Floyd Mayweather Jr. Prediction for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr| RJ Embrace his MISTAKE Fighting IRON

BREAKING NEWS 🥊: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Prediction for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr| RJ Embrace his MISTAKE Fighting IRON.
Split Decision Episode 55 LiVE| Boxing Debate/Talk Show 🥊 Exclusively on AKHi 👳🏽‍♀️TV 📺
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Legendary Rapper & Entrepreneur Fat Joe talks with The Michael Jordan of Boxing 🥊 Floyd Money Mayweather on Instagram Live. This is a great conversation between 2 legends, you do not want to miss. For the full video click on this link: instagram.com/tv/CDC9OLjHk_9/?igshid=mqecgdccucu1
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  • Devin Haney NERVOUS for his mentor Fighting Mike Tyson: de-visions.com/detail/video-X-80tI0cUlk.html AKHi IG: instagram.com/akhi_t.v/?hl=en

    AKHi TVAKHi TVVor Monat
    • Should of been an execution boxing lol exhibition SMH

      VIP EntertainmentVIP EntertainmentVor Monat
    • @Black Gold TV naw mike tyson dont got the stamina for roy jones...just watch how roy jones beat mike tyson very bad by the 3 round when tyson poops out

      Carry MedzCarry MedzVor Monat
    • @Barry Wilson man you talk real greasy behind that profile...Look exhibition doesnt mean nothing, two hard fighters dont care about european rules...Them men gonna try and knock each other heads off and roy jones will be the winner

      Carry MedzCarry MedzVor Monat
    • @Carlos Villalta i agree 😂

      Dana JettDana JettVor Monat
    • Floyd was soft ran, hid and bent over

      Dana JettDana JettVor Monat
  • He dodges questions about other fighters getting attention, better than he dodges in the ring 👑

    D'Artagnan ReignsD'Artagnan ReignsVor 24 Tage
  • 2 warriors and then there's this goofs floyd and joe.

  • Just answer the Dam ???????? Not everything have to be about Money mayweather

  • Th questn was nt evn bout u mate.

    Am TosinAm TosinVor Monat
  • Let’s face it... Mike Tyson started the legends only league to get his hands on mayweather jr. haha jkjk - do good deeds Tyson, that’s what the legends league is, Alhumdulilah give charity peace!

    Oi UltiOi UltiVor Monat
  • plain simple question who you think wins in a exhibition agaisnt tyson vs jones. "who made exhibition in the first place" ...this guy man

    LinkxLinkxVor Monat
  • Full of shit

    Nepali Doctor VlogNepali Doctor VlogVor Monat
  • That's what I said you have to survive mike couple of rounds you get over 5 you MIGHT have a chance MIGHT

    Rodney JohnsonRodney JohnsonVor Monat
  • Like Mike Tyson said ( floyd is a scared man he cant even take his kids to school alone ) big talker he aint shit but mouthy asz showoff.

    jasonleeward1972jasonleeward1972Vor Monat
  • I appreciate athletes like lebron floyd and Kobe so much more, they clearly giving Father Time a run for his money.

  • I appreciate Floyd so much more now. It’s levels to this shit. That shit this weekend reminded me of two niggas fighting over who drank the last cup of coffee and didn’t make another pot. We saw Floyd fight in his 40’s damn that’s decade+ of years really hit different. I love Roy and Tyson but this shit was wack

  • You been smoking a lot also

    Daz gDaz gVor Monat
  • You could ask floyd what he thinks about the queen of England’s jewels , floyd did you see my watches hahaha

    Daz gDaz gVor Monat
  • For that matter I don't like Kevin gate the way I used to like him he thinks that he has the answer of everything and he says he doesn't like to show off and he keep showing off he also says he doesn't like social media and keep pulling up on social Media.

    Michel Rony JrMichel Rony JrVor Monat
  • What does floyd w. Have to do with roy and mike, lol just answer the question dude not very hard.

    Eric TellocostaEric TellocostaVor Monat
  • I know Floyd is great and all that but he needs to answer the fucking question. lol

    Yury GerasimovYury GerasimovVor Monat
  • I think it will end in the first round

    Shaniki SmithShaniki SmithVor Monat
  • Why does roy jones posture always look like he accidently just did #2 in his pants and he hoped nobody noticed.

    A MA MVor Monat
  • I will never watch another Floyd fight

    MegaAidsMegaAidsVor Monat
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I know this fool did not just bring himself up when it's a match between Roy and Mike Tyson LOL I tell you what he needs to go ahead and sign that contract and get in the ring with one of them this is crazy 😂😂 I'm not mad at him though talk your shit lol

    King MightKing MightVor Monat
  • How does he turn a question about someone else turn into an answer about himself???

    Mick EvansMick EvansVor Monat
  • Put mike tyson ans Floyd in the ring. I can guarantee you Floyd gonna be acting like mike after that lol 😆

    Steven ThaGodSteven ThaGodVor Monat
  • simple question, but always comes back to him.

    Fred MarzFred MarzVor Monat
  • Tyson, even as old as he is, would embarrass Mayweather in 1 round 🤣🤣

    James SchoolcraftJames SchoolcraftVor Monat
  • HELLO 👋 “ you do realize it was a draw , right ?

    swordfish00384swordfish00384Vor Monat
  • Fat Joe's stupid beard lol

    mickey 1000.000mickey 1000.000Vor Monat
  • Even roy Jones was forced to lean back.

    mickey 1000.000mickey 1000.000Vor Monat
  • Floyd and Tyson always had beef that's why Floyd don't want to give mike any attention.

    Stellar FervourStellar FervourVor Monat
  • I'll give Roy credit he moved good in the first few rounds and I do not blame him for holding, anybody that understands knows Mike can hurt u

    Kell RelentlessKell RelentlessVor Monat
  • Floyd should fight Tyson and get knocked tf out

    Arshad MohamedArshad MohamedVor Monat

    Hajji PowellHajji PowellVor Monat

    Hajji PowellHajji PowellVor Monat
  • How the hell does mayweather turn that question into him and hip hop?

    Nobby StilesNobby StilesVor Monat
  • mike still got it

    Smiley ManSmiley ManVor Monat
  • Everytime yall interview floyd about someone, he always makes it about himself lol

    General_xGeneral_xVor Monat
  • Man he didn't ask you nothing about you he asked you about Mike Tyson and Roy Jones everything in this world don't revolve around Floyd Mayweather

    ArchangelArchangelVor Monat
  • Floyd, Floyd, Floyd. When are you going to grow up? My bad, you stop growing at 21.

    Grand ThemesGrand ThemesVor Monat
  • He's not only good at dodging punches he's also very good at dodging questions

    James RaysonJames RaysonVor Monat
  • But you boxing punks litte kat's, this guy always gotta throw himself in a topic. Some sucker shit...... Money makes him like a lot of Americans. I make money money dont make me...

    Lil TonyLil TonyVor Monat
  • Why did he have to make the damn question about him?🤦🏾‍♂️

    Robert WalkerRobert WalkerVor Monat
  • Tyson n Jones 2 great fighter. But Tyson is a hungry 😋 wild 🐎 horse.

    Brasen AltarBrasen AltarVor Monat
  • 2 great fighter . But Tyson is hungry.

    Brasen AltarBrasen AltarVor Monat
  • Let's see your Rolex's and $$$$ Floyd. Tell us about all the money, cars and mansions.

    Christopher JamesChristopher JamesVor Monat
  • Floyd May weather doesn't exactly wear his success like Roger Federer. So uncool to be that self obsessed.

    Christopher ThorpeChristopher ThorpeVor Monat
  • Mike Tyson is our Muhammad Ali

    Joe SandersJoe SandersVor Monat
  • Look at the greatness of Mike Tyson and who really Mike Tyson is when he fought Lennox Lewis he made Lennox Lewis extremely rich nobody could have gave him a bigger paycheck nobody

    Joe SandersJoe SandersVor Monat
  • People have mentioned mike going broke Mike Tyson as long as he is Mike Tyson he is never broke the man is money

    Joe SandersJoe SandersVor Monat
  • It's an honor to be able to fight Mike Tyson to any person plus it makes anybody rich extremely rich to go into the ring with Mike Tyson Jones is not stupid he's been waiting for this gold mine probably all his life and it is there now and he's going to go through it even if he takes losing but losing will not be losing this is a special kind he's getting paid to get beat up so bad by Mike Tyson he may very well end up crying that is correct Mike has made boxers cry because of his intensity I'm going for Mike sorry Roy I would love to hear for you but I cannot but I still wish you good luck if you're alive at the end of the fight you're a very rich alive person congrats Mike gave you the time of day the one you've been waiting for for a very long time

    Joe SandersJoe SandersVor Monat
  • This is my take about this fight there will be no losers this is a financial fight and they're both are coming out winning

    Joe SandersJoe SandersVor Monat
  • Please, all media outlets... stop giving that spoiled man child any attention. He’s the last person who should have a platform. Imagine him, Kanye and Trump in a room together trying to one up each other about how great they are...

    Andre HuardAndre HuardVor Monat
  • All the money in the world can’t appease this man’s desperate need to shift any focus of attention on himself. This is NOT his moment to shine. A real man would know his role and give those men the respect they deserve. I have zero respect for Floyd. He’s a man child

    Andre HuardAndre HuardVor Monat
  • Just dodge Mike all night

    Nancy WilliamsNancy WilliamsVor Monat
  • Hey Floyd who is the dumbest between Tyson and Roy Jones ? Floyd: “Well you forgot I been dumb my whole career, you see I invented and started this dumb shit”

    Tyrone JenkinsTyrone JenkinsVor Monat
  • Stop asking this lame anything!

    Michael JonesMichael JonesVor Monat
  • Can he just say, hey I don't know who's going to win? Wtf!

    Hector DiazHector DiazVor Monat
  • I got 50k on roy

    Draggin_Draggin_Vor Monat
  • OK Pink Floyd

    K KK KVor Monat
  • Thank you for getting the damn answer out f the way in 1:11.....I'm out.

    JD HewettJD HewettVor Monat
  • You know Jesus Christ Died for our sins and for future generations but if it wasn't for me, if God didn't think about creating me, the world would be in trouble...... Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Adam SamuelAdam SamuelVor Monat
  • My cousin is exactly like Floyd. I remember video calling him tryna talk about serious shit and he's ignoring everything I say tryna show off smoking Hubbly with a couple of his feiends. Like nigga I grew up with you what you showing off to me for

    SibusisoSibusisoVor Monat
  • Also sometimes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a perfect sinless life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will receive JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.

    Chris SteeleChris SteeleVor Monat
  • Floyd was asked a question... who do you think will win. - easy, either Mike or Jones... why instead chat crap to us!?!???? - sorry, but... dickhead!!

    hey_ you_boohey_ you_booVor Monat
  • It’s always someone stronger than you. Everybody is confident Tyson will win. Don’t underestimate Roy. Mike is quick, but when you move too quickly, what can happen in any situation? Don’t put all your eggs in the basket for Tyson. They’re both fantastic and skilled fighters.

    freckled bibliophilefreckled bibliophileVor Monat
  • We Love You Tyson... Your a winner you have made an Amazing come back in life. That’s what makes a True Champion

    Oshawna GarciaOshawna GarciaVor Monat
  • Money is all this clown thinks about. He asks him who he thinks will win and he starts talking about who was “rocking” money in the 90’s. He literally had to ask him a second time.

    igloo productionsigloo productionsVor Monat
  • It not always about you Mayweather... Can’t stand this little man.

    Oshawna GarciaOshawna GarciaVor Monat

    Cig GuardCig GuardVor Monat
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Hilton WardHilton WardVor Monat
  • Phat Joe is my best rapper. I miss Big Pun 👈😎👌. Eminem sucks.

    Franck YanFranck YanVor Monat
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Prediction for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr| RJ Embrace his MISTAKE Fighting IRON