Found a Girls Lost iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned to Owner)

In this video I team up with friends and search for River Treasure!
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Found a Girls Lost iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned to Owner)

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  • Just wait like one week and you’ll find an iPhone 11 pro

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    • ELECTRONIC UNBOXINGS its a joke obviously

      Dad with the milkDad with the milkVor 5 Tage
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    • Sure they will find a iPhone 11 pro

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  • Hi sou do brazil

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  • Explore the sewer

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  • Love your dog😍😍

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  • Just imagine how much divorces happened in these rivers...

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  • Maybe its a dog tag

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  • I have a German Shepherd named ozzy where did you get treasure

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  • Btw thanks for my daughters phone keep up the hard work we all love your content

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  • Well Done Jake we proud of you boi

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  • At for at he is like "wow my friend just said that he has found a snake so we have to be careful because I don't know if it's vemonous or not" About 5 minutes later... OHHH WOWWWW I FOUND A SnAkE eAtInG a CaTfIsH. That made me laugh so bad lol 😂😂

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  • 0:41 I thought you were riding on your dog XD amazing position you were in. Also,keep up the good work mate

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  • You will find something there

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  • Omg I’m in Georgia but not Helen...

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  • More! More iPhones X!👍

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  • 7:87

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  • His girlfriend's name is Kendall my name is Kendall

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  • That bracelet looks like the bracelet I lost.

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  • Did anyone else the big silver ring he missed just before 7 mins

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  • Yo Jakes if it was green stones it was most likely emeralds not ruby's due to they are red. But cool video still

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  • What is the snakes color

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  • I keep my sons crematorium tag on a necklace I never take off, I’d be devastated if I ever lost it.

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  • Um wait about 3 days an u find a iPhone 11 pro!!

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Found a Girls Lost iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned to Owner)