If you want to become a popular blogger or if you want to look as stunning as famous Instagirls - then you've come to the right place🀳!
Check it out how to make mind-blowing shots without any photo filters, you'll become an Instagram star in a blink of an eye! Just grab a juicy watermelon and use it as your lovely dressπŸ‰ Amazing photo tricks will learn you how to increase the amount of your followers and have fun with your friends!
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00:10 Selfie trick using your toes
00:20 How to make photo pf a big company
01:01 Watermelon hacks that you can use for photography
02:16 Awesome mirror photo trick
02:30 Headless photo prank
06:05 Cute hairstyle trick for selfie girls
08:14 Magic tricks to take a good picture
09:19 Expectations VS Reality of photo making
09:23 Funny bloopers
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