Fore Play Gets Fitted At The Kingdom At TaylorMade

We went and got fitted for our new 2021 TaylorMade clubs at heaven on earth, The Kingdom at TaylorMade.
If you need to get your clubs fitted look no further than sunny Carlsbad, CA. We didn't know adults could have as much fun as we had during our full Kingdom experience.
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  • Funny he keeps calling himself an athlete

    riceman10riceman10Vor 5 Stunden
  • Nice dap rigs 😂🤣😂 14:45

    Bryce SmithBryce SmithVor 5 Tage
  • Cool video. Especially the part at the end where they showed us what everyone got fitted into. Oh wait...

    Chad GillChad GillVor 5 Tage
  • this is epic so lucky

    Scott IrvingScott IrvingVor 6 Tage
  • Rich people need this stuff. I'm scratch with my 12 year old mizuno blades.

    Growmie GreenthumbGrowmie GreenthumbVor 7 Tage
  • Shouldn't have worn Masks. You are only making it worse. It's a hoax

    Matthew AllumMatthew AllumVor 15 Tage
  • If these guys gets a taylormade full gear sponsorship then idk what am i doing with my life. So lucky.

    QQVor 15 Tage
  • I love how you guys are randomly wearing the masks. We all know its bullshit by now.

    A BA BVor 20 Tage
  • 5:20 “have you broken 100 yet?” “ no “ “really” 😭😭

    Julian MelucciJulian MelucciVor 20 Tage
  • 11:32 Trent absolutely tops it

    Nicholas SchroederNicholas SchroederVor 20 Tage
  • Man that would be a absolute dream to be able to go to The Kingdom and have that experience... Wow Congrats guy's.. Trottie had you dialed Riggs

    Jason DutcherJason DutcherVor 23 Tage
  • 3000$ set of clubs x 4...........5 cent worth of game

    Mike RichardMike RichardVor 25 Tage
  • Trent is a fuckin beauty.... real glue guy. Love seeing him get better and better with each video! Go Foreplay!

    Jibboh365Jibboh365Vor 25 Tage
  • All of you now Need to do a what’s in the bag now

    Shawn LewingtonShawn LewingtonVor 26 Tage
  • can we get a What's in the bag for each after the fitting.

    Michaelsully13Michaelsully13Vor 28 Tage
  • The mask shit is so comical

    TimTimVor Monat
  • It was rude to put poor Trent on the far right side of the range lol

    Chris FChris FVor Monat
  • The distinct copper univariately radiate because chimpanzee really suppose barring a whole vermicelli. typical, clumsy van

    mora peepsmora peepsVor Monat
  • So jealous - only once in a lifetime as joe public, at cost!!!!💪💪💪👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Craig Edga4rCraig Edga4rVor Monat
  • No offense guys but do you really think people want to see you guys get fitted for clubs? The matches are great-this is not great. Or watchable.

    Brian WardBrian WardVor Monat
  • riggs hits his 4 iron 170? LMAO cmon man give up the ego already

    EX DEEEX DEEVor Monat
  • Jeeeezus TM guy.. just say higher handicap players like Trent. With years of doing this, how do you lack an ounce of charm haha. Straight up “players who are LESS SKILLED” 😂😂.

    Golf KhakisGolf KhakisVor Monat
  • Riggs your shafts arent too stiff. Your swing speed is too slow

    kieran himselfkieran himselfVor Monat
  • Riggs hitting a 4 iron 171 and being told to get out the X stiff while claiming a 5 handicap is gold

    Scott CrockerScott CrockerVor Monat
  • Frankie has a sneaky pure swing.

    GregGregVor Monat
  • Lurch has girly calves

    Jack BatchelderJack BatchelderVor Monat
  • It’s hard seeing people live your dreams

    Liam DanielloLiam DanielloVor Monat
  • Give up the x flex shafts, blade irons and move up a tee Riggs. You’ll shoot in the 70’s more.

    TkermyTkermyVor Monat
  • God I hate Riggs swing

    Kyle LinseyKyle LinseyVor Monat
  • Trottie is the star of the show. Guys got a beautiful mind.

    ionakiddoionakiddoVor Monat
  • WTf, hardly a minute in and get hit with a commercial. Big tech is out of control

    Dave YoungDave YoungVor Monat
  • I just want Trottie to talk to me while I do anything

    Ben BobeckBen BobeckVor Monat
  • Maybe riggs plays to his stated handicap now???

    Jack HoutzJack HoutzVor Monat
  • Trottie just hard flexing that Rolex "Kermit" Sub watch like it's no big deal. Um, that is a $21,000 time piece by the way.

    Roma 77Roma 77Vor Monat
  • These guys are so bad at golf, its actually embarrassing.

    jamienicjamienicVor Monat
  • Too much content on Riggs, we want Frankie!!!

    Tommy ShinkTommy ShinkVor Monat
  • Which Kingdom? Looks like Carlsbad. Georgia is much larger.

    pkincypkincyVor Monat
  • Trent is probably the first person to go to the kingdom that hasn't broken 100

    Paul TonnerPaul TonnerVor Monat
  • out of curiosity, why do people watch these guys? they’re terrible, and they aren’t entertaining in the slightest. idk how many of their videos i have to thumbs down, before this garbage stops popping up on my feed.

    Mister PopoMister PopoVor Monat
  • Everyone is virtue signaling with their masks like good NYC dwellers.

    LouLouVor Monat
  • Frankie, Gods home is not called the Kingdom its called heaven

    JohnJohnVor Monat
  • Holy fuck, all of the guys with the exception of Riggs don't need clubs, they need fucking lessons.

    Evan PecoraEvan PecoraVor Monat
  • Of course Frankie has the Blavy fit going. Pigeon move.

    Evan PecoraEvan PecoraVor Monat
  • This is not a fitting. You can’t fit someone who is a 25 handicap. They all need 10,000 hours of practice before they get $10,000 worth of golf gear.

    Seth SchmallSeth SchmallVor Monat
  • The guy working with Frankie deserves a medal

    thtomek28thtomek28Vor Monat
  • I'm just here for all the haters talking shit because they're salty they'll never get to do this

    Tyler MarcotteTyler MarcotteVor Monat
  • I would love to golf with you guys....Come to Northwest Indiana...

    Christopher RichardsonChristopher RichardsonVor Monat
  • check out that Trent topper at 11:32

    John NeeseJohn NeeseVor Monat
  • Back when Frankie was skinny

    Andrew GalvinAndrew GalvinVor Monat
  • I need a "Trent breaks 100" series.

    Noah VolzNoah VolzVor Monat
  • Trent Daddy low key has the best swing out of all these guys, if he could incorporate a little more shoulder turn and less lift while not extending early through the hit he's nails. Good luck Trent!

    Matt LivingstonMatt LivingstonVor Monat
  • Riggs talks too much.

    D ARVSD ARVSVor Monat
  • Been there, that is my hometown. That place is unreal!!

    DTA760DTA760Vor Monat
  • How much does this place cost for us plebes?

    Drew FellowsDrew FellowsVor Monat
  • 11:30 Trents spraying balls into the net.

    Aaron HAaron HVor Monat
  • Why the hell is Riggs using XStiff flex when he is only hitting his 4iron 180ish, alittle pride got taken away when he told him he’s just a stiff😂😂

    Cole RueferCole RueferVor Monat
  • Riggs does club twirls on the range.....Hardooooo.

    Kurt FarnsworthKurt FarnsworthVor Monat
  • Magic Kingdom, United Kingdom...

    Kurt FarnsworthKurt FarnsworthVor Monat
  • What clubs did you end up with????????

    Anthony VillaAnthony VillaVor Monat
  • now lets see the WITBs

    Z SchwartzZ SchwartzVor Monat
  • The weak saxophone ordinarily listen because hardcover culturally smile by a deadpan servant. thin, late iron

    zeke chengzeke chengVor Monat
  • This was 10% fitting 90% golf lesson. I'm surprised they use trackman over foresight, not a mention of club path, Lurch looks like he comes about 10degs from the outside with his driver.

    krusher74krusher74Vor Monat
  • 25 minutes later and I don’t know what clubs, shafts and specs you got fitted for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Need a follow up vid boys. Would love to see what you got and the explanations as to why. 👍

    Frank VirgultoFrank VirgultoVor Monat
    • New sticks might be under embargo or something, if they were fitted for a club/s that have yet to be released

      Luke MLuke MVor Monat
  • I am just green with jealous rage right now.

    AwesomeShawnAwesomeShawnVor Monat
  • So when we getting the witbs tho??

    Caleb GreenCaleb GreenVor Monat
  • There are only two places in the world called The Kingdom, Gods home and here... all monarchies getting triggered.

    Jon StewartJon StewartVor Monat
  • How many times is Frankie going to get a chipping lesson from a professional? Lol after Kisner’s lesson I would of been good to go

    NicklasNicklasVor Monat
  • Riggs ... check your ego for a full week and set up a series of rounds where Trent tries to break 100. Once it happens you can go back hogging the camera.

    MSNSalukiMSNSalukiVor Monat
  • Trent going off the fence on the right @ 11:30

    Aidan McConnellAidan McConnellVor Monat
  • You can build a kingdom when you’re charging $2-3 grand for irons lol...

    Josh HillisJosh HillisVor Monat
    • Yeah no shit all paid for with overpriced clubs

      kieran himselfkieran himselfVor Monat
Fore Play Gets Fitted At The Kingdom At TaylorMade