
  • Bruh.. all your opinions are memes that have been said before 100000x times

    Aizawa SenseiAizawa SenseiVor 19 Stunden
  • I agree with some of what this guy says, but not everything. S8 was a disappointment yes, but I thought S5-7 were quite good actually. Also it's easy to criticize but I didn't hear this guy making any good alternative suggestions in terms of writing?

    Inquisitive PrecursorInquisitive PrecursorVor 19 Stunden
  • Turns out Gendry is a freaking pedophile that fucks little girls, Arya who is a little girls somehow (almost single-handedly) defeats a creature like the Night King, who is powerful enough to resurrect & control entire zombie-armies, but cannot spot her coming from behind, Jon Snow - for all his bullshit talk about a "better future" - isn't man enough to fuck Danny, because she is his sister or aunt or whatever the fuck, so he (practically) BRINGS ON THE EDGE OF DESPERATION - Jaimie practically LOVES his sister and I thought it was some sort of "kink" a "sexual" thing, while in fact he REALLY LOVES HER - that BITCH Cersei gets away with a quick death, although she's the only one who deserves a slow and painful death of all them, and - AT THE END - R.R. Martin is just a BIG FUCK UP, WITH GOD KNOWS HOW MANY PERVERTIONS. Thanks a lot - I'm going back to Tolkien! - FUCK YOU MARTIN!

    2serveand2protect2serveand2protectVor 20 Stunden
  • this video,,,was so accurate i-

    Mya HayesMya HayesVor 20 Stunden
  • i’m surprised u didn’t talk about podrick lmao

    Mya HayesMya HayesVor 20 Stunden
  • This video pretty much sums up everything I think about the G.O.T. Superb analysis. There are infinite weird creative things they could have done with what had been built up in the first 5-6 seasons with the story and characters. But they didn't use any of it and just went in a whole new direction. I think what you said about Danny burning down the City because Cersei would not surrender would have made more sense.

    Jon BristolJon BristolVor 21 Stunde
  • Ahahahahahahahaha. The purple mattress commercial linked to this video mentioned how cheap mattresses collapse like Anakin Skywalker. Very appropriate to this discussion where the entire cast was prison molested by the "writers". What a waste. With HBO submitting the finale for consideration to win the Emmy's Best Writing Award, I think it's safe to say "they" have actually lost their minds.

    Randy ERandy EVor 22 Stunden
  • your point on Mr. Martin marketing his books after the show ended is right on the money dude

    Georgie BoyGeorgie BoyVor 22 Stunden
  • @The Cosmonaut Variety Hour, You just do not understand "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even greater had Tony Stark's Iron Man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... Also, Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a knife, so he destroyed the army of knives disguised as a throne. .... /s

    DonovanDonovanVor 22 Stunden
  • The music is great from the beginning untill the end

    Nino DhontNino DhontVor 22 Stunden
  • Ugh, let's be honest, the story suffered from bad writing since season 6. Hodor and the battle of the bastards was two of the very few nuggets of gold we were given.

    Olive PapyrusOlive PapyrusVor Tag
  • Also fuck all these dumb shit sex scenes, if i wanted to watch people fuck id open up porhub. i fuken hate it when shows/movies need to add a sex scene its so fuckin cancer and degenerate and people eat that shit up like the pansy ass cucks they are

    F.u.c.k Go.ogl.eF.u.c.k Go.ogl.eVor Tag
  • 3:04 oi fuccboi i like fighting, more shows should be fighting not some dumb royal cunts talkin about honor and pointless shit. no wonder i couldnt get into game of thrones. The only time i watched it was for the battles and some of them sucked cuz there wasnt enough. if you want to watch a bunch of conts talk about boring shit go watch some soaps or sitcoms ya bellend

    F.u.c.k Go.ogl.eF.u.c.k Go.ogl.eVor Tag
  • I agree with everything except what he says about darnereyes targarean she was one my favorite she wasn't physically the strongest but mentally she was the lesfer the show needed and then she died and her character got ruined. And the story of Jaime is even worse the writers didn't even understand it anymore than the fans 😅

    Matthew CouttsMatthew CouttsVor Tag
  • Yo don't act like you're not using the Hydrosity Act 1 music from Sonic 3 in this video

    Derek LynchDerek LynchVor Tag
  • good ole Tyrone Lancaster LMAO 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😆

    Born Justice RuleBorn Justice RuleVor Tag
  • "How to ruin a great show" Well that's easy, just hire different writers to do the ending who until that point had only been adapting source material. It ahould be said that GRRM is not safe from blame either. The guy has put the last books on hold ever since the huge success of the show's launch. 8 years. 8 fucking years. The guy just cashed in and is just chilling on fat stacks laughing at all the idiots that thought the show would go anywhere after the source material ended.

    Captain00ChaosCaptain00ChaosVor Tag
  • "Ran out of books" Crammed the two longest books into season 5

    Sandy McKinnonSandy McKinnonVor Tag
  • A real let down

    blkizbckblkizbckVor Tag
  • Wtf was the point of bringing Jon back to life and have him leave the night's watch and become king in the north and then find out he is the rightful heir to the throne just to send him BACK TO THE NIGHT'S WATCH. That's what I'm most pissed about. Exiling Jon. Wtf.

    Justlisten498Justlisten498Vor Tag
  • 7:27 to 7:36 whats the name of the movie

    Dorno TheDogDorno TheDogVor Tag
  • Also kinda a dumb way to explain Dany killing all civilians... If Cersei didn't surrender she could have just went and killed her or massacred the guards...

    Antony WeberAntony WeberVor Tag
  • We still don’t understand what Bran was preparing for or ‘getting ready’ for when the knight king came?

  • Having read the books first, when the series went past them, I refused to watch. I didn’t want the series to impact the future written story (if he ever gets round to it) even though I really enjoyed the TV show. I took a lot of stick from my mates, they kept telling me I was missing out and would talk about the show in front of me to get a rise. I must admit there were times when I felt I was missing out but I kept telling my self whatever the shows writers come up with won’t match the novels. So to all my friends that have ripped me over the past couple of years 🖕😆

    All round the fieldsAll round the fieldsVor Tag
  • Excelsior! Each of your points were well thought out and hit the mark precisely. The only thing i would have added was how utterly inept the Army of the Unsullied were. They never proved there worth reminding me of the Stormtrooper. Comical. This show could easily had 5 to 6 more seasons flushing out each of its characters. Instead we got GoT. As with a lot of things coming out of Hollywood these days, Lack of creativity and original content and above all, let’s RUSH it through. Sad😔

    Bill MacBill MacVor Tag
  • LOL@ the outro song

    CucumbersAnonymousCucumbersAnonymousVor Tag
  • "...would say that Danny's fall to the dark side was foreshadowed, and... these... people...are...not...correct." lol your... narration... shows... off... your...comedic...timing. Keep up the good work😉

    Michele and Henry CasavantMichele and Henry CasavantVor Tag
  • You did not mention about the plastic bottles and plastic Starbucks cup in the show....

    MindAtRestMindAtRestVor Tag
  • Ur videos are great to watch at 2 am

    Soviet SausageSoviet SausageVor Tag
  • 2:00 "If you watch GOT all the way through from beginning to end" me: watched it 3 times so far

    Essential ImportingEssential ImportingVor Tag
  • I hated danny from day fukin one. I knew that bitch would do some retarded shit. AAANNd she did.

    J, WilliamsJ, WilliamsVor Tag
  • I just want to forget everything I saw in the last season

    An EsthesiaAn EsthesiaVor Tag
  • They should've made this 10 episodes. Battle of Winterfell could've been two episodes. They could've told the Night King story a little more and the climax would've been more epic, but they STILL could've had it end with Arya killing him from the heavens. Battle of Kings Landing should've been two episodes and nice job ruining Daeny's character D&D.

    David DolanDavid DolanVor Tag
  • I really wanted to see a one on one with Dany and Cersei and Jon and the night king.

    Jason UnsellJason UnsellVor Tag
  • Hahhha...I think the best parts..were when you find footage of the actors/actresses bashing their own storylines (i.e. Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage)....brilliant :)

    Byron LeeByron LeeVor Tag
  • are SOOO bang on in everything you say. Great vid :)

    Byron LeeByron LeeVor Tag
  • Hey, if there is no Night King Daenerys still has three dragons when Rhaegal gets shot down so she would probably still have two left to sack the city. That’d be the only foreseeable difference. He literally did nothing but kill some of the minor main characters like Jorah and Theon.

    Jacob YoungJacob YoungVor Tag
  • Theon and Jorah were the only two characters with arcs I liked. Theon especially, as you said. They did nothing at all with Jon, his reveal as a Targaryen did nothing but drive and unnecessary wedge between him and Daenerys. Daenerys’s decent into madness seems so rushed that, although slightly hinted at during the Sons of the Harpy stuff and while in Winterfell, it felt so rushed and did not seem authentic when she burned down King’s Landing. It felt so rushed and as if the writers had already stopped caring about the show.

    Jacob YoungJacob YoungVor Tag
    • Also the resolution with the Night King was terrible. It was absolutely awful.

      Jacob YoungJacob YoungVor Tag
  • They really fucked up season 7 and 8 and ruined the White Walkers and all the characters like what the fuck man

    BananaBananaVor Tag
  • IMHO, the story tanked with the concept that the Long Night was all it took to default the NK/Army of the Dead. From the very first episode, opening scene the story painted a picture of the threat that was coming from that north and that this threat overshadowed all the intertwined story was literally the only thing that made the zombie bit in this story interesting....that while all this complex political manipulating power plays was going on over all characters lines, that there was something that was far more important happening and basically Jon Snow's purpose as a main character in the whole thing, trying to bring this ideal to the rest of the world.....and then one single show/battle and that was gone...back to fighting for the city/throne?!?!?! Terrible. The entirety of season 8/story wrap up should have been about everyone struggling to stay alive.

    Justin SkidmoreJustin SkidmoreVor Tag
  • Kinda sad taking away the show's most powerful villain we still end up with the same result.

    JamesJamesVor Tag
  • I'd love for you to watch and do videos on the wire ive seen a lot of people compare game of thrones to it but the wire never dropped the ball - avoid all spoilers if you wanna watch

    EexpersEexpersVor Tag
  • Sansa is a problematic character too, you skipped over two things with her. First, throughout the first 5 seasons of the show she displayed zero intellectual abilities, initially the excuse was that she was just a young girl but Arya who was younger showed much more sense and smarts than Sansa, as did Bran. Sansa's character was that of your typical bimbo wannabe princess, she had zero redeeming features other than being someone you felt sorry for as they were an innocent/average person put in bad situations and used by manipulative schemers. Then overnight she suddenly turns into a genius because the writers decided it, most likely to cash in on the shows popularity with female viewers/feminists who want to see strong/powerful women in charge. I have no problems with having strong smart female characters/leaders, Olenna Tyrell was one of my favourite characters on the show and along with Tywin Lannister, early seasons Tyrion, Varus and Little Finger, I loved any scene that she was in because of how smart she was. But it's the randomness of Sansa's evolution that was really done badly, it's like having a show with Barbie (the doll) in it where she's only interested in makeup, lipstick and getting a tan, and all of a sudden she becomes a brain surgeon a few episodes later. It was ridiculous. Secondly, as soon as she started to "play the game", we see zero consequences at all for her essentially becoming another Cersei/Little Finger. Her scheming to make herself Queen of the North, setting in motion the wheels for multiple people to betray Danerys, all of that had no consequences at all. Even though Dany knew that Sansa was stirring on purpose, Dany did absolutely nothing about it. It's like because a demographic loves Sansa she's now bulletproof.

    RhoombrpRhoombrpVor Tag
  • When they ask how you, feeling you, tell em you, feeling like Something important died screaming, you, tell em you, feeling like Something even more important arrived breathing, something you should probably try feeding

    XkidXuglyXXkidXuglyXVor Tag
  • *I liked S8* *So, who wants to kill me? :)*

    xSwiftx4xSwiftx4Vor Tag
    • I liked it to until s8ep4

      γιουργια chanelγιουργια chanelVor Tag
  • You know nothing about Arya whould you whant to kill the man who killed your father or let her go and she gone to the faceless men becouse she Sony to be No One but she stoped becouse she thousent Want to kill inecent people, and cersei and Dany meet becouse if danys army loses the World is doomed and they Need as mucth help they need

    Josef Kleist.NielsenJosef Kleist.NielsenVor Tag
    • And bran becoms the king be couse he can see Evert thing!

      Josef Kleist.NielsenJosef Kleist.NielsenVor Tag
  • Ok, looks like a nice video, but thirty fricking six minutes?. Thanks... but NO!

    Mach SevenMach SevenVor Tag
  • Yo, you should do a video about the TV show Gotham

    ujewujewVor Tag
  • Everyone: "what was the point of the white walkers in the show?" ... D&D: "we kind of forgot the white walkers were in the show."

    Joshua PlankJoshua PlankVor Tag
  • So.. got it

    Kevin GKevin GVor Tag
  • You nailed the problem with the final season in one word: "fanservice"

    Connie BaileyConnie BaileyVor Tag
  • The quality of the show drops to the lowest common denominator of writers

    Daniel DossoDaniel DossoVor Tag
  • I like that initial clip from the cast not been able to say the last season was actual shit

    Simon SalaminaSimon SalaminaVor Tag
  • Honestly as Bran began to discover his powers and whatnot and then learned to control Hodor I thought he was going to continue evolving until he could control multiple beings at once and like help in the war when "winter came." But he ended up using his power like once in the ENTIRE final season and it wasn't even that good of a use for it...

    Alex FritzAlex FritzVor Tag
Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show