First Time in DISNEY WORLD!! Family Vacation at Amusement Park! Adley meets Frozen Princess Elsa 🎈

We are excited to share these Best Disney Days Ever with all of you!! TONS of fun memories!
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Best Disney World Day Ever 1080
First day at Disney World and it couldn’t be a better Best Day Ever!! Breakfast routine in the Disney park is insane, we order a simple breakfast and we get a feast! Pancakes, eggs, and Adley’s favorite bacon and we are stuffed. We find our friends the Bucket List Family and the Devine Family and their kiddos Dorothy and Lucy become best friends with Adley super fast and they start doing everything together.
We jump on rides like Dumbo and Snow White Mine Train! Adley learns to drive a car at Autopia and Niko flies his first rocket on the Astro Orbiter. So stoked watching the whole family having so much fun! The Bucket List family have a tradition of when they are at Disney amusement parks, they buy balloons and give them away. They invite us to join them, so Adley and I jump in on the fun and help some kids have the best day ever with free Mickey Mouse balloons.
After some lunch and tons of fun with bubbles, we meet some of our favorite characters: Mickey, Donald Duck, and our family favorite Minnie Mouse. We head over to a party in the evening, meeting princesses and there is a surprise area where the girls get to try on Cinderella's glass slipper! Will any of the girls be the Princess?!!
We then end this best day ever riding the Frozen Ever After ride, watching fireworks, and having, and Ice cream party!!
thanks to Walt Disney World for inviting us on this fun experience!
we weren't paid but we did receive lots of magical moments!!
happy that we are now #DisneyCreators #Hosted

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First Time in DISNEY WORLD!!  Family Vacation at Amusement Park! Adley meets Frozen Princess Elsa 🎈