FIRST Fishing Trip on our NEW Boat

In this episode of BlacktipH, we go on a fishing trip using our brand new 23ft Tideline Boat! We started the day running the beach, looking for bait. While catching threadfin herring for bait, Michael from Tideline hooked a bonito. Michael quickly landed the bonito, which we kept for bait. I hooked the next bonito, and it was a monster, easily 20lbs! We harvested the bonitos to use for bait to catch monster goliath groupers. It didn't take long to catch the first goliath grouper in the new boat! I quickly caught and released two goliath groupers, and then Davis caught the last grouper of the day. This fish was a monster (it must have weighed between 450 and 500lbs).
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FIRST Fishing Trip on our NEW Boat